Honeymoon Surprise

"I can't believe Rossi and Fran did this for us"

exclaimed Pen

"Who would have thought that we would spending the weekend sailing the chesapeake?"

The limo pulled up to the pier and Morgan helped the soon to mom out of the limo as the captain meet the chauffeur to grab their bags.

"Good evening Mr. and Mrs Morgan"

The captain and the two man crew greeted them as they helped the bride onto the yacht.

Mrs. Rossi emailed a list of your favorite foods, drinks, and everything else to make you excursion a pleasant one. They were each handed an agenda for the weekend and their room key. I was also instructed to remind you two that you aren't to lift a finger.

The first thing they did was look out into the sunset as the crew prepared to sail off. Morgan popped open a chilled bottle of sparkling cider and poured two glasses.

"A toast to my wife my very sexy and beautiful wife. thank you so very much for completing me"

she giggled as the bubbles tickled her nose. that in turn made her baby belly jiggle. He reached out and rubbed her belly and tickled her belly button.

"Somebody has an outie."

He teased he and she laughed even harder.

she walked over picked up some strawberries and fed them to her man as he fed her fresh pineapple slices.

"I can kiss your mom she remembered that I am craving fresh fruit! This is too much. I just can't get enough of this stuff."

She muffled out as she shoved fresh fruits into her mouth juice dribbled from her lips and down her chin. he thought she was the cutest when she was indulging in her cravings. she came up for air by trying to hold back a yawn.

"How about we go check out our suite?"

He took her hand and they wandered around until they found their door that had those big paper wedding bells hanging on the door. The bed was like heaven and before she knew it she was snoring softly with her hands wrapped around her tummy. Morgan quietly slid open the balcony door and sat down as he watched the night sky. He soon found himself yawning he got into the bed next to his wife and son wrapped his arms around them and soon drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face.

He woke up to the phone in the room blaring. He tried to answer it before it woke her up.


He whispered. It was the chef asking him where they like to eat dinner he chose their balcony that way they could still have privacy for their first night on the boat and still be in the ocean nite air. She was in the bathroom freshening up while the chef set up the balcony. When Morgan told her they were alone again she stepped out of the bathroom in a sexy white sheer baby doll that hugged her newly larger breast so much that it looked like she had on a push up bra. She let her hair down, touched up her apple red lips, dusted her body lightly with a little scented body shimmer that made her smell like a soft bouquet of peonies. To add to her beauty she was barefoot. As she stood in the sliding glass doorway, he went speechless. The light in the room contrasted against her sheer silhouette allowing him to see that she had on nothing underneath. he was awestruck. He could tell she felt self conscious because she wouldn't look him in eye.

He walked over to her and lifted her head with his finger.

"You are my weakness woman do you know that?"

He kissed her softly on her lips

"I hope you like this I know I haven't really been helpful towards you in that department lately."

"Shhh no talking about the past tonight Baby."

He walked her over to the table and helped her sit.

She took in the feast before them. A huge surf and turf Fresh seafood, T bone steaks, veggies, and you know it more fruit. They ate, laughed, danced, and kissed the night away.

"Baby please let me have you he whispered in her ear huskily and heavy."

"Daddy you can always have me. Any way that you want me."

She purred back at him. That was all he needed to hear. He got instantaneously hard, she felt him swell against her ass as they swayed to nothing at all. When he turned her back around and led her back through the door the first thing he noticed was her rosy nipples were rock hard and poking against the fabric. That was always one of his huge turn ons with her. Now since she was pregnant her nipples were even bigger.

"Make love to me like you used to"

she asked softly

Like you had to ask Baby Girl.