A/N : As I read over the books once more , i came to a conclusion that Harry is an idiot regarding how he does not see the importance of Hermione ..

Of course i then realised that , Harry after all is a teenage boy..and his feelings and actions are justified..but still Hermione deserved more respect from Harry..And who better to open his eyes than Luna! :D

"Hello Harry..". Luna said. Harry was sitting on the beach near shell cottage staring blankly at the sea when Luna had approached quietly from behind and made Harry jump. Luna seemed not to notice , as she sat down beside him. "Hi Luna. How are you feeling now.". She gave him a warm smile before answering , "I am fine Harry.. Although its not me you should be worried about.." when Harry looked at her questioningly , she said "Hermione.. She is quite unwell..she does not want to show it but Bellatrix's attack has taken its toll on her.." . Guilt bit inside him as he tightly clutched the sand underneath him. He could not respond. He looked at Luna with dull , sad eyes.. After a long silence ..Luna continued ..

"You know Harry..I admire her. Hermione. She has done so much.. isn't she..risking her life time and again..saving you…saving us.. even being ostracised to the point of being sent cursed hate mails..and the ultimate sacrifice of making her parents forget about her.. time and again..teased..mocked and finally tortured beyond belief..just because she is a muggle-born and the real reason because she is your friend."

Sharp pain shot through Harry's heart as he listened to Luna's voice. It was as if the ocean breeze was talking softly to him.. Making him see all the things he was blind to..He thought of all the years and saw in every frame , Hermione sacrificing her every fibre for him..Harry.. and he felt sick with himself..And what had he done for her? He was impatient with her.. got annoyed by her…Heck he had even been disgusted by her when she had accidentally broken his Wand when she brought then safely back from Godric's hollow.. Hermione's screams filled his mind and he ran his hand through his hair frustrated..

When had he become so thankless .. so short sighted.. he had taken her for granted. With a dull thud, he realised..while he had dated Ginny , subconciously, he always compared Ginny with Hermione..perhaps because she was the only girl Harry knew closely.. Where Ginny was rarely weepy..Hermione wore her heart on her sleeve..Where Ginny loved quidditch , Hermione was afraid of flying.. Ginny was easy going and fun, whereas Hermione was rather serious.. Is that why he liked Ginny.. merely because it was easy..uncomplicated... Perhaps to get an illusion of normalcy.. But now Harry knew one thing for sure .. His feelings for Hermione were beyond friendship..beyond trivial romance..It was deep rooted..complicated ..yet easy..familial..warm..

Harry vowed fiercely in his mind that he would too prove himself to be worthy of her unwavering loyalty and love. He could not lose her. Harry's heart swelled with respect for her and his eyes shone. He looked around to share his thoughts with Luna but she was gone..

He walked inside the cottage and quietly made his way to Hermione's room. She was sleeping though she seemed restless. Harry sat beside her on the bed and ran his fingers , lightly tracing the carving on her hand. Anger blinded him as he fought to control it. Then he looked into her small heart shaped face and tenderness surged through him and he leaned over and lightly placed his lips on her forehead and grazed his hand over her hair..

As she passed her room, Luna looked over the pair of them and smiled.

Well there you go. In my opinion the story is bit cheesy , but this was necessary :P. Please R&R.