Honeymoon Surprise

The actual labor and delivery parts of this chapter are true. It is the story of my son coming into this world 1-16-98 yes even the outburst about the big needle is true! LOL

Derek sat straight up in bed with his eyes still closed. He knew with the tone of her voice something wasn't right. The sight before him just about snatched his breath from his lungs.

Like a flash he was by her side.

"Baby what's wrong?"

He asked as he tried to get her to sit down on the bed and that's when he stepped in the warm liquid on the carpet. All he could muster out was no no no it was all a shocking slow motion vibe to him. But he knew he had to stay level headed for her sake.

"Ok listen to me Derek call the captain and find out how far away we are from docking back in Virginia. Then call Ried and ask him what should we do in case we don't make it back in time. We need to stay calm and relax Derek please for my sanity let's stay calm."

He did call the captain they were about 30 minutes away from home. Next he called his mom and then Ried. Next he got all of the luggage packed and ready all the while keeping a close eye on his bride while she got dressed. Luckily for them she wasn't in any pain.

"Penelope how are you feeling?"

he asked as sat next to her and took her hand.

"I am mostly nervous because i am not due for 3 more weeks so I am just praying the baby is ok"

Within the hour she was in the back of Rossi suv Derek and Fran was in the back with her. Her contractions had started around the exact same time that they were docking. she insisted on walking from the marina up to the parking lot. Fran came down to help them to the car. Every pothole Rossi hit earned her sympathetic glances from him through his rearview mirror. Derek was almost like a child eyes huge with wonder, fear and concern but her kept his wits about him. He soothed her pain with his smooth voice and soft kisses on the back of her hand while fran kept time.

12 noon

soon after her, the dr came in. The nurse asked Derek and Fran to help Garcia sit up on the edge of the bed. The nurse helped her lean onto the bed tray so her spine could be curved into the right position. The dr. moved his supplies to the bed directly behind Pen backside. Fran was a excellent help for the nurse she worked in labor and delivery for over 30 years before she retired. She knew her son was a bundle of nerves as was her daughter in law. Pen couldn't see what was going on behind her but Derek could. The nurse, Fran, and the Dr knew the best time to inject the needle into her back. Unfortunately it was right when a contraction started.

"Damn that's a huge fucking needle!"

He knew he shouldn't have said it. He really didn't mean to. As it only freaked out his already scared wife. that's why he knew the smack on the back of his head from his mom who was on the other side of Pen was very well deserved. Go take a walk and update the family NOW DEREK! Get out Fran spoke sternly and she felt sorry about she knew he didn't like needles and he was very afraid for his wife. Pen had 2 thing going against her, his outburst and the killer contraction. She tensed up but thankfully Fran and the nurse kept her calm and before she knew it they were putting her back in the bed, the tube from the epidural was taped to her shoulder, her catheter was in place she was numb from the ribs down and loving every minute of it. She drifted off to sleep which she needed. Fran took that opportunity to go find her freaked out baby boy.

"Here comes Morgan"

JJ could see him coming down the hall.

"Is the baby here?"

Hours had passed since she was checked into labor and delivery. She knew she wanted an epidural but so far her contractions were so damn sporadic and intermittent she was going to need a dose of pitocin to try and jumpstart into a normal contraction pattern. After all these hours she was only at 3 cm!

"I know first babies take their time but damn"

she pouted as Derek rubbed her back.

"I know I don't know how you feel but baby you are an amazing woman you are giving me a gift that no other woman in my life will ever give me and for that I want to say thank you."

"Awww thank you hot stuff. I am honored to be the special woman to give you your children."

They shared a tender sweet kiss.

It didn't take long for the lovey dovey sweetness that is normally Garcia to disappear thanks to the pitocin. The contractions ripped through her with such force she didn't know if she could go through this how could any human go through this? she thought to herself as Fran patted her head with a cool wet wash cloth, and Derek tried to refocus her train of thought.

"Who is ready for an epidural"

the nurse asked as she came in to let her know the anesthesiologist was on his way to give her the pain medication. She busied herself setting the extra supplies the dr. was going to need not

"I messed up"

he blurted out.

"I saw this really big needle and i didn't think before i opened my fucking mouth now Pen is probably all scared and upset and my mom kicked me out!"

JJ smiled and hugged him while Hotch tried to reassure him.

"It is ok Morgan that's what we do us husbands especially at a time like this we fuck up royally at times but you know what it's ok because in just a little while, all of your past fuck ups and mistakes will melt away for both of you. This baby will wash away all of that. You will fall in love all over again."

Morgan rubbed his hands over his head and blew out a deep breath. A breath he didn't even realize he was holding. He hugged Hotch just as his mom walked up and rubbed his back.

"MOM I am so sorry I didn't mean to say that I was so…."

She stopped him mid sentence to calm his fears.

"Hush child she is fine the epidural took right away, she has her catheter in place, and she is asleep take it easy son."

She hugged and kissed him as she told him to go lay down in the recliner next to her bed and take a nap she knew he needed it.

9 pm

"OK Mrs. Morgan you are at 6cm dilation so you have progressed. The Dr. stated as she removed her gloves."

"Thank you Dr. how much longer do you think it will be"

JJ asked as she sat with Pen while Fran and Derek went to eat, stretch their legs, and get some fresh air.

"It shouldn't be that much longer She is doing great"

JJ, Emily and Pen talked about baby names to pass time when the fetal monitor started go off just as a contraction was starting. The nurse ran in the room right away and watched penelope next 3 contractions came and went and the same thing happened each time, as the contraction would start the baby heart rate would drop dangerously low. Another nurse came in and paged the dr. from the phone in Pens room JJ and Emily knew something was wrong, Em went to call Fran and JJ held Pens hand.

The nurse checked to see if she dilated anymore and she hadnt within 5 minutes the dr. arrived to review the nurses notes and update a tearful pen.

"It appears that the baby heart can no longer tolerate the strong contractions I need to perform an emergency C-Sections ASAP. I assure you I can have the baby out in two minutes flat but the longer we wait with every contraction that squeezes the baby heart that's means less oxygen to the brain of your baby. We need to get you into the O.R now."

Before she could even wipe her tears her bed was being unlocked and wheeled out of the room.

"I need Derek"

she cried out as she rolled past the girls

Fran and her son were only two blocks away. Derek was moving like a bullet fresh shot of a pistol. Fran was right on his heels. By the time he reached the girls at Pens room the nurse was coming in the proper paperwork he had to sign. She gave him his blue scrubs and showed him to the O.R wash station after he dressed.

He was trembling as he tried to put his booties over his shoes Fran spoke softly and calmly as JJ and Fran helped him dress.

"I can tell right now what is happening to Pen she is being shaved, and cleaned for surgery and the anesthesiologist is giving her something stronger for the operation. The baby can be out in under two mins and you still might be able to cut the cord. NOW that was the labor and delivery nurse speaking as for the mother speaking her to her scared to death son who looks just like he did the first time he suited up for his first college game. She will be fine your baby will be fine now get up and go be a father and husband. Don't forget to sing happy birthday to you first born when you hold him or her for the first time."

She wiped his tears as well as her own as she pushed towards the O.R doors.

And just like she said it would be it was only a few short minutes until the O.R was filled with the cries at 9:49pm of a 6lb 12oz healthy baby boy named after his superhero father

Derek Franklin Morgan Jr.

After everyone had visited and loved up on the happy couple the next day, and new baby boy. His wife had fed the baby who had no problem latching on when she breastfed for the first time. She dozed off and he finally had his first of many man to man talks with his son. It was an simple one.

"Hotch was so right DJ nothing else before we met you matters anymore. I am so in love with you little guy and so is your mama."

"You were the best Honeymoon surprise anyone could ever ask for."