Marinette is starting to get annoyed.

The party was supposed to be fun. Interesting at least. Just a quick kidnap-some-kids, deal-with-the-asshole, and then let everyone go deal, but of course Hawk Moth just had to ruin everyone's fun. And with Adrien's best friend of all people? Honestly, what an ass. She pulls out her communicator, but before she can call, she feels a hand on her shoulder. "Don't bother."

"Shove off, Adr..." she turns, and her eyes meet the cold yellow ones of her kitten. "Chaton!" she hugs him tightly, pressing her lips to his cheek. "I missed you soooo much!"

"You saw me yesterday."

"But that was a whole day ago! Who were you with since then? No other girls, right?"

He shrugs. "I go to school. There are girls in my classes. We've been over this."

"I don't like it," she pouts, before smiling again. "Don't worry! I know you'd never love anyone but me, right?"

"...Sure. Let's go crush the hero, okay, Lucky?"

"Okay! Then the asshole can have his stupid party, and I don't have to feel guilty!"

Chat Blanc gives her a very amused glance as he draws his staff and heads towards Freedom Fighter. "Hey, idiot! Nobody's free when we're kept in chains of authority! You should just give up that ideal already!"

"No way, dude," Freedom Fighter grins widely. "Man, if you could just see what I see... we can buck the system, and do what we want! You're the chains of authority anyway, and I'm gonna be a rock star!"

Fortune and Blanc exchange a glance. "Did you understand any of that?" he asks, and she shakes her head in mild confusion. "Yeah, me neither. Let's get rid of this idiot."


The idiot is pretty damn powerful.

Apparently, freedom is a very useful theme, as he manages to take it from "the oppressors," Blanc and Fortune, sending them floating above the city in a bubble cage, and lets everyone go. The villains stare down as the party disperses, helpless.

"You just had to kidnap people," Blanc mutters. "This is fun."

She rests her head in his lap, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Mmm, we could have fun up here if you like..."

"We're in public, Lucky."

"So? Like we'd get arrested for public indecency, of all the things we do," she snickers. "C'mon, it'd be fun!"

"Or... I could just Cataclysm the bubble, and we could write this whole thing off once Hawk Moth de-hero-izes that boy?" he tilts his head. "And then we avoid going to jail!"

She rolls her eyes. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you didn't even want me..."

Without responding, he slammed his hand into the bubble, sending them falling to the ground in the bushes. He helped her to her feet, before bowing and leaving. "Wish me luck. I think I messed up."


He spun, and disappeared from her sight, wondering what kind of reaction his father was going to have to being kidnapped by a supervillain so his son could have a birthday party.

He was going to be grounded for the rest of his life, wasn't he?

Still, while it lasted, it was a pretty decent party... he just kinda wished Marinette turned up for it. That would have been truly excellent.


Marinette detransformed in the bushes, and ran a hand through her hair, sighing slightly. "That cat is never going to give me what I want, is he?" she groaned. She was so sure, when they were trapped in that bubble...

But no, today was a total wash. The party got wrecked, she didn't get any, and Adrien will probably be in even more trouble now. Why do all her plans always end up terrible? She climbs out of the bushes, scowling.

"My Lady?"

She looks up, and bites her lip. "I missed the party, right?"

"Yeah..." Adrien tilts his head. "What are you doing here?"

"Um..." she rubs her arm. "Look. I'm... I'm sorry I got you in trouble on your birthday. That was bitchy of me. No, but seriously, I'm a total bitch for pulling that on you, it wasn't cool. Not that I won't be right back at it next week, but I mean... I didn't know it was your birthday, and if I'd known, I wouldn't have told your dad you were sexually harassing me, even though you technically kinda were, but it's whatever, right? And-"

"You are so cute when you're nervously rambling," he grins at her, eyes glowing with pure amusement. "It's fine, it's what we do. I like it when you get me in trouble. It's kind of the only time the old man pays me any attention anyway... hey, but if you want to maybe... go somewhere and just hang out, that would be amazing?" he rubs the back of his neck. "It is my birthday..."

She sighs, and loops her arm through his. "Let's go to a café and get drunk. I know you have a fake ID, and you can get my drinks, right?"

"Of course!" he grins broadly, and swings her into a dip, leaning down to kiss her, but she slams a hand over his lips.

"Don't push it."


The café is overcrowded, rowdy, and messy, and Adrien thinks it's the perfect place to spend a birthday, and in the perfect company as well.

Marinette's curls bounce as she throws back yet another shot, sitting on his lap without a care in the world. "Mmm... you're such a loser," she tells him, giggling. "I don't hate you so much though," she gives him a kiss on the cheek, flicking her tongue over. "I think we might be friends. Are we friends, Adrien?"

He laughs, more than a little buzzed himself, and wraps his arms around her. "I'd say... maybe. Kinda? I'm bad at friends, but I think you're bad at friends too, so we're as close as either of us is gonna get."

"Nuh-uh!" she shakes her head, blue eyes wide. "My kitty is my best friend ever!"

He runs a hand through her hair, and as their arms tangle, Adrien thinks this has to be the best birthday ever.