Harry was walking through the halls of Kouh academy heading towards Asia's last class of the day. When he got there he saw her talking with another student. "Harry!" She called out in her typical cheery tone. "I would like you to meet my friend. this is Akia, Akia this is Harry." She introduced.

The girl pushed up her glasses which seemed to shine in the light. "Ufufufuf" she chuckled creepily. "You are quite lucky Asia he is quite the package." She said glancing at him or more precisely his lower regions.

Harry took a small step back. "So Asia how do you know...Akia was it?"

"She is in my art class as well as my gym class." She smiled before blushing a little. "She also helps me with the outfits." Harry did not need to asked what she was talking about. Shortly after the rating game Asia had started to wear different outfits and costumes for Harry. According to her a friend recommended it. It seems he has found that friend, finally finding out who had been corrupting Asia with perverted ideas. It was apparently some evil demon who disguised itself as a schoolgirl.

"Well Asia we should be going say goodbye to your creepy friend." He said muttering the last part under his breathe.

"Hm what was that last part?" She asked having not heard it.

"I said say goodbye to your friend." He told her covering up his mistake.

"Oh bye Akia."

"Tell me how it goes will you." She smirked. Harry shot her a suspicious look wondering what she was talking about. Asia just blushed and grabbed Harry's hand rushing out of the building.

Once outside she relaxed her grip on his hand and leaned into his side holding his arm. "There you two are!" called Markus who had been waiting for them out by the front gate to the school. "Look if you two are going to sneak off to make out at least tell me so I know to go on ahead." He said exasperated shaking his head.

"We weren't-" but he was cut off by Markus.

"Is that Kiba?" He asked looking behind Harry. Turning he saw it was Kiba and he seemed angry. Why would he be- right the holy swords Harry forgot about that he was a survivor of the holy sword project and wanted to destroy the Excaliburs.

"We should follow him before he does something stupid." Harry was very familiar with doing something stupid while you were mad. For example burning down a church. Not that he regretted it but it was stupid to do that. They followed him for a while before deciding that he was most likely looking for the exorcists and that they should find them first.

"This is pointless we're never going to find them sitting on a street corner!" Markus shouted in frustration they had spent the last hour looking for them but so far no luck.

"Oh ye who have faith in the lord." Came the voice of Xenovia from the corner of the street who was standing in front of a charity basket.

"Do you ever get tired of being wrong?" Harry asked with a slight smirk.

"Shut up." He moaned walking up to the duo. "So what are doing here? I doubt the church sent you here without money."

"Irina," Xenovia shot the girl a small glare. "Spent all our money on a false painting of a saint."

"It was not a fake the man who sold it to us even said so." The image of a man with a typical evil mustache rubbing his hands together appeared in their minds.

"No it was not." They watched back and forth for several minutes as the two argued whether or not it was real. When their stomachs growled and they both blushed.

Harry rolled his eyes but Asia's compassion shone through and she offered them a meal. "Mmmhhh this is really good!" Irina said wolfing down another bowl of curry.

"I know!" Xenovia agreed eating just as fast.

"Fast." Koneko said watching them devour several full course meals.

"When the hell did you appear!?" Markus said jumping in his seat, he didn't even see her.

"She showed up around their third full course meal." Harry told him looking annoyed. He looked for them to stop Kiba from doing something stupid, not feed them.

"Thank you for the meal." Xenovia said her hood still up as if she was ashamed to seen with them. Which was quite possible they didn't part with the church on the best of terms after all. Apparently burning down part of the Vatican got you blacklisted by them. Who knew? "Now what do you want?" She asked both her and Irina becoming serious. "I doubt you feed us out of the kindness of your hearts."

"You are right I didn't, Asia did. If I had a choice you would be kick out of town at the very least." Harry said giving them a dull look. He could care less about inter-faction politics he didn't effect the worst that would happen if war broke was that he would get a bunch of business after all war is good for his business. He sold magic steel, something that would be in great demand if war happened.

"I have a request." Koneko said quietly drawing everyone's attention to her. "Let us destroy an Excalibur." The church duo immediately were on guard.

"Why should we let do that?" Irina asked placing a hand on Excalibur Mimic.

"You can't beat Kokabiel on your own." She pointed out.

"But the help of one devil is not worth an Excalibur." Xenovia said.

"But I'm worth more aren't I?" Harry asked entering the negotiations.

"You would help a devil?" She asked for someone wanting to stay neutral he seemed quite willing to take sides.

"I would screw over the church." He said, he really didn't like the church. "Besides I owe Kokabiel for what he did to Asia." He hadn't forgotten who had ordered Raynare to remove Asia's sacred gear.

"Why on earth would we-" Irina began before Xenovia interrupted her.

"Fine." Xenovia agreed. "If you help us regain the Excaliburs we will let you destroy one."

"Xenovia!" Irina exclaimed in shock.

"We have no choice Irina," she admitted looking to the side in shame. "if we want even one of the Excaliburs back we will have to make sacrifices better one Excalibur lost than no Excalibur gained."

"So do we have deal?" Harry asked holding out his hand and even though Koneko was devil here, Xenovia still felt like she was selling her soul.

"Yes we do." She grasped his hand and shook it.

"Now Koneko where is Kiba?" Harry asked turning to the neko.

She sighed and told them. "He is at the fountain near the park."

"Thank you for doing this for me Harry." Kiba said in thanks glad to have the chance to destroy an Excalibur. Though perfectly aware that Harry was only doing this because it would piss off the church, something he could completely get behind. "But I must admit I'm disappointed that someone who could wield Excalibur would approve of their destruction." All his friends had died hoping to be able to wield an Excalibur. It angered him a little that the wielder of one would allow it to be destroyed.

"Speaking of disappointed," Xenovia began and Harry sighed for the love of Great Red. "Haven't you recently abandoned your place in the house of Gremory?"

"Don't even start!" Harry said seeing where this was going. "We are here to stop Kokabiel not watch you two get into a religious debate about why blah blah blah is better than Blah."

"You are right." Xenovia admitted. "But I suppose I should tell you this devil, the man who ran the holy-sword project Valper Galilei is working with Kokabiel."

Kiba gained a dark look. "Good saves me the trouble of hunting him down and it does give me a good incentive to work with you."

"Yay, then I guess it's been decided." Irina cheerfully said with a smile causing Markus to wonder if being cheerful and a member of the church was attractive to dragons.

"We will meet at the church later to night." Xenovia said laying out the plan getting nods from the rest.

"I won't be coming." Harry told them ignoring Irina's cry of indignation.

"What! But our deal-"

"Was for me to help you deal with Kokabiel and trust me you aren't finding a general from the great war by wandering around town. Markus will help but I'm only helping you take down Kokabiel."

Xenovia grit her teeth but knew that was the deal they made. "Fine!" She grit out as she stormed off with Irina following behind.

Heading back to the house Harry saw that same man as always sitting in the back next to the river that they shared with an apartment complex. "Hello Harry!" The man greeted from his seat on the dock.

Harry sighed he was sure that man had some kind of connection to the supernatural with the way he always knew when something happened Harry could never detect any magic from him so Harry just assumed that the man was a normal human in the know. Rare but not unheard of, certain events were known to allow one to 'pierce the veil' so to speak and see the truth of the world. "Hello Mr. 'Alzack'." Harry greeted with a sigh.

"Why so glum?" 'Alzack' asked with a grin. "You an Asia have a row?"

"Not answering that." Harry said as he entered the house. 'Alzack' chuckled the Black Dragon sure was interesting this time round.

"FREED!" Markus roared catapulting at the stray exorcist, his spear moving at superhuman speeds. Freed even with Excalibur rapid was having trouble staying ahead of Markus because even though he had greater speed he was not used to moving that fast, Markus on the end had spent his entire life training for this moment, the chance to kill Freed.

"What crawled up your ass and died?!" Freed asked with a laugh, dodging another strike. "Whoops! that one was closer than the rest you little shit." Freed mocking was stopped by Kiba joining the fight as well. "Oh crap!" Freed cursed. "That's not fair!" He complained.

"You can stick your bitching the same place I'm going to shove this spear! Between your ribs!" The spear wielder roared bringing his spear down on the crazed Exorcist hitting the same hand as last time.

Freed laughed as a clang resounded throughout the area. "Surprise cock-sucker! Like my new hand!" He asked holding up his new hand, now that is was illuminated his hand was clearly metal. "Got this badass after this fucker cut off my old one." He bragged showing off his new metal limb.

"Then I'll just cut it off again!" He roared twisting his spear to stab the psychopath in the chest.

"Wow aren't you angry!" Freed laughed as he twist out of the way. "What's the matter, you shit your diaper!?" Se mocked causing Markus to growl in rage an attack even more ferociously.

"Just shut up and die!" Kiba and Markus shouted at the same time trapping him between their weapons.

"Well it seems you have landed yourself in quite the pickle haven't you Freed." An old man said amusement in his tone.

"VALPER GALILEI!" Kiba roared upon seeing who it was.

"The one and only." The old man smirked seemingly unaware of the young devil's rage.

"The one and only what old man?!" Freed asked as pushed Markus back. "How about you stop blathering and help me!"

"Oh you need help?" The old man asked with a smile that was out of place given the situation. "Have you tried channeling your magic into the blade?" Valper asked not letting his annoyance show.

Freed blinked as he remembered he could that. "Oh right I can do that." Freed smirked and moments later Excalibur Rapid started to glow. "All right now I can kill some shitty devils!" Laughing the stray exorcist disappeared only to reappear behind Kiba. "Suck on this bitch!" Freed laughed as he kicked Kiba into a pillar.

Markus stepped back and prepared himself, before him and Freed were equal in speed, now Freed surpassed him by a fair amount and though his mind was mostly clouded by anger his training kicked in and he did this without thinking. "Freed deal with them quickly we need to find the other Excalibur's." The former priest ordered already bored with the situation.

"Screw off old man! I'll do what I want!" Freed shouted wanting to mess with the teenagers a bit longer.

"I don't think Kokabiel would be to happy about that." At the mention of Kokabiel Freed seem to pale. Kokabiel was not someone you wanted to cross.

"It seems it's your lucky day kids." Freed said appearing next to Valper. "You get to live another day." With that both him and the former priest vanished.

"So it was Kokabiel." Rias said "he's planning something but what?"

"I don't know but whatever it is it can't be good if he is out blatantly going against Azazel's orders than he must be planning something big and soon." Dohnaseek said, centuries of experience told him that things were about to get really bad.

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Sennyboy98:no he is not yet that strong but the red dragon emperor is. Meaning that Ddraig is that strong.

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.3950: i believe alduin from skyrim would put up one hell of a fight and do some real damage but would lose in the end he would be more powerful than the dragon kings but weaker than the dragon emperors.