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Sunlight poured into the bus windows, waking Dipper up. He sat up, careful not to stir his sister, and looked out the window.

Welcome to California!

The sign read in large, colorful letters. He sighed and looked at the note in his lap that he had received a few hours ago. Waddles looked at him an oinked. Dipper gently began to pet the small pig. Dipper looked out the window and gazed upon the quickly changing scenery. The trees changed from towering, dark pines to lighter, small, domestic trees. He watched the world fly by for an hour or so before the bus station became visible in the distance. He looked down, just to make sure he had everything and noticed something sticking out of his bag that he hadn't put there. It was a small box that had been taped shut. He peeled the tape off and opened it, gasping quietly at what was inside. On top was a picture taken at their party. Everyone in Gravity Falls somehow made it into the shot. Dipper smiled and looked at what was underneath the frame. It was a dark blue book, the same size as the journals. On the front was a golden pine tree with the number 4 written on it and there was a golden shooting star on the back. He opened it and saw a note written on the first page.


By the time you read this, both of us will probably be out of town, going on our own journeys. I left this for you to begin your own research, if you'd like. Perhaps you and Mabel can write it together. I've made many mistakes in my life, but the biggest one was leaving Stanley behind. Don't lose sight of what matters, Dipper. Mysteries are fun and all, but family is the most important thing.

You're leaving soon, so this is all I have time to write. Just remember who you are and what matters and you'll do fine.

Grunkle Ford

The note was short, only lasting part of the first page. Dipper flipped through the book, it was completely empty aside from the note. He pulled out a pen and wrote Property of Dipper Mabel stirred in her sleep next to him and Mabel Pines. He put the picture and the book back into the box before poking Mabel.

"We're home now Mabel. Time to see where the future takes us." He said, grabbing his bags. The bus stopped and hissed faintly as it lowered to the ground. Mabel blinked slowly and lifted her head up. Waddles licked her face and she giggled.

"I can't believe summer is already over." She said, bittersweetly as she grabbed her bags. Dipper stepped out of the bus only to be assaulted with hugs from their parents.

"It's been so long! How have you been?" Their mom asked as she picked Dipper up. "And you've grown! Look at you now!" Dipper giggled awkwardly, knowing he probably hadn't grown and Mabel was probably still the self proclaimed 'alpha twin'. Their parents helped load their luggage into the car.

"Mabel, didn't we tell you you couldn't bring a pig home?" Her dad asked.

"Grunkle Stan said that because he had to deal with Waddles all summer you two had to deal with him now." Mabel said, hugging Waddles. The pig oinked in agreement. Her parents sighed.

"Anyway, let's get you two settled in, school starts tomorrow so you better get a lot of sleep!" Their mom said, planning to have a heated debate with Stan later via a phone call. The two got into the back of the car, Dipper holding the box tightly.

"Dipper, don't you want to put that in the trunk?" His dad asked. Dipper shook his head. "Fair enough." Their mom started the car and they drove off. Dipper opened the box and showed the picture to Mabel. A few tears found their way into her eyes.

"Um...Mabel, are you okay?" She quickly wiped her eyes.

"I'm fine, I just got some glitter in my eyes." She said quickly. Dipper then reached for the journal.

"Well, guess what else is in here?"

"Dogs! Dogs with hats!"

"You better not have brought more animals home." Their dad said from the front seat. Dipper shook his head and pulled out the journal. Mabel's eyes widened.

"When did you get that?!" She asked as he opened it and showed the note to her. She looked to the left of the note and saw what Dipper wrote and smiled. "Mystery twins?" She held her fist out.

"Mystery twins!" Dipper said and they fistbumped with their parents 'awww'ing from the front seat.

"Oh, hey Dipper, where'd you get the hat?" His dad asked.

"Wendy gave it to me right before we left." He replied.

"Wendy? Oooh, does my little boy have a girlfriend now?" His mom asked, jokingly. Dipper started blushing furiously.

"What Dipper is trying to say is that he is madly in love with Wendy."

"Mabel!" The girl shrugged and laughed.

"You know it's true." Their parents laughed as they pulled into the driveway.

"Alright you two, you've clearly had an eventful few months that we'd love to hear about, but for now just take care of your luggage and hit the hay." Their mom said as she pulled bags out of the trunk. The twins nodded and walked into the house. They lingered for a second before quietly going up the stairs into their room. Mabel flopped down onto her bed.

"Hello bed!" She said. "Whop~!" She placed a sticker onto the frame, adding yet another to a huge collection of them. Dipper sat down on his bed and opened his suitcase. He placed the journal on his nightstand and put a few pictures on top of it.

"What are we supposed to tell people?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" Mabel sat up, confused. Waddles mirrored her confused face with one of his own.

"No one is going to believe us. Think about everything we've done this summer, we've battled gnomes, you've met a mermaid, I was turned into a literal puppet by a triangle, we watched someone come through an interdimensional gateway, we time-traveled, and we just ended the apocalypse before it could go global. If we tell any of that to anyone they'll think we're crazy!" Mabel pulled out her scrapbook and began to flip through it. She grabbed a pink, fluffy pen and some paper.

"You're right! I have pictures, but even with those people will still think all that mystery stuff you're into has gotten to us. We're going to need a big bag, our homemade shrink ray, some unicorn hair, glitter, and a pie. Then we can capture some gnomes-"

"Or we can just come up with a cover story." Mabel stopped tapping her chin with the pen.

"Or that, yeah." Someone knocked on the door before it opened.

"I just got off the phone, either of you two know where your uncle ran off to?" Their mom asked.

"What do you mean?" Dipper asked.
"I just called his shop's number and some other guy answered the phone."

"Oh, yeah, Stan gave the shack to Soos because he's moving." Dipper said, quickly trying to finish the cover story that just partially popped into his head.

"Where'd he go?"

"He bought a boat and is going to sail around the world!" Mabel declared, now standing on her bed and holding her hand in the air with the other on her hip. Their mom looked to Dipper to verify Mabel's claims and he nodded.

"He decided to retire at the end of the summer and gave the shack to a friend."

"Do you two know how to contact him?" Both twins shook their heads, knowing it wouldn't be easy to contact two guys sailing around the world solving mysteries. Their mom sighed and walked away. Dipper picked up the blue journal and a pen. He opened it up to the next blank page and began to write.

If you've ever taken a trip through the northwest, you've probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls…

Alrighty then! This is going to cycle through the three groups (The Stans, The twins, and The four Gravity Falls girls [Wendy, Grenda, Candy, and Pacifica]) of characters chapter by chapter. I'm not exactly sure of what order I want to do them in right now, I'll figure it out later. For now just know that all three groups will eventually come together and there shall be plot, prophecies, ciphers and more~! Also, all ciphers will use the Caesar Cipher (three letters back) for my convenience and for yours.





Not the most original cipher, I know, but I'm no poet. Anyway, mega-shots of Mabel juice to anyone who translates that!

See you next time~!