Chapter 29: "The only noise you should be hearing are the sounds in your dreams."

A couple days after April left for New Mexico, Rory and Tristan were settling into Janlan's New York apartment where they would be living for the summer. While Riley had his first day on the job at the New Haven Register the afternoon April left, Rory wasn't due to officially start until the following Monday. She had made a few trips to the city and to the paper since Mitchum offered her the job so she could get used to the area and the drive from the apartment. He also wanted her to get to know the office and the people before she started working so Mitchum spent a day there with her to show her around and introduce her to the editor and some of the staff.

"Tris, do you hear that?" Rory asked, having been woken up by a noise as they lay in bed sleeping.

"Mary, it's two o'clock in the morning," Tristan said, opening his eyes to see the time on his alarm clock, "The only noise you should be hearing are the sounds in your dreams."

"I'm sure I heard something," she told him.

"It's probably just the wind or your imagination or something," he said, "Go back to sleep."

"That's not the wind, Tris," she said, hearing it again, "It sounds like someone is knocking on our door."

"Who would be knocking on the door in the middle of the night?" he asked.

"I don't know, but if they're knocking then they had to have let themselves up," she said, getting out of bed and putting her robe on, "That means it's someone we know that we gave the elevator code to."

"Don't you think if it's someone we know, they would have called first instead of just showing up at two in the morning," Tristan said, putting a shirt on after getting out of bed and following Rory out into the living room.

"You would think, but no one called and yet someone is here knocking on our door," she told him as she walked towards the door to open it for whoever was pounding on it.

"Fine, but get behind me, okay. I'll answer it," he said, stepping in front of her to open the door.

"Lindsay!" Rory said when Tristan opened the door and she saw the cold, shaking, tear-stricken face of her ex-boyfriend's wife, "Are you alright?"

"I...I'm sorry...I didn't know where else to…" she began, "Can I stay here tonight?"

"Of course. That's fine, come in," Rory said, taking her hand and leading her in to the apartment, "You're completely soaked."

"I walked from the bus stop. It wasn't raining when I left Stars Hollow," Lindsay said.

"You need to get out of these wet clothes," Tristan told her.

"How about I get you some pajamas and you take a nice hot shower and we'll talk afterwards?" Rory asked her.

"Okay, thank you," Lindsay said, following Rory towards their bedroom.

"Can you get the guest room set up for her?" Rory asked Tristan when she came back to the living room and accepted the cup of coffee he offered her.

"Sure. Should we call Dean and let him know she's here?" he asked.

"No, I want to wait and find out what's going on," Rory told him.

"You don't think he did something do you and she ran," Tristan wondered.

"No, I don't see him hurting her or cheating or anything, but I want to be sure he wasn't the reason she came here before I tell him where he can find her," Rory said.

Twenty minutes later, Lindsay had finished her shower and came out into the living room in Rory's pajamas. She took a seat on the sofa next to Rory, accepting the mug of coffee Rory offered her, she held it tight, letting the heat from the coffee warm her hands.

"Where's Tristan?" Lindsay asked.

"I sent him back to bed after he finished getting the guest room ready for you," Rory told her, "I don't start until Monday, but he has to work in the morning."

"I'm sorry. I never intended to disrupt your sleep or anything. I just...I had to get out of there," Lindsay said.

"Out of where? Your house? Stars Hollow?" Rory asked.

"Both, I guess," Lindsay told her.

"Does Dean know where you are?" Rory asked.

"No, at least I don't think he does. I didn't tell him where I was going I just left. He may have figured it out by now if he's checked everywhere in Stars Hollow," Lindsay said, "Unless you called him."

"I didn't," Rory told her, "I figured if you were here, you either told him yourself or you didn't want him to know so until you're ready to see him, I'm not going to be the one to tell him."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, but you've got to tell me what's going on? You can stay here as long as you want, but I'd like to know why."

"I'm pregnant."


"I realized it last week when Lorelai made her announcement at the town meeting. I'm a few weeks behind her. I'm due in January."

"Wow, pregnant!"

"I know."

"Does Dean know?"

"I told him tonight," Lindsay said, beginning to cry again.

"Is that why you ran? He wasn't happy?" Rory asked.

"No, he's not. He said it wasn't in the plan," Lindsay told her.

"The plan?" Rory asked.

"Yeah, we both still have two years left of school. We're still living in a small apartment," Lindsay said, "We're both working and trying to save up for a house and now…"

"A baby changes that," Rory said.

"Yeah, he said we weren't planning to have a baby until we were both out of school and had better jobs and bigger place," Lindsay said, "He said he's not ready to be a Dad."

"He didn't ask you to get rid of it, did he?" Rory asked.

"No, we didn't get that far in the conversation," she said.

"What did you tell him when he said he wasn't ready?" Rory asked.

"Like I'm ready to be a Mom. I told him that yeah it wasn't planned and it would be hard, but even though I'm not ready to be a parent either, it doesn't change that fact that we are having a baby," Lindsay said.

"What did he say after that?" Rory asked.

"He said he needed time to think and he left," Lindsay said, "I didn't want to see him or talk to him whenever he decided to come back so I left to. I wasn't sure where I was going to go. I wasn't ready for my parents or Dean's to know so I came here."

"He needs to know where you are and that you're safe," Rory told her, "He may have been upset when you first told him, but you're still his wife and you're carrying his child. He has to be worried."

"I'm not ready to talk to him," Lindsay said.

"That's fine. I can call him if you want and tell him you're okay," Rory said.

"Thanks. I think I'm going to head to bed, if that's okay," Lindsay said.

"Sure, your room is right through there," Rory said, pointing out a door to her, "And hey..Congratulations. You're going to be a great Mom."

"Thanks," Lindsay said, giving Rory a hug before going to the guest room for the night.

"Oh, boy," Rory said, once Lindsay had closed the bedroom door. She picked up her phone to call Dean, "Here goes nothing."

AN: Alright, so I wasn't planning that pregnancy, it just sort of happened. I wanted someone to come and seek refuge with Rory and Tristan in New York and it ended up being Lindsay because she's pregnant. Okay, so thoughts? One more chapter of Ready For Anything to go! Also when I was first writing Rory & Riley and created the R-squared special, it just sounded really good to me and had never had it before. I was at a fair recently and asked the people at a coffee stand to make it for me and it was delicious!