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Everyone lingered at the bus station for a few minutes, seemingly denying that summer was over and the mystery twins were gone. Candy and Soos pulled tissues out of their pockets and began tearing up. Grenda punched herself in the gut several times mumbling about punching away her feelings. Wendy clutched her hat tightly and the Stans stood there in silence.

"I can't believe they're really gone." Soos said. "Summer went by so quickly."

"I know, it seems like just yesterday two tiny children were dumped on my doorstep and here we are, the two of them dumped back onto the bus and they're being sent in the opposite direction." Stan said, trying to hide his emotions. He was really proud of them, even if he wouldn't admit it. Candy's phone buzzed. The girl looked at it and sighed sadly.

"I've got to go, my parents are starting to do some back to school shopping." She wiped a few tears from her eyes and hugged Grenda before the two ran off together. Soos sighed sadly and pulled a fez out of his back pocket along with an eyepatch.

"I've got lots of cleaning up to do over at the shack." He put the fez on his head and smiled. He turned around and began walking away, Wendy trailing close behind and making sure she still had a job. Stan and Ford stood alone as the sun continued to march forward.

"Ready to get going? We've got a long journey ahead of us." Ford asked. Stan sighed before smiling and taking his brother's hand.

"To new beginnings!" He said. "High six?" Ford looked at Stan. He stared at him and then at the hand he was holding up.

"High six." Ford slapped the hand and both of them smiled. The two walked away from the bus stop, preparing for what lay ahead.


A young girl sat next to a strange statue in the middle of the forest. She stared at it for hours, trying to understand its meaning, its purpose. She watched birds land and take off from its outstretched hand and strangely tall top hat. She felt almost as if the statue was calling out to her, desperately trying to tell her something.

"I guess you're just a nomad." She said to the stone. "Just like me, I suppose." She stood up and looked at it for a few more minutes, watching birds land on it and leap into the air again. She got close enough to it to see the few details on the statue were flawless. The bowtie, the single eyeball, and its hand that reached out of the ground. Even the sizes of the edges seemed perfect, planned out, almost unnatural. She reached out to it. Outstretching her hand to the cold stone one. "From one nomad to another, I guess. I'll see you around." She said to the stone as she pretended to shake its hand. She tried to let go, but some invisible force kept her hand stuck to the rock one. "What the-?" She continued trying to pull away with no success. A small blue light emanated from their interlocked hands for a few seconds. It faded quickly and a burning sensation filled the girl's body. She shook in fear as the statue finally released her from its death-grip. The burning grew more and more painful and her cries and screams echoed around the trees, unheard. She looked down and saw a triangle with strange symbols surrounding it was burned into her hand. The pain finally became too much and she fell over, giving in to the burning. The last thing she processed was a shadow emerging from behind the statue and a faint laugh echoing around her.

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