The pits of Kaon always had a rank smell in the morning. Rust and the spilled Energon. Energon from those who had only barely managed to survive their battles the day or night before. It was a terrible smell.. but one most of us here had to live with. Those who were to poor to afford food. Those put down by the upper class in Iacon. This was how we lived just to survive. Even then.. only a few of us could really make it in the pits anyway..

I open my eyes and sat up in my cot. It was early, very early. No fights had started yet today. But in only a few short hours that would all change. The arena would be packed. Cheering fans throwing their credits at a favored victor. Betting on who would win, and who would die. That's how it worked around here. I swung my legs over the side of my cot and pulled myself to my feet. Hopefully if survived today I could upgrade my armor. The flames of my paint job had faded from their electric blue to an awful looking light blue affair, and the black that made of the majority of my armors coloring was a rusted grey. It would be hard getting sponsors looking like this.

I trudge from the main lodging room to the grub hall where the few non-fighting and non-medical bots in the pits made their credits.

"Primus sake Blueflame, you look like utter shit!" A familiar husky voice chuckles.

I growl and roll my eyes. "Fuck you too Hook"

"Hey now! That's no way to treat and old friend now is it Flamey?" The old medic asks trying to pull sympathy from me.

I huff and slam my credits down on the counter, and order a high grade before going to sit with Hook.

"Good Morning.." I grumble at him before taking a swig of my drink.

"Better but you are still not sounding all to friendly" Hook persists.

I sigh and shoot him a dirty glare.

"You have a match today don't you kid?" Hook asks softly.

"I'm not a damn kid hook!" I snarl back.

"Blueflame you are 18.. you may not be a kid but you aren't an adult either.. who is your opponent today.."

"Some newbie who doesn't know what he is getting himself into.. Shadow something.." I mutter into my cup.

"Even so don't let your guard down.. I'm not ready to bury you yet kid.." Hook whispers.

"Don't get all sentimental on me old mech.."

Hook huffs irritated with me. But I could see the small amount of pain that was welling in his blood red optics. I had been in the pits since my 15th year. I was granted my freedom from slavery when my master a rich mech in Iacon died. Even with this new found freedom only those born in or around Iacon got anywhere on Cybertron. Blue optics got you the world. Anything else got you poverty and I was no exception. When I was released into Kaon the only way I could make credits was by working in the pits. So, at 15 I started my career as a Gladiator, and that's when I met Hook. Even though he was MediBot he taught me the ropes and helped to keep me alive these past three years. I suppose he was kinda like a father to me. More so than my real father whoever that was.

"Just... stay safe Flame.. Ive got an off feeling in my spark about today" Hook whispers to me.

I finish off my high grade before looking over to him.

"Ill do my best.. old friend.." I whisper before flashing a small half hearted smile. Hook only sighs as I stand up from the table and leave.

My big match today was at noon and it was only eight now. That meant it was time to get some practicing in. I may be fighting a newbie today but that was no reason to slack off and accidentally get myself killed right?