Chapter 1: Party

This idea basically came from 'If Kasumi and Hayabusa didn't meet, who would/could she be with?' Then this story came to life. This is a Modern AU, so some characters will have a different personality, but I hope I don't make them terrible.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dead or Alive or any of it's characters. I own the plot of this story, though.


I can't believe I'm getting married soon. That was the only thought in her head as she reached a hand into her pocket to get her keys. Almost everything was ready for the wedding, she just had to wait for the big day. She never saw herself as the type to get married before the rest of her friends, but she couldn't stop herself from falling for her fiance when she first met him.

I miss him already, she thought. She opened the door to the average house and smiled at her roommate, who was sitting on the couch. Her amber eyes widened when her roommate quickly hugged her but she instantly returned it.

"Kasumi, you're back! It feels like I've been waiting forever."

"I'm sorry, Tina," she apologized, joining her friend on the couch. "I was saying my goodbyes to Rig."

Tina frowned and asked, "You're calling the wedding off?"

Kasumi gasped and shook her head. "No, we're just taking some time away from each other during the next four months."

"Really? Why?"

"It's been one of my family's traditions for a long time. My mother told me that the break is meant to give the person some time to think about if he or she is ready for marriage."

"In that case, are you ready?" Tina questioned, smiling when Kasumi nodded. "Too bad we're not going to spend as much time together as we do now!"

"I know. That's why I'm going to spend this break with all of my friends and family," Kasumi announced, laughing while Tina cheered in happiness.

A couple of knocks came from outside, so Kasumi went to open the door. Her other best friends, Hitomi and Leifang, were standing there along with Kasumi's sister, Ayane. She greeted the group and stepped aside so they could come in. Everyone got comfortable before Tina spoke again.

"Kasumi finally has some time to herself before the wedding," she declared. "I'm guessing y'all know what that means."

"Bachelorette party?" Leifang guessed. Tina nodded and went into the kitchen then came back with two bottles of wine and some glasses. Hitomi and Ayane seemed exited about the idea although the same thing couldn't be said for Kasumi.

"I don't think a party is really necessary," she claimed. Ayane rolled her eyes and mumbled something while Hitomi threw an arm around Kasumi's shoulders.

"Come on. Lighten up," Hitomi pleaded. Ayane sipped from her glass and whispered something to Leifang, who giggled and shook her head.

"I don't know. I have some bad feelings about a bachelorette party," Kasumi revealed.

"Are you worried about Rig finding out about it?" Ayane inquired.

"It doesn't matter if he finds out," Leifang broke in.

"That's not what I'm worried about," Kasumi assured. "What if something happens and everything else goes wrong?"

"We're not going to let anything bad happen," Hitomi reasoned. "We know how exited you are about the wedding. This party might be the last time we get to spend as the usual group!"

"You said that as if I'm leaving and will never come back," Kasumi replied.

"The only thing we're going to do is talk, watch some movies, and have some drinks," Tina joined in. Kasumi still seemed unsure, but after listening to the various reasons behind why they should have the party, she chose to go along with the idea. She trusted her friends, so she doubts if anything goes wrong.


"We need more drinks," Tina slurred. Leifang shook her head then turned the nearby music player on. The girls have been celebrating for a few hours now, and during that time they managed to work their way through some of the drinks.

"We also need something else to do," Ayane added, lifting her cup to drink from it. Tina smiled and glanced at Kasumi, who surprisingly drank more than the girls thought she would. Her face was slightly flushed and her eyes weren't too focused.

Honestly, Kasumi was bored. She knew some parties could get extremely wild, but she knew most bachelorette parties weren't this boring. Why did I not want a bachelorette party in the first place? She sighed, finished her drink, and poured herself another cup. There wasn't much to do, and Kasumi was tempted to go visit Rig regardless of the family tradition. Her finger traced the rim of the glass as she stared at the coffee table.

"We should go out and do something," Kasumi suggested. She couldn't tell if the radio was getting louder or if the alcohol was beginning to serve its purpose. Maybe it's both, she briefly thought.

"Let's go visit Hayate," Hitomi chimed in. Tina laughed as she pointed out Hitomi's distant stare. Leifang rolled her eyes and Kasumi shrugged.

"Hayate hasn't even arrived in the city yet. I don't remember all of it, but he said something about tomorrow or Thursday," Ayane reasoned. Hitomi pouted and grumbled something about 'Hayate' and 'traveling.' Kasumi slowly stood and raised a hand to point at the door.

"Kasumi, you're too drunk to be dancing," Leifang drawled after finishing her drink. Kasumi tilted her head and sipped some of her drink then pointed to the door again.

"I'm so bored right now. Let's go out and find some entertainment," Kasumi pleaded. Silence filled the room before it was replaced by a loud gasp that came from Tina, who was staring at her phone with a big smile.

"What are you looking at, Tina?" Hitomi questioned, trying to lean over Tina's shoulder so she could see. Tina quickly put her phone away and stood up to go get some more drinks. Kasumi was confused by whatever Tina was doing, so she ignored it and repeated her suggestion.

"Why would we go looking for entertainment, when the entertainment might be looking for us?" Tina hinted. The other girls were immediately interested and started asking multiple questions at once. Holding her hands up and telling them all to wait, Ayane faced Tina to ask the question that they all wanted an answer to.

"Where's the entertainment, then?"

There was a sudden knock at the door and Tina's smile reappeared on her face. She quickly went to the door and opened it, revealing a man who was leaning against the door frame. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties and had a muscular build. A pair of aviators covered his eyes, and he wore a tight, sleeveless white hoodie with the hood covering his hair along with both black pants and shoes. Kasumi could feel his gaze on her as he shifted to hear Tina whisper something to him. She blushed and watched as Tina dragged a hand down the man's chest and to his belt before he placed his own hand on top of hers to keep her from going any further.

"You're not ready for me to go that far. Trust me," he stated, stepping further into the room. Tina smirked and closed the door. She then gave the girls another drink and told them to sit down while she tossed the remote for the music player to the man.

"I hope you all remember at least some of this in the morning," Tina declared. "Now we're in for one hell of a night!"

That might have been the last sentence Kasumi clearly understood before the alcohol truly took over her mind.


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