Got bored, figured I had improved since I began writing and decided to improve upon the clusterfuck that the original Final Fight was. Hope you all like this one, I think I really did mange to make some major improvements. I do not own RWBY.

Jaune's POV

The woman Ozpin was fighting, Cinder if that's even her real name, just flew up the elevator shaft. On one hand the Headmaster put Pyrrha inside a machine that was hurting her and clearly didn't care yet on the other hand, SHE JUST KILLED THE HEADMASTER! Ozpin was the strongest person on this campus and now he's dead. Goodwitch, she needs to know. Pulling out my scroll I start sliding through my contacts looking for her number while babbling at Pyrrha who's starring up at the tower. When my partner begins to speak my heart drops as she makes her intentions to go fight Ozpin's killer clear.

I know that Pyrrha is the strongest of our year, possibly the year above us, but Ozpin has … had decades of experience on her and seemed to have some idea on his opponent's capabilities. Added on to that is the fact the woman was throwing around fire and using glass, I think, weapons, she has the perfect skill set to beat and kill Pyrrha.

The kiss caught me off-guard and made so many things clear. I can admit to not being the sharpest knife in the drawer but missing this? Pyrrha forces me a step back and I remember the locker that is in the direction that she is currently herding me towards. I play along, reacting to the kiss till we reach the locker, I feel Pyrrha tense and act before she can.

I only succeeded because Pyrrha didn't expect it, despite how much she believes in me my partner has her own thoughts and expectations of me. She didn't think it would be possible I would see her actions coming and as such I managed to come out on top. I'm not proud of it but I make sure she hits her head roughly against the back of the locker, I need her dazed just long enough. Slamming the door shut I ignore her crying out and type in coordinates that should put her right outside the evac zone. I type the coordinates in right as a glow begins to cover the metal of the locker. The rockets kick in and Pyrrha cries out as she's launched into the air. The force is too much for her to fight against with her semblance. I wince at the heartbroken howl Pyrrha lets out as she flies off, utterly distinct from the rockets.

Pulling out my scroll I flip through my contact list to Goodwitch and send her a quick message with the details of the past hour along with my recommendation to have Ren replace me as leader and a plea to make sure my team gets the best replacement possible; not that Glynda will have a hard time finding someone better for them, I'm quite sure she'll enjoy the task. How… how much did she know about that coffin downstairs? How much was she involved in whatever the hell was going on down there?

The tower looms over me, this is going to be my tomb. Whether I succeed or fail I'm not coming back alive. I can only hope to drag Cinder into death's embrace with me.

Climbing up the elevator shaft wasn't any fun, but it did allow me to put two back-up plans into place. I manage to reach top relatively quickly and roll to the side as bullets are sent flying my way. Cinder is grinning at me like a sadistic predator, Mercury's own grin is only a notch below her while Emerald's face is set in a grimace. The other two must have made their way up here while we were all in the basement. To add to this that Dragon Grimm is perched on the tower, staring in at us.

"I have to admit, this is the most interesting method of suicide I've ever seen." I don't voice it, but I have to agree with the psychopathic bitch. No matter what way you look at it this is suicide plain and simple.

"Mind granting a dead man's last request, two questions. How'd you pull that stunt with Yang and how can you control the Grimm? Mercury is clearly standing." Cinder laughs into her hand at my question.

"I suppose your bravery…" the sarcasm makes it quite clear she means stupidity "…earns you that answer. Mercury here lost his legs a while back, his regular prosthetics don't break easily so we swapped one out for a less durable one. Emerald here merely used her semblance to make Xiao Long think he was attacking, and we let the sheep-like nature of the crowd do the rest. It wasn't like Ironwood was going to investigate beyond the bare minimum. I'll admit I was worried when Emerald resorted to using her semblance against Adel, but it turned out to be nothing I needed to worry about. As for the Grimm, I have a ... of sorts." I flicker of movement and Mercury was in front of me, his foot already buried in my gut as a gunshot rang out.

One down.

I fly back into a wall and hack up blood as I go for my weapon. Emerald's weapon wraps arm but I don't think she was expecting me to be able to fight back as I yank her towards me. My fist meets her face and slams her into the ground.

Two down.

A fireball slams into my face, sending me stumbling back, my aura manages to keep my skin from being burned to a blackened husk but damn that hurts. I swat at my face to make sure all the fire is off and bring my shield in front of me on instinct. A clang lets me know I blocked something as I finally manage to regain my vision in time to see another blade lop my shield arm off, the blade burning so hot the stump is cauterized instantly. My aura might as well have been broken. I bite my lip so hard I break the skin as I hold in my scream. I don't want to give the bitch the pleasure.

"I think we've wasted enough time here." I cough up more blood as Cinder drives her swords through my armor, the metal melting the instant the blades touch it. The blades exit out my back and are driven through the wall. I'm burning through my aura just not get cooked alive from the inside out. Huh, burning. Yang would be proud of that one. A smooth hand caresses my check, the skin it touches heating up from the contact. "So, any last words little knight?" I think the headbutt I give her is answer enough, the sound of her nose breaking is music to my ears. She must have not even bothered to put her aura up, so sure I wouldn't fight back.

Three down, I win.

Cinder glares at me as flames gather in her hands as blood flows from her shattered nose but then goes rigid along with the other two. I let a laugh escape my lips, along with a bubble of blood, as I pull the swords out of my body. I'm lucky Cinder purposely avoided the vitals, or I'd have croaked by now.

"I guess I should return the favor from earlier and explain. My semblance is a dangerous one, Priming and Detonating. One touch, one little piece of aura, and anything can become a ticking time bomb." I was lucky I discovered this by just pushing aura into a paper clip to see what happens. As it was people just thought I was fiddling with dust and I got a week's detention for doing so in the library. I didn't correct anyone because I was terrified of how they would react; I know for a fact Yang wouldn't let Ruby within a hundred yards minimum of me. The screaming starts now, all three crying out and collapsing to the ground as their skin begins to bulge in certain spots. I slide down the wall to the ground and pull out my scroll. I'm glad to see it was recording the whole time.

"Hey guys, really hope that this got everything because I don't have time to check. Ignore the screams for me, will you. I got a few things to say and I know I'm never going to get another chance. On top of that I don… HAAACKK!" I'm cut off as I begin coughing up more blood, shit did she hit a lung? "I really don't have enough time to say all I want to say so I'll try and keep it brief."

Ruby; thanks for being there for me at some of my lowest points. I don't like thinking about how close I was to making some really stupid decisions before you would cheer me up. I doubt you even realize all the times you helped me. Thanks for lowering yourself enough to call me a best friend.

Weiss; I'm sorry for being such a pest, I don't blame you for hating me. I just want to make it clear I didn't know what your last name meant. Not that it makes a difference, I shouldn't have ever expected someone as amazing as you to even consider me. If Neptune doesn't treat you right I promise to haunt him.

Blake; I know we aren't really friends. I know I was the one person in our group of eight that you really wanted to not tell about your Faunus state, I admit to guessing it before hand when your bow kept twitching. I really can't begin to understand how you kept it secret so long. However, despite all that, I do know you well enough to know you are going to blame yourself for the White Fang's actions today and that you're going to run thinking it's all your fault. It's not your cross to bear, don't do something stupid and stick with your team.

Yang; I want you to rub it in Ironwood's face that he was wrong. I think after the hell he put you through with dragging your name through the mud and demonizing you that you deserve it. Also, if you decide to go to my funeral, if I get one, please don't pun during it. If you have ever considered me a friend at any point amid all the teasing and fake-flirting, please grant this last request of mine.

Ren; thank you for being the closest thing I have to a brother. I know I don't deserve it, I know you'll do a better job of leading the team then I ever did. Take one bit of advice from me, quit locking away your emotions. You can't let that Grimm rule your life. Stop acting like there is the only thing you and Nora have is platonic.

Nora; you rarely listened to me, were uncontrollable, and caused so much chaos. Never change. You made sure every day was never boring, you became the sister I always wanted. If Ren doesn't listen to my advice, then follow this one order from me. Jump him, force him to accept the fact you love him and you're not leaving him.

Pyrrha; You were the first person to believe I had any actual value, the first person to think I could actually succeed at being something more than a walking joke. I'm sure you're blaming yourself for this but let me make it clear that this was my choice and it was the right one, you are worth so much more than me, this was the right call. Don't let my death drag you down, I'm not worth it."

With my piece said I end the call and press send, all of them should be receiving the message. Really glad Ruby and I insisted everyone had everyone's numbers in-case of an emergency now. With that done I turn my attention to the three in front of me with a bit of morbid fascination, watching as their skin boils and bulges but never breaks. I hold up my remaining hand and focus on the things, and people, my aura is infused in. I had made a dozen or so explosives out of large chunks of rubble that I shoved down the elevator shaft, if things went south I figured I could try and collapse the building with us in it. Another reason is I want that horrid machine is buried, whatever it was doing was unnatural and disturbing to the extreme. I put my thumb, pointer and index finger together, this is somewhat unnecessary but I find the action helpful. With a snap of my fingers every explosive I've created goes off. There isn't even a shower of gore from the three bodies I just detonated just a flash of wh

Ruby's POV

Weiss is glyphs line the side of the Tower, I make to run up when the ground begins to shake and collapse as three loud booming sounds fill the air. At the same time the top of the tower and the Grimm encircling it are engulfed in a sphere of light. I grab Weiss and get us away from the tower as it comes collapsing down, the ground around it caving in. Dust fills the air and our lungs, when it clears a massive sinkhole has formed.

"JAUNE!" NO, NO, NONONONONONONO! I try to rush down but Weiss stops me.

"Ruby you can't just run down there."

"LET ME GO WEISS! I need to get to Jaune." I struggle against her grip and glyphs, desperately trying to get to Jaune.

"HE'S GONE RUBY!" I look at my partner ready to slap her but see her looking at the ground with tears rolling down her eyes. "No one could survive whatever that was Ruby." My own tears begin to fall, unable to deny the truth in my partner's statement. My scroll's alert goes off and I check it. It's a group message for everyone on RWBY and JNPR, the time stamp showing it was sent before the blast.

Qrow's POV

I look at the sinkhole that now sits in the center of Beacon and at the two crying girls I just stumbled upon, my niece and Ice Queen's little sis. Glynda sent me to try and as she put it 'stop a suicide attempt' but I was clearly too late. Clearly the kid meant something to these two, I wish they hadn't gotten introduced to this part of a Huntsman's life for another couple decades. I look at one particularly shiny piece of rubble and pull it out to find the kids blade, damn this thing is tough. I see Peter and Bart coming from towards us, they scoop the girls up and the three of us make our way back to the evacuation zone. The Grimm have cleared out, even the dumbest of them running when the Dragon died. Whatever that Kid did saved a lot of lives at the cost of his own.

Giving the blade to his teammates is almost as heartbreaking at seeing my other niece missing an arm. Watching the Invincible Girl break down is one of the most sobering sights I've ever seen and the other two don't take it any better. I swallow what's left of my flask, this whole thing has been the start of a nightmare. We owe that Kid more then he'll ever know for taking down a the False Maiden.

Kid would have made a hell of a Huntsman.

Pyrrha's POV

Ruby looks at us with dulled eyes that are still filled with gratitude as she tightens her grip on her backpack's straps. Beacon still had to close after the damage J... Jaune did to the campus, even after three months the repairs are only halfway finished. Ruby wants to go to Haven, find out what she can about Cinder and her minions, figure out who she was working for that could let her control Grimm to a degree. Weiss is currently held up in court, fighting and winning a battle for emancipation from her father/sperm donar. Blake didn't run off, staying with Yang for the first month but still she ended up leaving temporarily, she wanted to go home and ensure the White Fang didn't spread lies about what happened. Yang is still in recovery, working through physical therapy and soon to be finished but we've run out of patience. She'll join as soon as possible but we just can't wait any longer. What remains of Team JNPR will follow Ruby to Haven in order find what we could about that . And when we do we will kill whoever it is, no matter how strong they are I will watch the light leave their eyes.

This is a promise that I will keep.

Hope you all enjoyed it, one more thing before I go. This will be getting a reaction to it on Khorevis's story Remnants of Dimensions soon, great author good stories if you like the darker stuff. check him out.