Hey guys! That's right another story! And this ones gonna have more than one chapter! I received this prompt from a friend of mine, she asked me to write a story where Jekyll was Alice and Hyde was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I couldn't refuse!

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde belong to Robert Louis Stevenson. The Alice in Wonderland theme(I guess that's what it is)and any characters I may use belong to Lewis Carroll.

Yes, Jekyll and Hyde will be shipped in this story.




Dr. Henry Jekyll was sitting at home in his laboratory, bored as could be. So, he decided to take a walk. After fifteen minutes of walking around he arrived at the park and decided to stop and rest for a minute.

Jekyll sat down on a bench as he observed his surroundings.

'Odd,' He thought to himself, 'there's nobody here…'

This was both true, and rather peculiar, fore the park was normally packed around this time of day. Jekyll sat there for a few more moments, before he stood and turned to head home. However, just as he took the first step he noticed something dash behind some bushes to his left.

The doctor turned to face the small patch of bushes, approaching them slowly. He peered over them and was quite surprised at what he saw. A snow white rabbit, dressed in a black and gray suit, with a top hat and a wooden cane. Jekyll gaped at the rabbit in disbelief, but was even more surprised at what happened next.

The rabbit pulled a silver pocket watch from it's coat, and stared at it in what could only be described as panic.

"I'M LATE!" It shrieked in a gruff voice.

Jekyll stumbled back onto his rear at the sights and sounds before him. Suddenly the rabbit hopped over the bush and landed on his chest, staring at him suspiciously.

"Now who are you, and why were you spying on me? Not a very gentlemanly thing to do, now is it?" The rabbit tutted disapprovingly.

"I...NO! N-no it's n-not...my a-apologies. My name i-is Dr. Jekyll...Dr. H-Henry Jekyll." The terrified doctor stuttered out.

"Well, I suppose all is forgiven…" The rabbit glanced back down at his pocket watch and shrieked again.

"Oh dear...now I really am late! I must hurry and be on my way!" And with that the rabbit hopped off of Jekyll and began to scamper off into the woods.

"W-WAIT!" Jekyll cried, standing up and running after the rabbit.

"What's your name?!"

The rabbit stopped and turned to look at him impatiently.

"Utterson. Gabriel Utterson." And with that said the rabbit-Utterson-took off again.

Jekyll followed without a second thought. He nearly lost Utterson several times in the twists and turns of the forest. After what seemed like hours the frantic rabbit stopped at an old tree, before jumping inside a hole and disappearing.

The exhausted doctor stopped to catch his breath, before cautiously approaching the rabbit hole. Jekyll got down on his knees and peered inside, but he couldn't see a thing. He leaned forward a bit more...and suddenly the ground gave way beneath him.

Jekyll gave a shout of terror as he fell down the spiraling hole. Lights began to appear, multiple colors: red, green, orange, blue, purple, pink. Objects appeared, furniture items and clothing. Gravity seemed to have no affect on them as they floated in the cavernous space. Vines and branches tore at him, cut his skin and clothes.

After what seemed like hours everything disappeared, and Jekyll's world went dark.

And there's chapter one! Hope you guys enjoyed, please let me know what you think! I'll be back tomorrow with chapter two!