Author's Note: I've wanted to do this for a while, and since I'm not interested in denying myself anything, I went for it. Here's hoping…

"You need to leave," she smirked, twirling a black curl around her finger.

"Do I now?" he slammed his hands on her desk. "Make me, beautiful."

"Sorry, but makeup won't fix that mess."

Adrien's glare intensified. "Listen to me when I talk, princess," he started…

And suddenly he was seeing stars, and she was marching away, blowing on her knuckles. "Sorry, Agreste. I don't frighten that easily."

Adrien stared as the door swung shut on the classroom. She'd just… left. She wasn't scared.

"Damn, she crushed you," Nino laughed, smacking Adrien's shoulder. "What kind of bitch does that?"


"What? Dude, you're staring at the door… It's kinda weird…"

The blond shook his head, running a hand through his hair. "She punched me, Nino."

"Are you going to make her pay?"

Adrien laughed outright at that, striding out the door after her. He found the girl in the library, on her phone. She had her combat boots on the table, hidden from the librarian's view, and she rolled her eyes when he came in.

"I think we started off on the wrong foot," he began.

She turned her phone off, and started to walk away again.

"Hey! Wait!"

"I'm not interested."

"Come on! You can't just punch a guy and walk out!"

"I actually can. Done it before, will do it again, I'm doing it now, as a matter of fact," she said, her voice dripping with syrupy sarcasm as she turned around. "See, Agreste, I don't like people. Unless you're secretly inhuman, that extends to you."

"My lady, what if I said-"

"Don't call me that. In fact, if you don't stop talking to me, I'll feel threatened, and simply have no choice but to deck you again," she smiled sweetly, widening her already large blue eyes.

He grinned, and kissed her hand quickly, before jumping away from her left hook, though not without trouble. "This is far from over, my lady!"

She flipped him off, and his laugh followed her down the corridor.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng wasn't remotely interested in this random annoyance, of course. She knew who her loyalties lay with, and she highly doubted it was some civilian boy in her class. Speaking of, didn't they have something planned for that night?

Stepping out of the school- it wasn't as if she had class this period- she pulled a silver yo-yo out of her pocket, smiling, and tapping her earrings.

"Tikki, spots on!" she whispered, feeling the magic rush through her silver earrings, black spots appearing, and her clothing transformed into a silver dress, gloves, tights, and mask, all covered in black spots.

She opened the yo-yo, and pulled up the communicator feature, contacting him… her love… Chat Blanc.

"What is it, Miss Fortune?" his voice was cold, but made her shiver with excitement.

"We're still on for the arson tonight, right?" she asked, giggling.

"Of course," he confirmed. "You called me less than an hour ago, shouldn't you be in school or something?"

"I have a free period," she sighed, as Chat rolled his eyes.

"Of course. Well, meet me at the top of the Eiffel in thirty minutes, I'm ditching the rest of today," he shrugged. "Why wait?"

"I'll be there in five!" she grinned, shutting off the communicator and spinning around, holding it to her chest, before using the same yo-yo to grapple to another building, and start making her way to the tower.

Adrien groaned as he closed the communicator. "Give her an inch," he muttered under his breath. It didn't really matter, and anyway, he knew she could destroy him if she wanted, so it was better to keep her happy, but he could still be annoyed by her tendency to obsess over him.

"Tell the teacher that I'm cutting and she can go (censored)," Adrien told his friend, walking out of the building.

"Sure thing," Nino raised an eyebrow. "Where you off to?"

"Meeting with lady luck."

"Casino? Gotcha," Nino grinned, as Adrien closed the door.

"Not quite."

He transformed quickly, his white cat suit appearing faster than usual, and began using his pole to leap toward Paris's most famous tower.

Miss Fortune was already there when he showed up, sitting perched on the railing, legs dangling over the city. "You came!" she beamed, back-flipping off the railing into his arms.

"Of course," he smirked, arching one eyebrow. "Did you doubt me?"


"Of course not," he lifted her head, allowing his lips to brush hers for a moment. "Now, are we going to burn down the mayor's house or not?"

"Yes!" she grabbed his hand, and pulled him towards the edge. They flew across the city, causing a panic as they passed.

It seems Miss Fortune and Chat Blanc are back in the streets, and causing havoc once more. Who will take a stand against these two villains?

"I will," Hawk Moth looked across his cove, allowing a butterfly to light on his finger, as he infused it with positive energy. "Go, my papillon, and find a hero…"

The butterfly lighted on the hand of a girl with a blonde ponytail. She smiled, knowing from experience what came next.

Can you, once again, take on the forces of evil, mon Cherie?

"Yes, Hawk Moth, sir," she smiled, feeling the light wash over her, granting her wings, and, if she wasn't mistaken, magic.

Thank you, Chloe. It is rare to find a soul as sweet as you.

"No problem, sir!" she laughed, flying out her window, leaving a trail of glitter after her. "I'll always be here to help!"

She flew out to see Chat Blanc and Miss Fortune standing… on the roof of her own house?

"What are you doing?" she cried. "That's the mayor's house! People work there!"

Miss Fortune laughed, tossing her yo-yo in the air. "Bad luck for them!" she laughed, as a bottle of what looked to be gasoline fell into her hand.

"No!" Chloe dashed over, engaging the pair in a battle. "What if people got hurt?" she pleaded. "Don't you two care at all?"

The villains glanced at each other. "Well… no, not really," Miss Fortune shrugged. "You?"

"Sorry, butterfly-girl," Chat Blanc laughed, slashing the bottle open with his claws, letting the gasoline drench the wooden roof. "Cataclysm!" his hands burned with energy, and he plunged them into the puddle, lighting the mansion up instantly, before lifting up his partner and vanishing into the night.

Chloe, panicking, flew into the mansion. "Everybody, out! The building's on fire!" she gasped out, making sure that everyone had cleared the building before going to deal with the fire. She grabbed a blanket from her bedroom, and began working to smother the fire, before grabbing a fire extinguisher…

The next day, in class, Marinette grinned, seeing her classmate come in with burns on her hands.

"Chloe! Oh god, are you okay?"

"What happened? Oh my god!"

"How can we help you?"

…Okay, that might have lessened her grin a bit. As did Adrien Agreste striding into class and sitting down right in the seat beside her.

"Hey, the bitch finally got what she deserved!" he smirked.

Well… maybe Agreste wasn't so terrible.

"Don't you agree, My Lady?"

…Never mind.