After finalizing Bella flight info and giving her all the information. I can now think... Well more like figure my next damn move. Shit... I should probably call ma. Nah... This shit is better said in person not to mention it might help cheer ma up. Bella sure seems like she going to be a little hellion, but then again she is my kid. Now it's just a fucking waiting game till she's here.

"Ok, Tig, you comin' with me when I head to the airport?" I asked and received a nod in return.

"We gotta pick Bella up at eleven o'clock tomorrow night." I said grinding my teeth trying to remember every other fucking thing I need to do before I picked up my kid.

"Got it...' Tig said as he was cut off. 'Any thing else we can help brotha" Clay bellowed.

Happy turned around with a smirk, "Honestly, I ain't gotta fucking clue." I said with a slight chuckle.

Gemma just came into the clubhouse when Clay motioned for her to come over.

"What goin' on?" Gemma asked as she wrapped her arms around Clay.

Clay explained everything to her over the next forty-five minutes. Gemma cocked an eyebrow over at Happy.

"Well damn Hap, sounds like you got a little bitch on your hands. Now Imma give you some advice. Don't start that alpha daddy male shit. Take sometime and get to know her and not go off of what you heard or read. Actually, that goes for all you boys. We don't have any clue on what's she has gone through, how it's effected her, why she did any of it. For all we know it could be a scared little girl behind that tough girl act. Not saying she is, but you gotta get the whole story first and that starts with earning her trust and getting know her. Then again she could just be wired to be a little bitch... just like Jax is constant asshole. Other than that I'll take care of everything else." Gemma told them before give Clay a peck on the check as she walked off.

Bella POV

I had just got off the phone with Dad. As I began to pack my mind began to wonder. 'Why the fuck is this happening to me? I mean seriously if Renee didn't want my ass, why wait almost 16 years before shipping me off?' Well I'm packed or should I say repacked since I never fully unpacked from Charlie's when he shipped me back to Renee. Damn... just thinking about all this shit makes my head want to explode. Now I have a Dad that I didn't know of. He seemed rather tough and strict. I sure hope not... I mean I ain't gonna go out of my way to be rude or disrespect, but I ain't gonna be no prissy ass girly-girl either. I guess I just have to play nice and roll with the punches.

"Isabella, get your ass down here!" The bitch... I mean Renee yelled out to me.

"Coming bitch... I mean mother!" I hollered back.

'How many more hours till I leave this hell hole.' I thought to myself as I was going down stairs. All I kept thinking was 'soon' I sighed.

"Get your shit girl! It's time to drop your fucking ass off." Phil announced.


{Plane ride skip}

I just picked up my bags from luggage claim and exited the terminal. How am I going to recognize my dad? Just then I noticed two men in leather cuttes. The one looked like he just escaped the psych ward and the other looked like a fucking assassin. I can only hope the assassin is my dad. The insane fucker would just... well let's not go there.

"Isabella Lowman?' I nodded. 'I'm Happy... your dad and this is Alex "Tig" Trager, your uncle." Dad said as he pointed to Tig.

"Uncle!?" I exclaimed in question.

Well fuck what else don't I know...

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