Tossing my kutte on and heading for my bike. Clay told me, I had a few days so could take off towards Bakersfield. Gemma came out of the office with vanilla envelope.

"Hey Hap" Gemma hollered.

"This just came for you." She said as she waved the envelope.

"What the fuck is this shit?" As I grab the envelope.

Gemma shrugged and walked off. Sitting back down on my bike I took the envelope and opened it.


I am writing this letter because I'm too scared to tell you in person. I know that makes me a pathetic bitch by your standards. Now before I tell you what need to, please promise me you won't fly into a rage and kill anyone.

Here it is, on September 13, 1987, we became parents of a beautiful little girl. I named her Isabella Marie Lowman. I didn't know I was pregnant until a couple of months after I married Charlie Swan. We are now divorced and have been since Bella was 3 months old. I'm not writing this for child support or anything like that. I just thought you would like to know, that you had a daughter.

She is so much like you. Her temperament, attitude, skin color are all you. Though she does have my eyes. Bella will be turning sixteen soon and she would love to get to know you. Bella has always asked about you. So here is my number xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please let me know, it would mean the world to her.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Renee Dwyer nee Higginbotham

Third Person POV

Happy got off his bike, shaking and trembling in rage. Clenching the letter in his fist and he stomped towards the clubhouse. The clubhouse doors swung open with a bang.

"Hey Hap, I thought you already left to see your ma." Clay said.

Happy didn't answer. They all looked at him and seen that Happy looked ready to kill someone. Looking at each other unsure what put Killa in such a mood.

"What's up Hap?" Tig asked.

Hap turned and glared at him then shoved the letter towards Tig.

"Your bitch of a sister, that's what." Happy all but yelled.

Tig eyes widened, wondering what the fuck his half sister did now. Grabbing the letter Tig scanned over it then gasped shaking his head. Tig could not believe the shit Renee just pulled.

"Brotha, you gotta believe me. I had know idea of this." Tig

"Yea, I kinda figured that brotha." Happy said with less rage.

Everyone else looked between the two was utterly confused.

"What the hell is going on here?" Piney bellowed.

"Alright I tell ya. Does anyone remember Renee?" Happy asked.

Everyone nodded except Opie, Jax, and Juice. Happy was unsure how to do this without getting pissed again. Tig knew where Happy's thoughts were going, so he clamped a hand on Happy's shoulder.

"I'll tell 'em Hap." Tig told Happy.


I can't believe this shit. What the hell was thinking? Having a kid and not telling the father for 16 god damn years. The last I seen or heard from Renee was when she married Charlie. She told me she wanted nothing to do with this life. Why now does contact Hap? Stupid bitch of a sister better have a good explanation for this shit.

"OK... ok. Renee is my half sister. Well about 17 years a go, Hap and Renee were a thing. Now the thing with Renee, she is well flighty and sometimes unstable. And no nothing like I am! Well anyways Renee decide one day things were over between her and Hap for no other reason than she was bored. A month later after the break up she marries Charlie Swan. He's now the Chief of police over in Forks, Washington. Anyhow a few months into the marriage apparently Renee found out she was pregnant. Now from what I got from the letter Renee was further along and unaware that she was knocked up when she married Charlie. Meaning Hap's a father. But my bitch of a sister decide to divorce Charlie when the baby was three months old and not say a word to me or Hap. So Hap just found out he has a daughter that is about to turn 16. Oh... and her name is Isabella Marie Lowman." I explained.

Hap nodded to me in thanks. Honestly I don't blame him for being pissed. I am as well.

"Well that some shit there, Hap." Opie said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"What the fuck am I supposed to do? I have a daughter that I just found out about. And knowing Renee its probably a bunch a bullshit that Isabella even knows who I am. I can't see that bitch the mothering type. Sixteen damn years I have missed!" Hap yelled and flipped the table in rage.

Third Person POV

No one knew what to say. They all knew Happy was not the type to dip out on responsiblity. Family was important to all of them.

"Hey Juice, run background on Renee Higginbotham, Renee Swan, and Renee Dwyer. I need to know what the fuck she's been up to. Oh... and run one on Isabella Lowman too." Happy told Juice.

"Get right on that for ya, Hap." Juice yelled as he left the room.

"I guess I should call Renee." Happy said while gritting his teeth.

"Put it on speaker phone Hap." Clay said as lead everyone into church.

(A/N: Bold is the background noise and voices.)


"Hello, Dwyer residence." The man said.

"Is Renee there?" Hap asked.

"Yea, hold on." The man said.

'Renee phone.' The man yelled.

"Hello, this is Renee." Renee said.

"Renee, it Hap." Hap said.

Renee gasped in shock.

"Hap, I didn't think you'd actually call." Renee said in a slightly shaky voice.

"What the fuck Renee? You just telling me now that I have a kid!" Hap yelled into the speaker.

"Look Hap I'm sorry I didn't say so sooner." Renee said with a sigh.


"Hold on a second Hap." Renee said frustrated.

Everybody leans forward to listen in.

'Isabella, stop slamming the god damn door.' Renee shouted.

'What the fuck ever Renee! I'll do it if I fucking want to, you stupid whore.' Isabella screamed back.

The guys all looked at each other and Tig and Hap gave a slight chuckle.

'Watch what the fuck you say to me. I am your mother!' Renee shouted.

'Says the birth certificate, but were you? I think not! You are nothing, but a cum guzzling whore!' Isabella yelled.

"What the fuck?" Hap said staring at the speaker.

'Isabella, you will NOT speak to your mother that way.' The man yelled.

'I'll speak to bitch however I feel like. You have no say. You ain't nothing a step fucking piece of shit.' Isabella bellowed.

'Watch it little girl!' The man yelled with warning.

"Holy shit!" Jax mumbled.

'What you gonna do? Huh? NOTHING... that's what! I'll break your fucking arm like the last time you raise your hand to me. Come on pussy... make a move.' Isabella yelled and taunted.


The guys jumped forward trying to hear what was happening.

"What the fuck is that Renee?" Hap yelled.

"Sorry Hap, I gotta go. I need to run Phil to the hospital." Renee said sobbing.


The guys looked at Happy with a smirk on their faces.

"Well if that's not a sign that she is yours than I don't know what to tell you." Bobby said with a chuckle.