Chapter 20: End of Year

Frank and Alice were enjoying a relaxing night at their home when they received an unexpected visitor. "Sirius?" Frank asked in surprise.

"In the flesh, Frank." Sirius replied.

"Is there something wrong with Harry and Neville, Sirius?" Alice asked out of worry. "Are they behind with your subject?"

"I'm not here on Hogwarts business, Alice." Sirius reassured the concerned parents. "I'm here because I wanted to discuss Snivellus without the kids around."

"Good, because we feel you're a bad influence to our son whenever you speak of Severus." Frank bluntly said.

"Come on, Frank." Sirius pleaded. "I know you and Alice feel like you owe Snivellus for helping you to recover from the Cruciatus but you owe me as well for refusing to help me during the years I was wrongfully imprisoned."

"And that's why we're helping you to readjust to life as a free man but we're tired of your obsession with the past." Alice replied. "Not only Severus Snape is no longer the kid you and James liked to pick on, he's never been the Death Eater you and James expected him to become."

"He used to be friends with thoseā€¦" Sirius tried to protest but was interrupted by Frank.

"Sirius, we may be glad to learn you're not a Death Eater but you do need to spend a lot of time with mind healers and, after your Easter spectacle, we're not allowing you near Neville nor will we help you getting near Harry until a mind healer deems it safe." Frank insisted.

"We'll see what Dumbledore has to say about that." Sirius defiantly declared and then left.

Later, at Hogwarts, Sirius was horrified at Dumbledore's comment. "Headmaster, you cannot be serious!" Sirius exclaimed.

"No, I am Albus." Dumbledore joked. "You are Sirius. Jokes aside, I do agree you need to let go of your past. Severus overcame his darkness."

"But what about Prongslet?" Sirius asked.

"Harry is even better than I expected him to be with the Dursleys, Sirius." Dumbledore confessed. "Think about it."

"What am I supposed to do?" Sirius desperately asked.

"Some intensive therapy wouldn't harm you, Sirius." Dumbledore advised.

"Do you have any idea how long it can take?" Sirius asked.

"Actually, I don't." Dumbledore casually answered. "Look, if you're worried about your job, the intensive therapy can wait until the end of the school year."

"Yes, Headmaster." Sirius sadly conformed.

Meanwhile, the students were reviewing their grades. "Malfoy, why didn't Professor Black give all of us passing grades?" Crabbe asked.

"I warned us he wouldn't favor us in spite of being family, Crabbe." Draco retorted. "You and Goyle should have studied like I did."

"But the subject is so hard." Goyle complained.

"It's people like you that make blood traitors speak ill of inbreeding." Draco commented.

Days later, it was time for the end of the year. "Hey, Harry. Do you think your Godfather will be our Defense teacher last year?" Ron eagerly asked.

"Uncle Severus never held that post, Weasley." Harry answered.

"I meant Sirius Black, Harry." Ron replied.

"I hope so." Harry answered. "He might be a lousy Godfather but he does know his defense. Not a surprise considering he received Auror training from Mad-Eye Moody?"

"Mad-Eye the Auror?" Ron excitedly asked.

"The very same, Weasley." Harry confirmed. "Of course, back in the day nobody called him "Mad-Eye" since he still had both original eyes."

"Really?" Dean Thomas asked. He already knew of Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody thanks to History of Magic books but what he read was vague about when he lost an eye.

"Yes, Dean." Harry replied. "Neville's Dad told me some tales of Alastor Moody. He also got Auror training from him."

After that conversation, they packed their belongings and took the Hogwarts Express to King's Cross Station. Harry and Neville quickly hugged Severus, Frank and Alice. "Nice to see you again, Harry." Severus commented. "Did Black give you any trouble?"

"No, Uncle Severus." Harry answered. "Someone must be keeping him under control."

"Remus must have talked him into seeking mote therapy." Frank commented. "Ready for summer, Neville?"

"Yes, Father." Neville eagerly answered.