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Chapter 2: The Triumvirate

Sunlight filtered through his curtained windows. Subtle, yet obvious shuffling of clothes could be heard.

Slit, onyx eyes snapped open and locked on to the reason of his waking. A powerful looking messy blue-haired man stood before him, a mischievous expression on his face. He was slightly taller than Natsu, and a tad burlier as well.

He was dressed very much like a butler, with a black suit, black pants, black shoes, and a white button-up shirt underneath. Hell, he even had a monocle on his right eye, even though he didn't need one.

The awakened Natsu Dragneel wondered just what was happening for his companion to rouse him in such a manner.

"Why have you woken me, Happy?" asked he, sitting up from his comfortable chair. He idly noticed his upper body was naked, showcasing his lean, very fit, and powerful musculature. There were traces of crimson scales covering parts of his body, particularly his waist and forearms.

The now named Happy kept his expression, enhancing it further with a shit-eating grin.

"You have a letter from the Magic Council, Natsu," he said, pulling out an envelope from his suit's right breast. It had intricate designs, with the emblem of the Magic Council emblazoned on the front.

Natsu groaned, taking the envelope. "What do they want now?"

Happy laughed heartily. "They want you, of course. Why else would they hunt for me during my shopping and give me this?"

"I guess you have a point. Thank you, Happy."

"Aye, no problem, Natsu. What are partners for?"

Natsu nodded, giving the blue-haired man a small smile.

"Okay. I'll leave you. I have some stuff to care for in the basement."

The pink-haired swordsman nodded once again, the gesture serving both as acknowledgement and dismissal. With that, Happy disappeared through the double doors of his room.

Natsu sighed softly, and stood up. He dressed in his usual outfit, taking special care with the necklace he had on his neck. He turned to his sword, which was leaning on the seat, and admired it.

Memories of his past with the magnificent sword began to flow, though he quickly cut it when he remembered the letter. He tore open the envelope and unfolded its contents.

It read:

Warlock Dragneel,

Your presence is required in the Magic Council Headquarters in Era. We have received intel on your latest excursion, and we want to discuss this in more detail. We will use this meeting to impart of a mission we have for you.

The date set for this meeting is August 2nd, X784.

Remember, you are sanctioned by the Magic Council, even with your current denomination as a dark wizard. Failure to present yourself will result in the immediate termination of your benefits and your bounty will be reactivated.

Best Regards,

Gran Doma

Chairman of the Magic Council

Natsu sighed again. As much as he hated to admit it, Gran Doma was powerful, very much so. He, along with Org (the 2nd Seat), and Belno (the 3rd Seat), could easily be a match for any of the Seven or the top four Wizard Saints, perhaps even overpower them. Crossing them was not in Natsu's immediate plans, for they would not face him one-on-one.

No… they would come at him with the entire might they possess, intending on crushing him. While he was powerful enough to fight against one of them evenly, perhaps even defeat them, he would not be able to take on all three simultaneously.

And that was exactly what they would do. They would not fight him fairly. They would do whatever they could to stamp him out permanently, and send a message to the others.

He crumpled the letter, setting it on fire with his hand. He grabbed his precious sword and swung it lackadaisically, enjoying the slashing sound it produced, as well as the tiny amount of air pressure released with each strike.

He went to sheathe the sword, letting it slide onto the straps on the back of his coat. He ensured he had everything necessary with him, even doing a mental inspection of his pocket dimension.

He opened his eyes, satisfied. He was ready for the trip to Era and to wherever his whims took him to next.

He turned to face his balcony behind the chair, securely locked and protected by advanced Sealing Magic.

He exited, enjoying the smell of the forest for a brief moment before disappearing in a flash of flames.

It was about an hour later that Natsu appeared at the peak of the mountain at the center of Era. The Magic Council Headquarters stood on top of the flat surface, looking down on the fairly symmetrical town.

It was perhaps the only thing he liked about Era. The view of the town and the horizon beyond was spectacular. Had he not been on business, he would stay and gaze at the view, if only for a few moments.

He walked past the tall, white gates, his eyes drinking in the view of the building he disliked (despite the impressive architecture). He took notice of members of the Council (and some non-humans) paling in shock and fear at his mere presence.

He ignored them as he walked into the building. He even ignored the clerk at the front who futilely called for him to show his identification.

There was no need for identification, he sometimes thought. The huge sword on his back and his spiky pink hair made him easily identifiable, something that Gran Doma surprisingly agreed on.

He walked on to the nearest courtroom, following his enhanced sense of smell and his magical sensing abilities. His heavy footsteps echoed on the marble floor, muffled by the footsteps of those around him. The smell of fine woods mixed with parchment and the collective smells of everyone in the hallway filled the room.

Whispers would reach his auditory senses, alerting him that he was the hot topic of conversation. Some would speak of his power, others wanted him arrested, and a few wanted him dead.

They would not acknowledge his work, his services to the Magic Council by helping keep the activity of Dark Guilds on the low end of the spectrum. They would not acknowledge the fact that he helped prevent the destruction of a crucially important harbor for trade in X781 due to invasion by a foreign empire.

They would not acknowledge him as a person… But, he did not care. Their comments had no effect on him, for he knew who he was, and what he was.

He stopped in front of the double doors that led into his destination for a moment. For what purpose, he was unsure, but he quickly pushed those thoughts to the back of his head and walked in.

The courtroom was large, with a lone wide podium at the very center. To the sides of the podium were rows of benches, each higher than the last, higher than the podium. In front of the podium were the highest benches, nine to be exact, that seated the members of the Magic Council. Behind the seats was a white hanging banner bearing the symbol of the Magic Council, a blue ankh.

At the very center was the highest bench, that seated the Chairman, accompanied by the slightly lower benches on both sides that seated the 2nd and 3rd Seats.

He noticed that only those three seats were filled. He easily recognized the people that were impassively looking down on him.

They were the Triumvirate: three of the most powerful wizards in all of Ishgar, and a major part of the reason why having such a group as the "Warlocks" was successful in the first place.

"Greetings, Warlock Dragneel," spoke a grave, yet powerful voice. He recognized it as Grand Doma's. He looked up at the old man.

Even though he was seated, he could tell the elder man was taller than him. He had graying, shoulder length hair, black eyes with two scars running diagonally down them in opposite directions, and a long, graying beard that was partially hidden by the bench, and the angle Natsu was looking at him. Even his mustache was ridiculously overgrown, and almost covered the entirety of his mouth.

His entire outfit could not be seen, but the fitted black armor and the ornate navy-blue cape was visible, and combined with the black wizard hat he wore, he looked like a stereotypical wizard.

To the right of Gran Doma was the 2nd Seat, Org. He looked very similar to the Chairman, with the long graying hair, mustache, beard, and black eyes (though his right one was closed). The only differences were the lack of scars lining his eyes, and the length and texture of his hair, the former being shorter and the latter being straighter.

The ornate cape he wore was different as well, the predominant color being white and the lining being a navy-blue. He also wore robes instead of armor, though Natsu was pretty sure there was at least one layer of mail underneath.

Then, to the left of the Chairman, sat Belno, the 3rd Seat. For a woman 50 years of age, many would still consider her very attractive. She was of above-average height (when it came to women in Ishgar), with a fit and curvy body that belied her age.

She had sandy blonde hair held in a spiky ponytail, two bangs falling below her chin. Her sharp black eyes and tight lips gave her the appearance of a stern witch, which was enhanced by her long nose.

She wore a purple turtle-neck sweater under a predominantly black cape with white lining.

"Chairman," spoke Natsu, giving a small nod. The others stayed silent, opting to observe the swordsman.

"Bypassing all formalities, Warlock Dragneel, you know why you are here."

It was more of a statement than a question. Of course they all knew why they were cooped up in the room, discussing his activities of that night. It was such an idiotic statement, that sometimes Natsu wondered why such an inquiry was an unwritten protocol.

"A questioning of my methods when dealing with dark wizards… a mere formality."

"And what about the attack perpetuated upon the villagers of Hakumai Village?" inquired Org with a hint of aggression.

Natsu narrowed his eyes slightly. "I did no such thing."

"Explain," spoke Belno, leaning forward and clasping her hands in front of her face.

"All I did was render them unconscious with my aura. A favor, considering the way I eliminated Black Plague was… messy."

There was a tense silence between the four. Natsu alternated between them, his face as stoic as ever. The Triumvirate looked down on their bench, apparently analyzing something. He figured it was evidence gathered over the last few days.

"Very well. Just answer this question," said Gran Doma. "Why did you eliminate them in such a fashion?"

Natsu sighed softly.

"I believe leaving no evidence of their deaths would go over better with the villagers than leaving a multitude of bisected or charred carcasses.

"The position as a Warlock clearly allows me to do as I wish, as long as no innocents are harmed. I am seeing this in both a physical sense and a psychological sense. Why shouldn't I eliminate them that way?"

There was silence once more, though it was less tense than the last one. The Triumvirate thoroughly mulled over the pink-haired swordsman's words, dissecting them and analyzing them from all possible angles. It only led them to one conclusion, though.

As much as they disliked it, his method was perhaps the most efficient one. It took care of the delinquents in one fell swoop, and left no evidence, except perhaps a stray puddle of blood that would blend in nigh perfectly with the blood already spilled from the villagers.

"Very well. We accept your explanation since you did comply with the directives given to you by us when granted the position," spoke Gran Doma, who bristled slightly at the indecipherable grumbling from Org. Natsu nodded.

"Now, Warlock Dragneel, regarding the assignment we have for you," began Belno, earning the swordsman's attention. "We have received intel that a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, Jose Porla, has been involved in illegal business dealings with Dark Guilds all over Fiore. These include drugs, assassinations, illegal magic, amongst others.

"The latest, our sources say, is a kidnapping job, given to him by Jude Heartfilia of Heartfilia Konzern regarding his daughter, Lucy Heartfilia, who recently joined Fairy Tail."

Natsu nodded, and gestured for her to continue.

"In violation of the directives given to each and every legal guild in the Ishgarian Peninsula by us, Jose Porla ordered his guild, Phantom Lord, to initiate war with the aforementioned guild.

"It would be detrimental for two Wizard Saints to fight each other so openly, so we want you to travel to Fiore and apprehend Jose by any means necessary. However, should apprehension become impossible, you have our permission to eliminate him, as well as anyone that tries to interfere."

The addressee raised an eyebrow, intrigued by this rare direct order from them. It was only during times of dire duress that the Triumvirate deemed it necessary to give orders to the Warlocks themselves. For them to do such a thing now was… odd.

The nature of the order made things worse. It was, fundamentally, an assassination order for him, something that the Magic Council was strictly against (and made it clear in its directives towards legal guilds).

Just what was going on?

"Should you complete this assignment, Warlock Dragneel, you will receive generous financial compensation, and an increase in your benefits as a Warlock."

Natsu stayed silent, contemplating the situation. Something was obviously happening, and it was big. If it weren't, the Triumvirate themselves wouldn't be assigning him a potential assassination job, with one of the Wizard Saints being the target.

He would have to investigate through his… sources.

"Consider it done," he spoke without a hint of hesitation. "Is that all?"

"It is, Warlock Dragneel," spoke Gran Doma, standing up from his seat. "We bid you good day."

"Likewise," returned the pink-haired swordsman, turning on his heels and walking out the door.

When the doors closed fully behind the Warlock, Belno turned towards her authoritative superiors, "Should we have informed him of our suspicions?"

"I don't see why. They're just suspicions. We don't have concrete evidence yet," answered the Chairman, briefly looking at her before turning and walking down the steps. "Let him complete his assignment. Should more evidence arise, we shall alert all of the Warlocks, not just him."

She nodded, standing up and following her colleagues. As she left, she couldn't help the thought that crossed her mind.

'I hope they stay just that… suspicions.'

Natsu appeared once again in his home's balcony, noticing a slight disturbance in the arrangement of his room.

Happy had cleaned the room again, and left a small addition to it: a plain-white envelope, with neat writing on the front.

He recognized that writing instantly. On sheer instinct, he walked in and grabbed it, tearing the sealing open. He extricated a white card, with icy-blue thorny vines decorating the edges, accompanied by deep-purple roses on the corners. There was an intricate magic seal at the center of the card, colored in the same way as the vines.

It was a recorded message from a person he knew all too well

The seal glowed brightly, before manifesting a tiny, transparent woman that looked up at him with a loving expression.

The woman was beautiful, and that was an understatement. While her height could not be discerned, her other features could be easily seen.

Through the blue glow, he could see her chin-length, unkempt deep-purple hair, her hauntingly piercing black eyes, her small nose and her tantalizing lips. Her body was buxom as they came, her voluptuousness so enviable women from all over would kill to have a modicum of.

She wore a black tabard-like top lined with icy-blue very similar to a leotard that exposed most of her back, her shoulders and her slender upper arms. She had long black sleeves covering the rest of her arms, with thin, form-fitting icy-blue gloves that covered all of her forearms. She completed her sensual outfit with transparent leggings and thigh-high black boots.

"Natsu, my love!" greeted the small hologram, imperceptibly bouncing on her heels. "A birdy told me that you were being a bad boy again! Shame on you, you naughty, naughty boy! You were only supposed to be bad with me and Ika!"

'Damn, her spies work fast,' Natsu thought, smiling slightly at the nigh childish enthusiasm the figure showcased.

"Another birdy told me that you were going to Fiore to stop a guild war between Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail. Imagine my surprise! I so wanted to go on that little adventure with you, but I've been busy over here, so I can only send you this card."

At this she pouted slightly, biting her lower lip in a manner so seductive Natsu had to close his eyes so as to not fall to her wiles.

'We seriously have to think of a better way to communicate other than these cards. They take too long to arrive.'

"I'm not gonna wish you luck, because you won't need it. I'm sure nobody in those guilds will stand a chance against you! But, can you do a favor for me please?"

Natsu found himself nodding, even though the figure would not see him doing so.

"Can you please make sure a foolish little pupil of mine is alright? You know of whom I speak of. I really wouldn't like it if he got hurt. Can you do this for me, my love? Thanks!"

Natsu couldn't help but smile a tad wider. So vivacious she was that he could not think of someone livelier than her. Her personality enamored him.

Happy was a close second, he now thought, but he was his partner, his surrogate son. The affection he held for him would never be the same as hers.

"Oh, Natsu, I'm aching for you. I wish I could drop everything I'm doing and go home to ravish you. This sexy MILF needs you so badly. My hands won't suffice! But I'll wait. Good things come to those who wait. I'm a good girl, I'll behave. And if I don't, I'll make sure you… punish me properly.

"I have to go, my love. This mission, as easy as it is, is long and tedious, and I have to return to it right now or I'll take forever. Have care, Natsu. I love you."

'And I you,' he answered mentally, his smile reaching its peak before it died off when the image flickered into nonexistence.

He performed the same thing he did in the morning, ensuring he had everything he needed in his pocket dimension before departure. After he completed that, he scribbled a quick note to Happy, informing him of his departure to Fiore.

He walked to his balcony, his stoic expression melting into a small smirk before he disappeared in a flash of flames.

'Anything for you, Ur… my Frozen Empress…'

It was a bright summer morning in Magnolia.

People were going about their daily activities, ensuring that the machine that was the town would work properly and would suffer no discrepancies.

The bells of Kardia Cathedral echoed into the morning, bringing a peaceful aura to the people while waking up those who overslept.

It was a happy morning…

Unfortunately, not everyone shared that positive sentiment.

For the members of Magnolia's celebrated guild, Fairy Tail, it was the complete opposite of a happy morning.

They were sad, angry, stressed, on the edge of despair. Any negative emotion related to those four, they felt.

They were at war with Phantom Lord, and they were losing. It started without provocation, with one of their members, Gajeel "Black Steel" Redfox, attacking their guild hall in the middle of the night.

With no response to those taunts, the Iron Dragon Slayer returned with a vengeance a few days later, attacking and incapacitating three of their precious members, Team Shadow Gear.

That was the last straw. Their Master, Makarov Dreyar, one of the Ten Wizard Saints, flew into a rage and declared war on the offending guild, something that the rest readily agreed on.

It was perhaps the worst course of action they could have taken.

At first, the raid into one of the main branches of Phantom Lord in Oak Town seemed to be a resounding success, until Gajeel joined, evening the odds by taking out some of their members.

It was only a preamble to what happened next.

Their Master climbed up to the Guild Master's office alone, his powerfully flaring magic reducing a considerable portion of the building into rubble, set on having some… words with the master of Phantom Lord.

It was all a dirty trick, though.

Jose Porla was not there. Only a Thought Projection of him awaited the elder master, and he had the gall to ambush him from behind!

Drained of all his magical energy, the sickly green master was thrown through the floors of the building, crashing unceremoniously in the middle of the battlefield. His defeated visage served to destroy Fairy Tail's morale, forcing them to retreat and accept a humiliating defeat.

And now, here they were, wallowing in the marshes of despair, trying to think of ways to turn around the tide of the conflict while dealing with the injuries suffered.

"Gray, I can't thank you enough for rescuing me from there," spoke Lucy Heartfilia, the newest member to join the family.

She was a beautiful, 17-year-old blond with large brown eyes, succulent lips and a voluptuous body that seemed to be the norm for the ladies in Fairy Tail.

Her outfit was downright seductive, with her wearing a white spaghetti-strap blouse that showed copious amounts of her cleavage, a pleated blue miniskirt that barely hid her supple posterior and brown heeled sandals. She had a brown belt strapped sideways on her skirt, with two attachments to it: one held a coiled brown whip with a heart shape at the end, while the other held a small pouch with all of her Celestial Spirit Keys. Her pink Fairy Tail insignia was on her right hand

"Don't worry about it, Luce," responded her addressee, Gray Fullbuster. "You're part of the family."

He was a young man, of age 18, with spiky black hair with a navy-blue hue, dark eyes, and a lean, fit body. He was currently shirtless, showcasing his torso to the world, as well as a silver chain that had a sword for a decoration. He completed his outfit with dark pants and black shoes. His black Fairy Tail insignia was on his chest.

Due to his training in Ice-Make Magic, he had a habit of taking off his clothes at the most inopportune times.

"Gray, your clothes," spoke a redhead sitting in the same table as them, casually pointing at the other teen's nigh complete nudity (he only had his boxers on). She had her eyes closed, her mouth sucking on a fork that had strawberry cheesecake.

The redhead was Erza Scarlet, S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail. She, like almost all women in the guild, was extremely beautiful, with a buxom body toned by years of training. Her hair cascaded down to her back, her eyes were an alluring chocolate-brown, and her lips were supple.

However, she kept her body hidden in a suit of silver armor bearing two golden stripes and the Fairy Tail insignia on her left breast, attire she accompanied by two forearm-covering silver gauntlets, a blue pleated skirt and ankle-length brown boots. Her blue Fairy Tail insignia was on her left arm.

She specialized in Requip, allowing her to quickly summon different armors and swords from her pocket dimension to help her adapt her fighting style. She was considered one of the strongest women in Fairy Tail due to that.

"Gah! How the hell?! Where'd they go?!" screamed Gray, shooting up from the table and searching for his clothes. Both of the women sitting across him looked particularly unfazed by his antics, as if they've seen him doing it far too many times (which was the truth).

"Tch, you at it again, Gray? Do you need me to beat some manners into you again?" asked a white-haired girl as she approached the table carrying a tray of drinks.

She was Mirajane Strauss, S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail, and one of the strongest women of the guild.

Being the poster-girl of Fairy Tail, her remarkable beauty was known nationally thanks to Sorcerer Weekly magazine publishing photo shoots with her once every month.

A habit of hers ever since she joined the guild, she wore a deep-purple gothic dress layered with black decorative fabric that hugged her body enticingly, black gothic leggings with black stilettos. She completed the outfit with a black choker around her slender neck. Her white Fairy Tail stamp was on her left thigh.

She was smiling warmly at the group, though her eyes told an entirely different story. They were narrowed, glaring at the frozen Gray.

"NO! It's all good!" he squealed, sitting down and shaking his head effusively. Somehow, his clothes had returned to him. He even had a shirt on.

"That's a good boy," purred Mirajane, her eyes still dangerously narrowed. All he did was meekly nod.

"Miiira, stop being like that!" whined a voice from behind her. That was Mirajane's little sister, Lisanna. "Leave Gray alone!"

Bearing the same hair color (but shorter length) and the same shade of blue eyes, as well as similar body structure (Mirajane was a tad more buxom), Lisanna was often compared to Mirajane in terms of beauty. Many wondered whether she would have a photo shoot later on. However, Mirajane was staunchly opposed to that, for some odd reason.

She wore a simple pink dress that she accompanied with dark red shoes. Her white Fairy Tail stamp was on her left arm.

"Why should I, Lisanna? He should learn to keep his stripping habits out of public view!" Mirajane retorted, trying to glare at her sister, but failing due to the cute, pleading expression she held.

They did not notice it, but their antics helped lift up the spirits of the rest of the guild, if ever so slightly. Even though they were losing, they still managed to show that their bonds held strong, that no matter what happened, they would always be there for each other.

The atmosphere, though, would not last…

Suddenly, the ground began shaking.

At first, they attributed it to the rare tremors that occurred in Magnolia, but that theory was shot down when the shaking was rhythmic, almost like a giant taking steps.

Everyone was silent. They were looking towards the entrance of the guild's basement, in the direction where the lake was located, the direction of the tremors.

A grating sound reached their ears, as if something metallic was scraping. Rhythmic like the tremors, it sounded almost like robotic limbs moving.

The wizards' eyes widened. Something was wrong… very wrong.

"Outside!" shouted a voice. Everyone looked to one of the members who had rushed in, his frantic breathing signifying he had been running. "Something huge is coming at us!"

Without a second of hesitation, they rushed outside, wanting to see what the member was talking about.

Oh, they found it alright…

They couldn't believe what was happening in front of them.

Walking on metallic legs shaped like an arachnid's, supported by an immense slab of earth with jagged edges everywhere, was a building. A building was walking towards them, and they knew exactly who it was.

It was Phantom Lord, and they brought the war to Fairy Tail's soil.

The building was obviously their headquarters, considering the size and the impressive architecture it held. It lumbered towards them, the earthquakes it caused breaking the meager spirit of the Fairy Tail guild. It then stopped, a little over a hundred meters away, and sunk on its legs, leveling the guild hall over the town slightly.

"W-Why? Why go to such extremes to attack us?!" Erza voiced out, her eyes wide with shock and not a small amount of fear. She was shaking, unable to comprehend the cruelty of a legal guild.

She was not the only one, for everyone in the guild was asking themselves the exact same question.


"How the hell are we supposed to fight that?!" shouted Gray.

"These bastards! How dare they?!" growled Mirajane, her magic flaring out.

Their eyes locked on a descending wall of the guild, watching it as it disappeared completely. The sound of metal grinding reached their ears, and they looked at the contents of said compartment: a giant, rusty-brown cannon, slowly but surely extending towards them.

Their eyes grew ever wider.

"Magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter… engage," spoke an ominous voice, amplified by the speakers in the arachnid guild.

The cannon began to charge, gathering immense amounts of magical energy at the tip. An orb of dark, transparent energy appeared, growing without restraint, until it stopped when it was roughly as large as the guild itself.

Suddenly, it began to shrink, compressing all the power gathered into a sphere barely larger than the cannon's tip. It was ready to fire.

"Oh, God," whispered Lisanna, covering her mouth with her hands, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Mirajane, noticing this, grew ever angrier.

"Everyone, get out of here!" screamed Erza, turning around and gathering the attention of all the members. "I'll hold it off!"

She glowed yellow as she did that, calling forth her most defensive armor: The Adamantine Armor.


And so it did. All the energy gathered in the cannon was unleashed at the members of Fairy Tail, who were rooted in their positions, unable to move a single muscle.

It was over for them. They were going to die in such a horrible way, without any care given to the citizens of Magnolia who were going to be caught in the crossfire.

They never noticed a flash of flames appearing behind them all…

Erza stepped forward, gripping the shield-blades tightly in front of her, ready to summon the absolute defense of her armor.

Through the crack of the armor, she noticed a man taller than her, with spiky pink hair, dressed in a crimson overcoat with golden flames, and with an enormous black sword strapped onto his back. He stood in front of her, his stance apparently relaxed.

It scared her that he would brave a Jupiter blast head-on, so she couldn't hold back her warning, "Get away from there!"

But she was ignored.

The man, almost lazily, grabbed the oversized hilt of the sword, pulling it out and brandishing the magnificent blade, producing a metallic ringing that echoed into the air. The blast was almost upon them.

What happened next would forever live in the minds of the Fairy Tail wizards…

Faster than anyone could see, the man lifted his sword and slashed the air in front of him, unleashing a colossal wave of what seemed to be blue-green energy that collided mightily with the cannon's blast.

The ground trembled and groaned, the quakes so powerful everyone except the pink-haired man lost their balance and fell to the ground. Gale-force winds collided against everyone, making them shield their eyes with their hands from the dust and debris.

However, just as quickly as the quaking began, it disappeared. Nobody dared to open their eyes, for they feared opening them to the absolute darkness of death.

The first one who did, though, was Erza, closely followed by Mirajane.


That was all they could say, for the sight that greeted them was nothing like the one they expected.

The lake was splashing about, moving erratically within its confines. A good amount of the shrubbery that bordered the lake was gone, replaced by upturned earth. Hell, even a couple of tiles of the homes near the lake were blown off. But, there was one thing they could agree on.

The town was in one piece. The destruction a blast as powerful as the Jupiter would have caused was nonexistent. Even the broken guild hall was still standing.

They were alive

"I expected more of the Jupiter," spoke an unfamiliar voice from before them, followed by the clicking of a sheathed sword. They turned, and their eyes widened in disbelief.

The once majestic, yet ominous arachnid guild hall had an immense hole in the center, shaped like a slash wound. It traversed through the entire building, for the blue sky could be seen from within. Smoke emerged from the hole, floating up into the sky uninterrupted.

The Jupiter Cannon, though, was nowhere to be seen. It was destroyed, much like the room that held it.

This strange man had saved them.

The two S-Class Mages were vocal in their relief, something that prompted the rest of the guild to open their eyes. Whoops of celebration rung, thanking the stranger for rescuing them from their impending doom. Some even approached him to give their thanks in a much more personal manner.

"To think the Magic Council would send of the Seven Warlocks of Ishgar to stop this," spoke the amplified voice. It stopped everyone dead in their tracks. "I'm flattered…"

The man turned halfway towards the Fairy Tail mages, revealing his handsome face and slit onyx eyes. The effect was immediate; more than a few of the women began blushing brightly, the most prominent of them being Mirajane.

It all stopped, though, when an ocean of magical pressure descended upon them. It was the vilest magical energy they felt in their lives, and it quickly returned the fear they felt moments ago tenfold.

The temperature spiked drastically, to a point that they felt that their skin would spontaneously combust. All of them fell to their knees, unable to handle the pressure. Most had already fallen unconscious, with foam emerging from their mouths.

"Don't interfere," spoke the pink-haired man, directing himself to the only conscious people in the vicinity: Erza, Mirajane, and Gray.

Moments after speaking, the pressure disappeared, granting them breath they never knew they lost, and the ability to stand, albeit shakily. The man, however, had disappeared in a burst of flames.

"W-Who w-was that?" asked Gray, unable to prevent his body from shivering. "H-His magic power was m-monstrous!"

"Not even Master M-Makarov has that much power… It's unreal!" stuttered Erza, returning her armor to her pocket dimension. "And it f-felt so d-dark and f-frightening…"

Mirajane remained silent, breathing heavily while trying to recover from the shaking. She slowly walked towards her unconscious sister, kneeling beside her when she arrived. She proceeded to cradle her head.

"Whoever that guy was, I'm thankful he isn't against us," she spoke, earning their attention. "We wouldn't stand a chance against him from what we've seen. I mean, for him to put a hole that big with just one slash tells us a lot of his power."

"But who was he? Where did he come from?" asked Gray impatiently.

"He was one of the Seven Warlocks of Ishgar," spoke an elderly voice, a voice they recognized and longed to hear that very moment. They whirled in the direction of the voice, their eyes landing on the tiny figure of their Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar.


Relief flooded them again. They were happy that their master was back, and he looked far better than when they retreated from Oak Town. He was wearing his white coat emblazoned with the Wizard Saint emblem, a white shirt, and khaki shorts. He seemed ready for battle.

His expression, though, was grim and wary, and showed a sliver of fear. They were shaken because of that.

"Seven Warlocks? What is that, Master?" asked Mirajane, caressing Lisanna's face tenderly.

"They are the seven most powerful dark wizards in all of the continent. In fact, their individual power is so great that only the top four Wizard Saints can hope to stand a chance against them."

That statement earned a wide-eyed look of fear from his three children.

"They're t-that p-powerful?" asked Erza, not believing the fact that there was someone stronger than the Wizard Saints.

"H-How, though…?" began Mirajane, tightening her hold on her sister. "I mean, that guy did not look older than 23. How the hell is he one of them, Master?"

"Remember, Mira my dear, the world is a big place. There are wizards out there a little older than you, that are far stronger than me. He is one of them."

"Do you know who he is, Gramps?" asked Gray.

"I do. That is Warlock Natsu Dragneel, the "Black Salamander", the most powerful of the Seven Warlocks."

They could only gape at the old man, unable to produce even a syllable of speech. He looked so young, yet was the strongest of the Seven Warlocks? How was that possible?!

'And why are my demon souls so excited? I can feel their excitement flowing through me, almost as if they're hungry for his power. Why?!' thought Mirajane, fighting off the small blush that overtook her cheeks.

"Mira, dear, are you alright?" asked Makarov, earning her attention. "Your magic power is fluctuating."

"I'm fine, Master. Thank you."

He nodded, not entirely convinced.

Suddenly, an explosion ensued from the top of Phantom Lord's headquarters. A battle had already begun.

As they worked on getting all of the unconscious members back into the broken guild hall, one thought coursed through the young wizards' minds.

'Why did a dark wizard save us from Phantom?'

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