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Stan packed the rest of his clothes into the suitcase and slammed it shut. Ford looked into his own bag and glanced at what he was carrying. A few pairs of clothes, some old pictures, a gun (just to be safe, the world is full of strange things after all), and a pair of gloves Mabel had knitted for him (go on, try to find a store that sells gloves with six fingers, do it). He zipped his bag shut and smiled at Stan.

"Ready to get going?"

"You bet, I'm just gonna go say goodbye to Soos and stuff." He said, grabbing his bag and leaving the room. Ford walked outside and put his bag into the trunk of Stan's car before walking off into the forest for a few minutes. He walked over to the clearing where they wound up after the Fearamid was destroyed. He looked up and sighed, now knowing exactly what Stan felt when he thought he'd lost him.

"At least it didn't take thirty years to get you back." Ford quietly mumbled as he laid down on the ground.

"What are you doing?" He quickly sat up and turned around to see Stan staring at him.

"Oh, Stanley, I was just-"
"No, it's alright if you want to stay for a few minutes or whatever, take in the scenery." Stan sat down next to him. The two sat in silence for a few minutes, simply watching the first leaves of the season fall. "Our lives sure have been crazy, huh?" Ford looked at him. "I mean, think about it, you came here and built that crazy portal thing, got trapped who knows where for thirty years while I pretended to be you, then that chaos god guy ended the world for a few days, only for things to wind up just like they used to be. Us sitting somewhere watching the sunset."

"Life sure has a way of coming around, don't you think?" Stan nodded.

"It just likes to take its sweet time doing it." The two watched as the sun slowly sank below the horizon and watched the last orange rays disappeared. Ford stood up.

"Ready to go?" The two smiled and each other and departed to go buy a boat and sail away.


Soos had just gotten off the phone with Melody. She would be back in town in a week or two and able to work at the shack full time since Wendy could only work after school. He pulled out a broom and began to clean the area up. The shack could probably be up and running again in a few days if he cleaned it fast enough. He saw a box on the counter and opened it up. Inside were a few pictures of Dipper and Mabel and a small evergreen book. The book had three golden symbols on the front of it; a question mark, an axe, and a llama, all with the number 5 written on them. He opened the book and saw a small note on the first page.

Gravity Falls has many unexplored mysteries and you may need to save it again one day. Do with this as you please.

Stanford Pines

Soos remembered the symbols were on the cipher thing they were going to use to destroy Bill. Wendy walked into the shack.

"Hey Soos, I got the supplies you asked me to get." She said, holding up some boards and a box of nails. "What's that?" Soos held up the green journal and the pictures.

"Mr. Pines left these here for us...I think." He said, showing her the note. Wendy pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number Dipper gave her as the two left. She put it on speaker phone and placed it on the counter.

"Hello?" A strange voice answered the phone, it was probably female.

"Hi, this is Wendy, is this the Pines family?"

"Yes, you must be the girl Dipper and Mabel were talking about earlier. I assume you want to talk to them."

"Yes please."

"Hold on one second." For the next few seconds muffled voices and shuffling around was heard in the speakers.

"Hello?" She recognized Dipper's voice immediately.

"Hey Dipper! You made it back okay, right?"

"Oh, hi Wendy! Yeah, we made it back okay and so far our parents haven't tried to get rid of Waddles, so that's good." There were more muffled voices and movement before a quick beep sound was heard. "You're on speaker phone now."

"Hey Wendy! How's everyone holding up?" Mabel asked.

"It's been a long day to say the least."

"Hey dude! Hey girl-dude!" Soos said.

"Oh, hey Soos! I had no idea you were there." Dipper said.

"I am silent like a ninja." Laughter echoed on both ends. Wendy held up the journal as if to show it to the twins.

"I actually called to ask you guys if you knew anything about this book your uncle left here." Wendy said.

"You got one too?" Dipper asked. "I found a blue one tucked into my bag."
"Ours is green and Soos found it in the shack."

"I'm wondering why he left one for me and Mabel. It's not like the weirdness leaves Gravity Falls." Dipper said. "Does it?"

"I don't know dude, I think that it'd be a good idea to hang onto these things for now. Who knows what adventure could come next?" Wendy said. She yawned. "I've got school tomorrow and you two do too, I think we should all get some sleep."

"Agreed." Both twins said at once. Waddles oinked in agreement.

"Talk to you later, bye!" Wendy said.

"Bye!" She ended the call and closed her phone. She handed the journal to Soos.

"Keep that here, we can figure out what to do with it tomorrow." Soos saluted her. "Night Soos!" She called as she left.

"Goodnight!" He put the journal back in the box and set the pictures on top of it. "I wonder what strange things are in store for us!"

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