Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider Gaim.

So, after an unofficial hiatus, I'm semi-officially killing this fic. I had fun with it, but my muse has dried up (if you couldn't tell). However, since this was a commissioned fic, I thought I'd drop my notes on the endgame and resolution to tie up loose ends.

When Kaito and company return with Mitchy, Takatora talks with Kaito and gets his impressions from what happened and what he saw, before approaches Mitsuzane and talks with him. The rapid understanding is that Mitchy needs help and is sorry for what happened. Takatora relays this and everything else Mitchy told him to the Riders, and the consensus is he was a kid trying to fill an adult's role.

In the aftermath of Mitchy's reappearance, Efari and Lapis/Shamubishe convene in private with Baura, who bring word of another Femushinmu General by the name of Daborushe (Shamubishe's brother, think Kougane from the summer movie, but good) who has also survived Sagara's machinations and is willing to fight alongside Efari and the others. Lapis/Shamubishe suggests taking the fight to Sagara and Rosyuo themselves, given that Sagara won't be expeccting Shamubishe and Daborushe to show up. Efari judges the risk acceptable, and the Femushinmu attack Rosyuo and Sagara. The Beat Riders notice when the Femushinmu Generals disappear, figure out what's going on, and go after them just in case, and also because Zawame is their city and under no circumstances are they going to let someone else defend their city. The battle ends with the Beat Riders and good Femushinmu Generals as the victors. Takatora never goes for a swim, no one we care about dies, and peace returns to Zawame. Efari ceases the invasion and pulls the forest back, cutting almost all contact between Helheim and Zawame. A Crack will still open now and again, but it's only ever Efari checking up on Kaito and Kouta and ensuring they don't have any further issue with their new power. None pop up, much to everyone's relief.

Megahex may or may not show up and kick off the crossover with Drive, but that's a future problem.

And that's all there is. There isn't any more.