Thankfully, Buffy managed to avoid Willow and Xander for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, she was about to spend several hours in the same room, with both of them. She was dreading detention. Partially because she knew she was going to have to field a ton of annoying questions from Willow. But mainly because she was so wound up and horny from night after night of increasingly explicit and realistic fantasies of the man she wasn't attracted to. I. AM. NOT. ATTRACTED. TO. XANDER!

The worst part of it all was that each dream built upon the arousal of the last, and seemed to stop right before she got to enjoy them. All I want is for Xander to finish what he started! Is that so much to ask? Did I just think that?

Her shoulders slumped as she walked into detention, her fate sealed. Sitting down as far from Willow as possible, she waited for the usual speech from the detention monitor.

"Personally I don't care what you do. Just stay in your seats and try to keep it down. I don't want to be here any more than you do. So don't bother me, and I won't bother you." Buffy's slayer hearing was able to hear a mumbled, "I'm not even supposed to be here today!" He looked up and continued, "Does everyone understand me?"

A unified but not enthusiastic mutter followed. "Yes, Mr. Hicks."

As she watched Willow work her way over, Buffy tried to shrink down in her seat. Unfortunately, Willow had her 'nosey-face' on. Which meant she wasn't very well likely to avoid ripping into Willow. There's only so much a girl on edge can handle.

Sitting down right behind Buffy, she leaned forward with a bright and curious gleam in her eyes. "So was Miss Buffy Summers having a S-E-X dream in Biology class?"

"Don't go there Willow."

"Well, I wouldn't if your outburst hadn't made the whole class think you and I were having some sort of lesbian affair! What on earth were you doing in that dream?"

Buffy turned around in a fluid motion, and grabbed Willow on each side of her face, and sharply twisted until she heard a satisfying snap.


Buffy blinked a few times, clearing the pleasing vision of breaking Willow's neck, and replacing it with the very real, very annoying copy. Buffy answered her in a quiet seething whisper. "What? What do you want to hear Willow? Do you want me to tell you that I was having an erotic dream? Ok fine! I was having a SEX dream Willow! A very pleasing, very satisfying dream, which you interrupted! Interrupted, I might add, before I could get to the good parts!"

Willow's eyes simply lit up. "So what did Angel do?"

"It wasn't Angel okay! It was Xander!" Once she realized what she said, her face flushed a deep shade of red.


Sitting a few seats away, Xander raised his head. "Trying to sleep here. Talk about your freaky lesbian stuff later!"

Dante Hicks looked up. "I agree. If I wanted to hear about lesbians I'd just go back to Jersey. Why can't you kids talk about hockey or something?" Buffy could again hear him mutter under his breath, "I'm not even getting paid for this. I could be back at the Quick Stop but noooooo, Ronnie wanted me to get an education!"

Buffy and Willow just looked at Dante blankly before turning back to whisper to each other. "Xander? How could you be dreaming about him, Buffy? You're in love with Angel! You can't be having dreams about Xander! He's off limits Buffy!"

"OFF LIMITS! What is that supposed to mean Willow? Why CAN'T I be having dreams about Xander? Would it really be so bad if he and I were together? Or is it really because if you can't have him, you don't want anyone else to have him?"

Xander lifted his head back up with a deep scowl. "What the fuck does, 'trying to sleep' mean in your language!? Unless you're going to share with the Xand-man, let me get back to sleep!" Buffy just turned towards him, looking at his lips as he spoke. Slowly she crossed the room, and pressed her lips to his. Kissing him deeply and passionately.

"What? Do I have some drool hanging off my lips? What are you looking at Buff?"

Buffy realized he was talking to her, and shook her head clear again, realizing that she was starting to dream while wide awake now.

"Oh God Buffy. You're doing it right now aren't you? The dream thing, I mean."

With a tinge of guilt mixed with embarrassment, Buffy gave her a slow nod.

Whispering harshly, "You can't have him Buffy! You've already got Angel. Don't you see? It won't last with Cordelia... it just won't."

Xander, barely registering what was being said around him, became fully alert when Cordelia's name was mentioned. "What was that Willow? About Cordelia?"

Buffy narrowed her eyes at her redheaded friend, the big picture coming into focus. "Yeah, tell him Willow. Tell him what you said about him and Cordelia."

Looking down at her feet Willow squeaked out that she knew that Cordelia and Xander wouldn't last.

Standing up Xander looked at the girl he called friend with disgust. "Gee thanks for the vote of confidence Wills. I don't know what I'd do without your support!" Turning towards the drowsy form of Mr. Hicks. "Do you mind if I go to the library? Where I can sleep in quiet?" Dante just merely dismissed him with his hand.

Willow's face could only be described as looking like melted butter. Softly she said, "Now, I've done it. When him and Cordelia break up, he won't be running to me for comfort."

Buffy's voice took on a hard edge once she made sure Xander was out of sight. "I can't believe you, Willow. You don't give a damn about Oz do you? He's just someone convenient till Xander comes crawling back isn't he?" Her eyes narrowing, Buffy began to poke Willow in the shoulder with her finger. "Is that why I can't be having these dreams Willow? Because if I have feelings for him, that's just one more obstacle in the way isn't it?"

Willow could only nod and try to look penitent. "Yes. It's all true. He doesn't see how bad she is for him, Buffy. How good we'd be together."

Buffy thought back over her first days at SHS, and for the first time had to face reality. "You knew from the start how he felt about me didn't you? I want the truth. Is it just a crush?" Willow almost lied to Buffy, but thought better of it. "You know it's not. It never has been. I knew you didn't have any friends though, and that you wouldn't poach on my territory..."

"What? So you weren't all gung ho for Angel because you thought he was the right guy for me? Did you just want me out of the way?"

Willow looked up with anger. "And it would have worked, too, if you'd just have waited ten more minutes before coming back from LA this year! Xander was almost mine, and you had to come back and steal his heart back all over again. And Xander was all but ready to give up on you again 'till you couldn't keep Angel out of your pants!"

When Willow looked into Buffy's eyes, she almost felt a twinge of guilt when she saw they were flooded with tears. "Do you know that I considered Xander as a viable choice before you started erecting billboards telling me how you felt?" All Buffy could do was shake her head in sadness. "All of this death, all of my misery, just because you didn't want Xander to follow his heart."

"He's not yours to have Buffy! I was with him since the start! He's MINE!" Willow looked desperate as she screamed at Buffy. "Him being with Cordelia is your fault, too! He hated her before you came along and clouded his mind with your Slayerness!"

"That's it! Fuck this job! All I want to do is have some free time to play hockey! Jesus, if I wanted to hear homosexual love spats I'd go over to Banky and Hooper's! I'm taking Veronica and going back to Jersey." With that Dante slipped on his Whalers jersey and stormed out of the room.

Seeing her opening, Buffy quickly followed suit. But before leaving the room, she turned back to Willow. "Seek help. Serious psychiatric help. Maybe you can still salvage a relationship with Oz out of this. He really loves you, you know? I hope I don't have to tell Giles why Ms Calendar is dead."

Buffy ran down the halls to the library, thinking about what Willow had done, and more importantly wondering what choice she would have made all on her own.