I'm back! And for good, this time. I've taken a LONG time to focus on school, on myself, and I daresay I'm doing much better. I'll be posting chapter 1 of a new story I'm writing. It is a Fairy Tail x RWBY crossover (Yes, I've long gotten over the Alvarez Empire Arc). Believe it or not, RWBY is a show that I very recently discovered and watched. I liked it for what it is, even though it is chock full of issues, plotholes and quite honestly bad writing. I'll attempt to remedy that in this fic, even though it is a crossover. I still have the files for my stories ND:DoL and Heir of Void (FINALLY, I came to a title for Ruthless Seven). I'll be working on those as well, though my primary focus is going to be the FT x RWBY fic (to freshen up my skills, y'know? Don't want my other fics' quality to drop because of rusty skills).

I've read all of y'all's reviews, asking me whether I'm going to update or not, and well, here's my answer. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate all of your support. I'M BACK, Y'ALL!