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Everywhere in the 99 caverns of Slugterra, except for Quiet Lawn Cavern, was bustling with population. Everywhere you can see slingers practicing their shots and others riding on Mecha Beasts. Today was the day of the Great Slug Fight. In the Slug Fight, there are 5 rounds. In the first round there will be about 16 duels. There are 32 duelists and so each duel will be 1 on 1. Once half of those slingers lose, the other half move onto the second round. In that round there will be 8 duels between the remaining duelists which is 16 slingers. After 8 of those slingers, the other 8 go onto round 3. In that round there will be 4 duels 8 slingers will fight will fight in this round but once 4 slingers lose, the other 4 go to move to the semifinals which is round 4. Round 4 will only have 2 duels between 4 duelist going head to head. Once the 2 slingers that lose leave the arena, round 5 starts. When the finals are underway, a lot of people will come to watch the two greatest slingers in all of Slugterra fight one another. As soon as 1 of the 2 final slingers loses the match, the winner will be crowned the greatest slug slinger in all of Slugterra and receive the prize slug. A crystalyd slug. Getting that slug would make any slug slinger very happy. The second place slinger will get an inflamous slug as their prize. Becoming a great slug slinger has been many people`s dream. Well only the people who live about 100 miles under the surface of the earth.

A young boy who lives on the surface has just landed in Slugterra. His red hair looked like it was on fire when the light from the luminous slugs hit his hair just right. He looked around with his grass green eyes as he tried to figure out where he was and how to find what he was looking for. He was wearing a light yellow shirt underneath his red jacket that was given to him by his best friend / boyfriend, Eli Shane. This young 15 year old boy is known as Andrew Takano and he has not seen Eli since they celebrated Eli`s birthday together. That was 6 months ago and Eli has still not messaged Andrew even though he had promised to do so. Since Eli has not messaged him, Andrew decided to go and find him. He found the chair that had first taken his beloved Eli to the place he was in and so he sat down in it to see if he can go as well. After getting strapped into the chair, Andrew was suddenly thrusted downwards screaming in fear of dying before he got to see his beloved Eli again. Soon enough the scary part of the ride was other and he was suddenly in awe about what he saw. It was totally magnificent. He looked around trying to find Eli as he landed but was unable to because he landed to soon. When Andrew got unhooked from the chair, he started moving around one of the forest of Slugterra trying to find Eli. When Andrew finally got out of the forest, he saw a white hangout in a very big tree. Andrew saw movement inside so he ran over to it while keeping his jacket, the one that Eli got him for his birthday, from getting ripped. Andrew knocked on the door and it was opened by a huge blue troll like man. That was a very huge surprise for this young 15 year old surface dweller. Andrew was truly scared but tried not to show it to the man.

"Hello. What do you want with the Shane Gang?"

"Is Eli Shane here? I have been looking for him."

The blue skinned man nodded and went inside the hangout to get Eli. Andrew started thinking about the blue haired male that he has been trying to find. He was so lost in his thought that he did not see that said blue haired male was standing in front of him. A hand was soon found waving in front of Andrew's face and that brought him out of his thoughts about the male that is in front of him. This young male has dark blue hair and was staring at him with recognition, love and passion in his light blue eyes. Eli smiled and Andrew smiled back with tears starting to form in his light green eyes. A red blur was seen rushing towards Eli and Andrew was suddenly found squeeze hugging Eli while crying his eyes out in happiness because he finally found his dominant Shane after a whole 6 months and that made the non Slug Slinger very happy.

"Andrew! What are you doing in Slugterra?"

"I have been really worried for you Eli. You have been gone for 6 months and I decided to go looking for you. I had remembered seeing burpy come to your house the night you got that letter since I was staying over that night. I followed after you when you left the day after we spent your birthday together down into the sewers and I followed those tracks to come find you."

Eli looked at Andrew and then hugged him back. When they broke their hug, Eli brought Andrew into the hangout. Andrew looked around seeing movement and when he looked, he saw the same blue skinned male that opened the door and went to go get Eli talking to a red haired female who was wearing a green shirt and was also talking to a purple skinned mole like creature. The 3 other people in the room stopped their conversation to see who the new person in the room was. Andrew smiled at the and then started waving at the 3 others. He then said his name.

"Hello I am Andrew Takano. Nice to meet you."

Andrew smiles and walks over to them and shook their hands to show that he is very nice.

"It is an honor for you to meet Pronto the Great!"

Andrew looked over at his Eli for help to get away from the molenoid that keeps touching him even though his body is only for Eli to touch. Eli walked over to Andrew and the molenoid and grabbed the purple male and pulled him away from his boyfriend.

"Nice to meet you Andrew I am Kord and these two are known as Trixie and Pronto. Do not listen to Pronto he is a little weird."

Andrew smiled and then walked over to Eli and hugged him very tightly. He then suddenly kissed Eli on the cheek showing that he is not one for the taking. He then blushed after doing that. Eli smiles after feeling his Andrew kiss his cheek and then he kissed his boyfriend's cheek as well. Andrew blushed an even deeper red after Eli did that. Eli was about to turn back towards the other 3 people in the room but stopped when he saw that Andrew had some blue-green streaks hidden away in his hair. Eli has never seen those streaks before. Not even when he would run his fingers through Andrew's hair when they were younger. Seeing them surprised the Protector of Slugterra. He then decided to ask Andrew about the streaks in his hair.

"Hey Andrew, when did you get those streaks in your hair? I have never seen them in your hair before."

Andrew gasped when he heard Eli ask that question. Andrew then blushed in embarrassment. He did not want to tell Eli about his heritage but he knew it was going to happen sooner or later. He walked back over to Eli and held out his hand. The skin on his hand changed from a tan color to a blue-green color. Seeing Andrew turn his skin color from tan to blue-green totally surprised Eli even more than he already was. Eli walked over to his blue-green colored boyfriend and sat his hand on Andrew's shoulder. He felt a sudden jolt of pleasure coming from where he was in contact with Andrew and that made him pull back in shock. The rest of the Shane Gang were totally confused. Trixie walked over to Eli and Andrew so she could ask them how they knew each other so well and where they had met each other since she has never seen Andrew before.

"Andrew and I have known each other ever since we were three. You remember me telling you about the surface and that I live there right?"

The troll, molenoid, and normal slinger nodded.

"Well that is where Andrew and I met. Andrew lived next to me with his parents and we met at the age of 3. When we had turned 12 years old, Andrew's parents were killed in a car crash. Andrew came to live with me because we lived right next door from each other. Now then Andrew, how can you do that thing with your skin?"

"I was born with blue-green skin but as I grew older my skin turned to tan. When I was about 8 years old, my father told me all about being a half Shadow Clan member. I did not know what the Shadow Clan were until my dad told me all about them. Dad brought me to the home of all Shadow Clan and while I was there, they treated me like a true prince of their clan."

Andrew smiles at the other people who were in the living room area of the hideout. Eli decided to go and bring Andrew to the couch so he can sit down because of how tired he thought Andrew must have been. Andrew smiles at his boyfriend and sits down. Eli was about to walk away and towards the kitchen to get some food for the ShadowClan Prince but said prince had to go and wrap something furry around Eli's waist and pulled him back and onto the couch so they were sitting next to each other and for Andrew to be able to snuggle closer to Eli. Said male looked down and saw that a blue-green tail was wrapped around his waist keeping him from getting up off the couch and from walking away from Andrew.

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