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Their escape was a sheer miracle. The waterfall, the scalding burns, freeing the dragon! Images after images rushed in Harry's mind as they flew astride the dragon. Harry was in the front and Hermione was squished between him and Ron. Ron held her tightly and she in turn held Harry. The dragon had a mind of its own and flew happily, skimming the mountain tops, never quite noticing the shivering and scared teenage cargo on its back.

Over a vast lake they jumped into the freezing water. They were completely out of breath and lay at the edge of the lake soaked to their bones. Amidst heavy breathing, they saw the Dragon soar away to its freedom. How Harry wished he could do the same. The burden of finishing Voldemort felt like shackles. But he was close to freedom now. He now held another piece of Voldemort's soul.

As they changed out of their wet clothes, Hermione being under the invisibility cloak, Harry's thoughts again turned to Hermione. Earlier today, as they were about to apparate to Diagon Ally, Hermione had given him and Ron a tight hug. But he could swear her kiss on his cheek lingered infinitesimally longer. Childishly, he felt elated. Although it was not a race and Hermione was not a trophy, still he enjoyed these moments. Harry would never admit it to himself, but he was too used to Hermione's attention and craved her presence, loved her concern and subconsciously did not like it too much when her attention shifted. He did not like the fact that she showed equal concern towards everyone and not just him. She had always been a generous soul.

However, these last few months, since there was no one else, Harry had been her top priority. And he guiltily savoured that. After Ron's arrival, Harry although initially happy felt a bit sour.

Harry was knocked into the present when he had another vision of an angered Voldemort punishing his Death eaters. They had set up the tent now and Ron had gone out to fetch some water and perhaps scavenge some food. Harry while having the vision was sitting on top of his bed breathing heavily. Voldemort's anger still felt too raw and Harry was still feeling the vestiges of that emotion. He was thinking of Hallows when another idea hit him so hard. The snitch had the resurrection stone. He nearly shouted out to Hermione.

Hermione was sceptical and sudden anger seized Harry, and he spat at her. Words spewing out of his mouth before he could take them back. "Hermione, stop being so damn narrow minded and listen to me for once. The Snitch has the stone! It's the Hallows versus Horcruxes. Isn't it so damn clear?!". Hermione bristled at the insult and her eyes grew cold. "Narrow minded. Is that what you think of me now. Fine.". Harry did not know from where his anger was stemming, but he grew angrier because of her retort and more poisonous words came out of his mouth before he could stop them. He wanted to fight with her. "God Hermione..Now I have offended you? I thought you were the mature one. Don't prove me wrong about your intelligence too. Why do you think Dumbledore left you the book? To make you understand that the Hallows are the answers!" Sparks were flying out of her wand and her knuckles had turned white. Harry almost wished she cursed him. And she did.

He felt his breath knock out as he got flung back and his body got covered in ropes. Hermione was pissed off. She had cast two non-verbal spells towards him and he never saw it coming. When he was about to shout, she shot him another spell which rendered him silent and he could only glare at her. In order to calm down she went and sat on her chair. The only sounds in the tent were her deep breaths and the ticking night insects. For full five minutes Hermione refused to look at him while he intensely stared at her. Then she whipped around and Harry was taken aback by the bitter sadness reflected in her eyes. She said quietly. "You are not yourself. The Harry I know would never say these things. Don't drive us away. Don't drive ME away damn it!". She continued speaking and moved close to his face. "And as far as my intelligence is concerned, I have no need to prove it. Dumbledore left us a clear job. Find the horcruxes and destroy them. And if you want to go behind the Hallows. You are free to go. Alone. I and Ron want no part of this." Having said that she stormed out of the tent.

Harry stood frozen in that position for what felt like an eternity. The curses had weakened and he was free to move, yet he just stood there. Hermione's words had stung him mostly because they were the truth. When had he become so cruel and arrogant he did not know. He was becoming like Voldemort. Hermione and Ron were not his minions or Death eaters. They were his friends who helped him out of love rather than fear. And now he had drove them away. Harry was pretty sure they had left him for good. Great. He deserved it. He was reminded of the vision of the locket where the locket-Harry had mocked Ron. Now he resembled that. Maybe Ron and Voldemort's soul had seen through him. Maybe that was the real him and his true personality was coming out now. Hopelessly he slowly made his way out of the tent and with dull eyes saw the sight in front of him. Further along the edge of the lake stood Hermione and Ron in a close embrace. Hermione was venting and sobbing at the same time and Ron was consoling her, holding her close. He heard few choice words being flung at him and he was half relieved. It was Ron. It had always been Ron .Ron was the better man. Harry was just a guy who made her life hell. He was an ungrateful idiot. He had to let Hermione go. To make her life easier. He had to leave both of them. He would back off.

As he turned to go back, He saw them move close..their lips about to touch and before he could control himself, he thought of the aqua sprout spell and watched in half satisfaction and half self-loathing , when a jet of water shot at them through the lake and broke them apart. Ron's exasperated groan and her slight laughter was the only thing that comforted him as he went back into the shadows hating himself.

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