So, this has been sitting in one of my many notebooks for months and I found it recently and finished it. This might not get too much attention because there's little-to-no development between Janelle Gordon and Cade Bullock, but I'll see how this goes.

I know Jim's daughter in the comic books is named Barbara, which I thought Barbara Kean might've been killed off and that would be the reason in naming his daughter that, but after she turned psychotic, I thought to myself, "NOPE. They are NOT naming their daughter after this crazy chic!" And hence, the name Janelle Gordon was born.

Harvey Bullock didn't know he even had a son until four years prior to this story. Cade was the result of his previous marriage and his ex-wife didn't tell him she was pregnant before they parted ways. 21 years later, Cade's mother died tragically and Cade found Harvey after several months of looking. He joined the police academy where he had an idea of who Janelle was but didn't actually meet her until he became her partner after graduation. Their early relationship was very much like how Jim and Harvey's was which I did on purpose to give that parallel and that history-repeats-itself kind of thing.

Anyway, on with the story!

I own two out of the five characters that are going to be shown/mentioned, but I don't own Gotham. If I did, Bruce and Selina would probably have a lot more screen time together and I would be writing next generation episodes intertwining Smallville, Flash, Arrow and maybe Supergirl.

Cade Bullock cradled Janelle Gordon in his arms, her head in his chest as he sat sideways on the hospital bed, one leg on and the other dangling off over the edge.

He was racked with guilt, anger and relief.

He felt guilty because he should have seen the gunman coming. Cade had had his back turned when shouldn't have and Janelle had taken the bullet for him. Granit, that's what they were supposed to do if push came to shove, but that didn't make him feel that much better.

Cade was angry because that son of a gun was still out there. They had an APB on the guy and he shouldn't get far, but for the moment, Cade was left thinking up creative methods of torture for this man called Jerome Valeska.

And finally, he felt relieved. Relieved that Janelle was going to be okay. The surgery had been a success, but she would remain unconscious until the heavy sedative wore off.

Cade tenderly ran his finger knuckles down her temple, feeling something deeper. Something he recognized but couldn't explain the depths of. With his free hand, he cupped the part of her face that wasn't in his chest, and kissed her forehead. Janelle Gordon had almost died tonight saving his life. He would be forever grateful, but forever wishing he had been on the receiving end of the bullet. He cracked a smile as he thought of what might have occurred if that had been the case. She probably would've called him an idiot as he was waking up from the surgery and asked what the heck he had been thinking by jumping out in front of an armed gunman to which he would've replied simply, "Saving my partner, sweetheart." and smile as he waited for her reaction to the nickname she loathed him calling her.

Cade's smile faded as he fingered some of her medium blonde hair wishing that was the actual scenario instead of the reality of her near-death experience.

Had had always had strong for Janelle that ran so strong that he didn't know what to do about them at times.

They had fought like a cat and a dog when they had been first been paired up as partners. Cade with his bend-the-rules-at-times mindset, and Janelle with her by-the-book personality. He had even called her "Saint Janelle" out of irritation once.

Even so, his feelings had been rapidly developing, and the desire to please her and see her happy ran much deeper than she would ever know.

Gradually, they had put their differences aside and discovered how well they worked together, even enjoying each other's company inside and outside of work. It wasn't uncommon for them to share a movie night at one of their apartments or have lunch together on their day off.

Days, weeks, months and finally one year had passed and it had all led up to this moment in time when Janelle would take a bullet for him.

Cade had always known that it was liable to happen, but knowing and actually experiencing it were two different things.

A cold feeling washed over him for the umpteenth time that night as a persistent thought plagued his mind once again. What if he had lost her?

Cade inhaled her intoxicating scent and wondering if he could have gone on without her. She had become such a part of him in the last year that he would've felt torn in half if she had died. And she would've never known how much he loved her.

He had to tell her. Now. Even if she would never hear him admit it. He could never tell her while she was conscious because one out of two things would happen as a result.

Either she didn't love him back and put a strain in their relationship and work environment, or she did love him back and they would have to stop working together because of their involvement with one another. Cade wasn't above secret office relationships. But she was the commissioner's daughter, and he didn't want to the repercussions that would she would face if they were found out. He loved her too much to put her through that. Could a break in partnership be worth it if he got to be with the girl he loved? Maybe, but Cade wasn't ready to stop working with her yet. His relationship with Janelle had been the best thing that had ever happened to him whether she was his girlfriend or not and he wasn't quite ready for that to end just yet. Still, he felt the need to get it off his chest which was why he was doing it while she was still asleep.

"Janelle," he ran his finger knuckled down her temple once more, "I know you can't hear me, which is why I'm speaking to you. I might speak it in your hearing someday, but I'm not ready to quit working with you yet. From our first conversation, I knew that I would fall in love with you, which I did. I fell head over heels for everything about you. Your thirst for justice, your compassionate heart, and your willingness to help people.

"You're clever, and I love how your quick mind thinks. I love hearing your suggestions and watching you put together the pieces of a case together.

"I could go on and on, but I'll stop after this next part. Janelle, you're drop dead gorgeous. I'm not going to lie that that was the first thing that had grabbed my attention because it was the only thing I knew about you at the time.

"I could stare into your blue eyes for hours-or until I got hungry; one or the other. But I love watching them light up when you make the connection on a case.

"I love your smile. The first time I saw it I could hardly breathe. Combined with your blonde hair and blue eyes, it was like looking at an angel."

Cade traced her jaw line then kissed her lightly on the lips.

"I have to go now." he whispered, "But I'll be back tomorrow; it'll be like none of this had ever happened. I love you." he gently laid her down on the bed and got up.

Taking his black leather jacket off of the nearby chair, he slung it over his back and walked out of the door and turned a right into the hospital hallway.

Unbeknownst to him, Janelle's father, Jim Gordon, was leaning on the left wall of the hallway listening in on his one-sided conversation. He sighed as he watched Cade walk away. So he did love his daughter. Jim had often wondered. He could now do one out of two things: send Cade somewhere else or just leave it alone. After all, it wasn't like Janelle had actually heard him say anything to her. It could be a long time before Cade told her face to face while she was conscious. It was a technicality, but Jim could get away with it. Besides, he liked Cade and thought he would be good for her and vice versa. With this decision made, Jim decided to go and sit with his daughter until she woke up. Lee should be here soon as well. He walked into her room only to back out suddenly and put his back against the left wall. Janelle was awake, sitting up and crying quietly to herself. A much as his paternal instincts told him to go and comfort her, Jim decided to call Lee and tell her that they could both visit her tomorrow. His next move would be determined on what Janelle would or wouldn't tell Cade what she had heard.

So…like it? Hate it? Think it was lacking something? This could end as a one-shot so please tell me your thoughts on this! Constructive criticism is allowed but please no character bashing and/or foul language.