AN : To stop some questions before they come I will answer some now Harry will NOT have a harem. It will be just Asia and no one else why because this is not going to be a blink and wow they're already together kind of thing it will be a slow build up. Issei will also only have Irena the reason why will be revealed soon. Also I don't like harems they degrade the characters in them both male and female.

2. Harry will have a non canon as of this moment unique sacred gear to my knowledge so if someone else has one similar I did not copy it.

3. Dumbledore will be a good guy and ultimate class wizard he will be extremely powerful and way more active.

4. The blood wards work no one but dudley and Petunia can cause him real harm on purpose with intent to truly cause harm without the blood wards activating to protect him but don't worry they will stop working soon oops spoilers x)

also Harry is currently 6 and Asia has not yet awakened her sacred gear.



(sacred gear/beast/large being talking)

('sacred gear/beast/large being talking')

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A 6 year old Harry Potter was walking or perhaps limping was the better term to use to the park. Harry had just finished 'playing' another game of Harry hunting with his cousin and his aunt had yelled at him for getting the carpet she just got cleaned dirty and kicked him out of the house. Deliberately choosing to ignore the fact that Harry was the one who had cleaned it in the first place or that his cousin was bringing more dirt than him however her Diddykins could do no wrong. So here he was on his way to the park where he thought maybe he could find someone to play with that Dudley had yet to scare off. Harry did not understand why his relatives hated him and called him a freak, he looked normal if messy with raven colored hair that looks like a raven lived in there and piercing emerald eyes as well as a little pale. Maybe it was because of all the weird things that happened around him like that time he turned his teacher's hair blue and how after when Uncle Vernon came stomping at him like he was about to hit him, he had closed his eyes and turned away. yet just as his Uncle was about to hit him he heard a crack and saw his Uncle holding his arm while it was bent at a funny angle and he had to wear a strange looking thing on his arm that Aunt Petunia called a cast, to help make it better. Uncle Vernon never tried to hit him again after that. He did always encouraged Dudley to hit him whenever Harry did something wrong though.

Harry suddenly fell backwards. Rubbing his head he looked around and saw he had made it to the park but he had walk into a tree. Harry had just gotten up when he heard a giggle. He turned and saw a blonde girl about his age the first thought he had was 'she's pretty' the second was "hey are you laughing at me." he yelled at the girl.

She blushed and looked down embarrassed "I'm sorry for laughing at you" she said with a quick bow.

"it's ok" said Harry before he realized that he did not recognize her and that means Dudley could not have scared her off, " Hi I'm Harry would like to play with me?"He asked with a smile completely forgetting the previous incident.

The girl smiled back at him "sure I'm Asia." replied the now named Asia. Now that Harry was paying more attention
to her he noticed she was wearing a plain black dress with really long socks and a pair of white shoes with a strap across the middle.

"Great let's play" said Harry previous injures forgotten as he ran off to the swing with Asia trailing behind

They played all afternoon quickly becoming best friends the way only children can. As the day wore on Asia was eventually
called by an old woman wearing a long black dress and a hood, which confused Harry as it was really hot out? As Asia got up to go the lady told her, "say
goodbye to your new friend." she turned around and saw Harry was walking away looking sad she ran up to him, "Why are you sad."

"You're leaving."

She smiled "I'll come back tomorrow you know."

He looked up, "Really?"He asked.

"Of course you're my friend right" Harry blink in shock he never had a friend before Dudley had always scared the other kids off. He beamed and nodded his head "Of course friends." He responded.

"Great." And then she shocked again him by giving him a hug. Harry was frozen in shock he had never been hugged before.
She broke off the hug and ran back to the old lady from before. Harry looked on in shock for several moments before shaking his head and heading home.

Harry was on autopilot the entire way home he had a friend and she had hugged him. He never had a friend before and he could not remember ever being hugged by his Aunt or Uncle. He didn't even remember his parents. By the time he got home he was a great mood he had a friend. as he entered the house he saw his Uncle Vernon was watching the tele. when Uncle Vernon saw him smiling he glared "wipe that stupid look off your face Boy" Harry's smile immediately disappeared as he walked past his Uncle. "And go help you aunt with dinner." Ordered his Uncle Vernon as he turns back to the tele grumbling about useless freaks. Harry did as he was told tripping over his cousin's feet as Dudley stuck his legs out in front of him while he was on his way to the kitchen. Once there his aunt ordered him to start cutting the potatoes after he washed his hands and grabbed a knife he started cutting up the potatoes while he was doing this his aunt decided he needed to be reminded that he was worthless so she insulted him for the dirt he brought in-to the air he breathed. After he finished helping prepare dinner his aunt handed him 2 pieces of bread and a slice of cheese and told him to go to his room. As he left the kitchen he huffed, 'room right it was a prison.' With one door no windows and being located under the stairs it was more of a cell then a room not but there were no place else for him to sleep. After all Dudley needed both of his rooms and he couldn't sleep in the guest room. Quickly ate his pathetic meal and went to sleep the last thought he had before drifting away was 'I have friend' and he drifted off into sleep with a smile.

Before you complain about how fast harry and Asia gets over or forgets something they are six they have short attention spans or about how they talked and became friends their kids this how it happens don't like it sucks please review in need of beta.