AN: Yeah, it's here. The first chapter of my Rory & Riley sequel. If you've clicked on this and haven't read Rory & Riley, please do so. It's really good, I promise. And to refresh your memory if it's been awhile since you read it, Lorelai gave birth to twins, Rory and her brother Riley. They were separated after they were born. Chris raised Riley and Lorelai raised Rory. They didn't meet until freshman year at Yale where eventually it came out at that they were twins. Rory is dating Tristan. Lorelai just opened The Dragonfly and is engaged to Luke. Also, Riley will finally be getting a love interest of his own. And with the title of this story you can bet there will be some Life and Death Brigade action going on. I own nothing to do with Gilmore Girls. I only own seven heavily worn seasons of this show on DVD and Riley. Happy reading.

Chapter 1: "Damn, we lost the pool,"

Walking into Branford behind the guys she hired to move her furniture into her dorm, Rory was surprised yet not to see her dorm was already occupied.

"Tristan!" she yelled, running into her boyfriend's outstretched arms.

"I missed you, Mary," he told her as he swung her around.

"I missed you, too, Tris, so much," she said before being silenced by his lips on hers, "mmm I missed that. I hated being away from you this summer."

"Yeah, but you loved getting to spend a whole summer with, Riley," Tristan said.

"Eh, maybe," Rory said.

"Maybe?" Riley questioned walking into her dorm, "I figured I'd find you down here, Tris. What, did you dump your stuff and run?"

"Pretty much. I wanted to see Rory the minute she arrived," he said before kissing her again.

"Ugh, you guys make me sick," Riley said, "And what was with the maybe. I thought we had fun this summer."

"We did and I loved spending the summer with you and Dad and everyone. I just missed my boyfriend, that's all," Rory told him as she sat herself in Tristan's lap on the couch the movers placed in the common room, "We were supposed to come home two weeks ago."

"Yeah, what happened with that?" Tristan asked running his fingers along her back.

"The Hayden grandparents decided to join us and brought Mom and Luke along so it became one big, long, crazy thing. We ended up back in England again with Gran throwing this huge party so she could introduce us to all her friends and other distant relatives we never knew we had," Riley explained.

"It was completely ridiculous," Rory said, "I met so many people and had to learn so many names I think I forgot most of what I learned last year."

"I highly doubt that, Mar," Tristan said.

"Where's Paris?" Riley asked, finally noticing she wasn't there.

"I have no idea. Check the rooms, Ry. See if she moved anything in."

"They're both empty."

"Weird, I thought she'd be here already, staking claim on the room she wanted," Rory said pulling out her phone to call her, "Hey, Paris."

"Rory," Paris said with sadness in her voice.

"Where are you, you sound kind of funny?" she asked.

"I'm at Asher's flat organizing his affairs," Paris told her.

"His affairs?"

"He died, two weeks ago in Oxford. He had a heart attack."

"Oh, Paris. I'm so sorry. It wasn't during…"

"No, Rory, this great man was not brought down by my vagina."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"No, I shouldn't be much longer. I'll be there in a couple of hours. Just don't unpack too many boxes. It will make it easier for you to move them if I don't like my room. Bye."

"Bye," Rory said, used to Paris' bluntness.

"What happened, Baby Girl?" Riley asked noticing the change in his sister's demeanor as the phone call progressed.

"Asher Fleming died," she told him and Tristan.

"In bed?" Tristan asked.

"No," she told him.

"Damn, we lost the pool," Riley said.

After getting all her stuff moved in, Rory was ready for a cup of Yale coffee.

"Hey, guys. Welcome back," Nick said, "Your usual?"

"Please," Riley said.

"Thanks, Nick," Rory said.

"How was your summer?" Tristan asked as he was handed his cup first since it was the easiest to make.

"Pretty good. With all my experience making different drinks for Rory and Riley, I took a job at a local coffee shop back home," he told them, "They let me experiment a bit and I ended up adding a few things to the menu."

"That's awesome!" Rory said and was going to say more, but was interrupted.

"Excuse me, coffee boy. Are you here to flirt or serve coffee?" An accented, brunette man asked as he pushed past them to get next to the cart.

"I…" Nick began.

"Seriously man, what's the hold up?" Another brunette asked.

"Excuse me!" Rory exclaimed turning to face the two as Riley and Tristan backed away slightly. You don't get between a Gilmore and her coffee without getting burned.

"Oh, don't worry. You're excused love," the man with the accent said, "I'll take my coffee now, coffee boy."

"Yes sir," Nick said, not wanting to upset them.

"No. Nick, continue what you were doing," Rory said before turning back to the guys in front of her, "We were here first. They can wait for their turn."

"You're not much of a we, little girl. It seems your friends knew better and decided to step aside," the other man said.

"You think they stepped aside for you? Ha. They just wanted to avoid the line of fire," she told them.

"Line of fire? From you?" he asked and she nodded, "Oh there's fire alright, but it's you who is going to get burned."

"Seriously," she said laughing.

"Laugh all you want, but you clearly have no respect for who I am."

"Respect! I give respect to those who deserve it because they give it. And as for who you are, I don't know nor care!"

"You don't care who I am? he asked, "Who we both are?"

"Nope! Thanks Nick," she said taking her and Riley's coffee from him now that he had finished them, "I'll have to try some of your new recipes later."

"Anytime, Rory. See you later," Nick said.

"Who was the girl?" the accented man asked.

"My best customer," was all Nick told them before handing them both a cup of coffee and moving on to the next customer in line.

"Woah, Colin, easy on the door," Logan Huntzberger said as his friend slammed the door of his Berkeley dorm, "What's up with him?"

"Some sheila just yelled at him and now he's got his panties all in a twist," the accented man said.

"She was mad at both of us Finn," Colin explained.

"True, but you were the one she was arguing with," Finn said.

"What was she so upset about?" Logan asked.

"It was so ridiculous. Her and her loser friends," Colin began.

"Though the blonde one did look sort of familiar," Finn added.

"Yeah, I thought so too, but I can't place him. Anyway, this girl and her friends were taking their sweet time at the coffee cart. Having a conversation with the guy instead of just getting their coffee and leaving, so Finn and I interrupted."

"You cut in front of them?" Logan asked.


"And that incited an argument?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. She had the galls to say she not only didn't know who we are, but that she didn't care."

"Wow, where were her friends during all this?"

"The bloody cowards backed away," Finn said, "Apparently to avoid her line of fire."

"Feisty," Logan said, "Did you get her name?"

"Only her first. The coffee boy called her, Rory," Colin said.

"Rory?" Logan wondered, recognizing the name, "The two that were with her, was it two guys? One blonde and one brunette?"

"Yeah do you know them?" Colin asked.

"Oh yeah. You said the blonde looked familiar?"

"He did."

"That's because that was my cousin."

"Tristan DuGrey and I'm guessing the girl was one of their girlfriends."

"Yep, Tristan's. I've only met her a couple of times myself and our first meeting went an awful lot like yours. She's not a big fan of our kind."

"Our kind? What did DuGrey snag himself some self righteous scholarship student who thinks she's better than us?"

"Oh, she's no scholarship student," Logan told him.

"Than who is she?" Colin asked.

"Colin, my friend, you've found yourself on the receiving end of one pissed off Rory Gilmore-Hayden," he told his friend.

"Gilmore?" Finn questioned.

"And Hayden?" Colin asked.

"Yep, she and the other brunette, her twin, Riley, are the grandchildren of two of the most prominent families in Hartford."

"Ugh! Men!" Rory groaned walking into her dorm and noticing a lot of things had been moved around.

"What's up?" Paris asked, coming out of her room, "Did something happen with Tristan?"

"Hey," Rory said giving her friend a hug, "How are you doing?"

"Getting better. Thanks. Now what happened?"

"Stupid society boys."

"Riley and Tristan? Where are they, anyway?"

"No, it has nothing to do with them. And I sent them back to their dorm in case you weren't up for company. "

"I appreciate that. Now tell me, who pissed you off?"

"These two idiots. Apparently they're a couple of Logan's friends."


"Yeah, but I didn't know it until after. They didn't recognize Tristan, but he told me later who they were. So, anyway we were out getting coffee and we were talking to Nick while he made our drinks when these two shoved past us to cut in line."

"You don't get between a Gilmore and their coffee. That's suicide."

"Funny, but that wasn't all. It was the way they talked to Nick and to me, too. Like they were all superior or something because they're rich and I should just let them take my place in line because of who they are."

"I take it you didn't enlighten them with your last names?"

"No, but Logan probably will if he remembers me and they mention our encounter."

"Maybe," Paris said, "So I've been thinking."

"About?" Rory asked.

"I want to have a wake, for Asher. Here, tomorrow," Paris told her.

"Okay. I'll help anyway I can. The guys will, too," Rory said.

"Great. I'm going to pick up some flyers in the morning. Will you help me post them?" she asked.

"Sure," Rory replied.

The next morning while Riley and Tristan were running the errands Paris needed them to do, getting refreshments and extra candles for the wake and Paris was off in the bookstore buying books to give out to the guests, Rory was hanging up the posters around campus. She was putting a poster up on the bulletin board outside her dorm when she heard three unfortunately familiar voices.

"Okay, Finn. Last building. Please say it looks familiar," Colin said as they walk into the building, passing Rory.

"Uh, ah," Finn said.

"Apparently it doesn't look familiar," Logan said.

"No, wait, hang on," Finn said approaching Rory's door, "This is it. This is where she lives."

Realizing they hadn't noticed her there, but were now outside her dorm, Rory wanted to know what they were doing there.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" Rory asked.

"No, oh hey Ace," Logan said when he saw who had approached them, "Don't put your number Finn."

"I'm not putting my number, I'm putting your number," Finn told him.

"What are you doing? That's my room," Rory said.

"Okay, put my number then," Logan said with a wink towards Rory.

"Smooth, Huntzberger," she said.

"Are you sure? I could have sworn it was her room," Finn said.

"What's her name? Maybe I know her," Rory said.

"Uh, it was short," Finn said.

"Well, I can understand your disappointment, losing a potential soul mate like that, but that is my room," Rory told them, "Now if you'll excuse me. I'm very busy and don't have the time nor energy to deal with you right now."

"Ace," Logan said as she began to walk away.


"Look, just give them a chance. You know, like you gave me. I'm sure you remember our first meeting didn't go so well either, but you forgave me."

"Maybe, but I didn't necessarily forgive you, Logan. I just said we should try to get along since I knew we'd end up seeing each other again at some point. You were a complete ass when we met. I can't just forgive that or how your friends acted yesterday."

"Listen, Rory," Colin began, "We didn't mean anything by…"

"What, trying to take my place in line because you feel it's your privilege or talking down to Nick because he has to work to pay his tuition?" Rory questioned, "Or was it maybe how you talked to me now that you know who I am?"

"We're sorry Love. We..." Finn tried to tell her.

"Sorry you guys acted like complete jackasses to two human beings or sorry you acted like that to one whose family has more influence than yours?" Rory asked, "That's what this is really about isn't it. Logan told you my last names and you're scared your families will found out how you talked to me."

"Okay, one our families don't give a damn what we do as long as we show up for events when they need us to," Colin told her, "And two, who the hell are you to act as if you're any better than we are? You come from society just like we do, but I guess it's pretty easy to be all high and mighty when you grow up with two prominent last names, isn't it?"

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Rory yelled at him, "You don't know a thing about me!"

"Oh, please you're a prissy Hartford princess just like all the other girls we know with old family money, but you've developed a soft spot for the poor folk and think you're better than the rest of us because of it!" Colin yelled back.

"You're wrong," Rory said trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall, "You don't know a damn thing Colin McCrae!"

"What the hell just happened?" Logan asked after Rory had ran into her dorm, slamming the door behind her.

"Who care's," Colin said, "She's a hypocrite and I called her on it."

"No, mate. I think she's really upset," Finn said, "She was crying."

"Again, who care's. She'll get over it," Colin told him, "If she can't take it, she shouldn't dish it out."

"No, Finn's right Colin. I think you really upset her this time," Logan said, "Come on, let's go talk to Tristan."

"Logan?" Tristan questioned when he opened the door to his and Riley's dorm, "What's up?"

"Not sure," Logan said.

"You!" Riley said glaring at Colin, "Word of advice, one - don't ever get between a Gilmore and her coffee. And two - talk to my sister like that again and I won't be stepping back."

"She seems to be able to handle herself just fine," Colin said.

"Yeah, she was even more feisty than before," Finn said.

"You talked to Rory again?" Tristan asked.

"We ran into her a little while ago and her and Colin got into it again," Logan said.

"You just don't know when to stop do you?" Riley asked Colin.

"Hey, if she's going to call me out for acting like I'm better than everyone else then I'm going to do the same," Colin said.

"What are you saying?" Tristan asked.

"I'm saying the girl's a hypocrite so I called her on it," Colin said, "I told her it must be easy for her to act all superior growing up with two big society names."

"Oh, Colin tell me you didn't actually say that?" Tristan questioned.

"So what if I did? Growing up with two last names doesn't make her any better than the rest of us," Colin said.

"Damn it, she's not answering," Riley said as he hung up his phone, "Tris?"

"Nothing," Tristan told him.

"I really want to hit you right now," Riley told Colin, "But I have something more important to do. Tris, fill these idiots in while I go find Rory."

"Call me when you find her," he said.

"Find her?" Logan asked when Riley left, "She went back to her dorm."

"She probably stayed there until she knew you were gone before taking off," Tristan explained, "And now she's not answering her phone. Thanks for that Colin."

"What, what did I do?" Colin asked.

Taking a breath, "This is why you shouldn't take off on a yacht for a year," Tristan said, "You miss very important things."

"Like what?" Finn asked.

"Like the fact that Rory didn't grow up with two big last names."


"Rory and Riley aren't your typical twins. They didn't grow up together. They didn't even know the other existed until a year ago."

"How is that possible?" Logan asked.

"It's a long story," Tristan said.

While Tristan was explaining their history to the guys, Riley went in search of his sister. He knew where to find her. He always did, but what Colin said had upset him, too. They had accepted the fact that they didn't grow up together, but having it thrown back in their faces like that hurt.

"This seat taken?" Riley asked sitting next to Rory in her spot in Sterling Memorial Library and pulling her into his arms as she cried, "It's okay, Baby Girl, I got you."

"I know I shouldn't let it upset me, Ry, but,"

"I know. We can't change it so we try not to let it bother us, but sometimes it does."

"Especially when jerks like Colin throw it in your face."

"He didn't know."

"Tell me you're not defending him!"

"No, of course not. Believe me, it took all the strength I had to walk out without hitting him."

"Walk out from where?" she asked.

"Our dorm. They came over after they ran into you. Tristan's filling them in on everything," he told her.

"Great so I'll get another meaningless apology," she told him.

"What makes you think it will be meaningless?" he asked.

"Please, they only apologized because Logan told them who we were and now Colin will apology because he made me cry," she said.

"I don't know, Baby Girl, but maybe we should give them a chance. Logan is Tristan's cousin and he is on the paper so you know you'll have to talk to him again. And I get the feeling that Colin and Finn go anywhere he does so it couldn't hurt to try to get along."

"Fine, I'll be nice if they are, but only if they apologize to Nick and mean it."

"Okay. Come on. Let's get back and watch the society boys grovel at your feet."

"Wow, now I feel really bad," Colin said when Tristan got done explaining to them all about how Rory and Riley grew up.

"She really grew up with nothing?" Finn asked.

"Yeah and even though she has access to money now, she doesn't use it. She never needed it growing up so doesn't feel she needs it now," Tristan said.

"I'm lucky she didn't slap me after what I said," Colin said.

"You're lucky she didn't slap you when you cut in line at the coffee cart."


"Oh yeah, her yelling at you yesterday was like thirty percent, the way you talked down to her and Nick and seventy percent because you were keeping her from her coffee."

"How do I fix this?"

"First you apologize."

"I tried that."

"And then yelled at her for calling you out on the truth. Your family name means a lot to you and if word got back to the Hayden's how you spoke to their granddaughter, they wouldn't hesitate to tell your father and you know he would give you an earful."

"True, so what do I do?"

"Apologize again, but not just to Rory. You need to apologize to Nick, too," Tristan said, "And while you're there get two R-squared specials."

"What's that?" Colin asked.

"It's this disgusting drink Rory came up with that her and Riley love," he said.

"Okay, why two?"

"Because what you said hurt Riley, too and Rory will appreciate that you brought him one, too."

"Okay, I guess I'll be back. Come on Finn. Let's go apologize to the coffee boy."


"Right, Nick."

Nick was surprisingly more forgiving than Colin thought he would be. He was glad that apology went well, but he had a feeling the next one wouldn't be as easy. Nick assured him that the coffee would help, but he was unsure how a hot beverage could be so important.

"You're back," Logan said as Colin came back into the room with two cups of coffee in hand. Finn had already returned after apologizing to Nick while Colin waited for him to make the drinks. He had apologized to Rory again and was now in a heated debate with her and Riley over their favorite movies.

"Yeah, uh, Riley," Colin began handing him a cup of coffee, "A peace offering. I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't know, not that, that's an excuse. I hope we can move past this and try to be friends?"

"Thank you for the coffee and I accept your apology," Riley said.

"Thank you," Colin said before turning to Rory, "Um, can we go for a walk?"

"Only if that other cup is for me," she told him.

"Thank you," Colin said handing her the cup and following her out the door.