Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Chapter One: The Mob Strikes

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Sitting in the small car, Brynn let her let bounce up and down as her friends, Eddy and Sean, talked in the front seats. It was a hot and humid day, though those were normal in Miami.

"I'm telling you, there's a 50-50 chance we're going to jail tonight," Eddy says looking away from the window and over toward Sean.

Sean looks at him. "Maybe," he replies with a small shrug.

Brynn roll her eyes and lean forward in between their heads, my chest hitting the bench like seats. "Come on guys, where's your sense of adventure," she says, resting her arms on the back of the seats.

"B, we could go to jail and you aren't even the least bit worried about it," Eddy says turning his face toward Brynn's.

Pulling her head back a bit toward Sean's, Brynn gave Eddy one of her signature smiles that allowed her white teeth and dimples to show. "Of course I'm worried, my dear Eddy, but I am simply choosing to not think about that and focus more the fact that we need to pull this off."

"I like your way of thinking, B, focus on the task at hand and not the consequences that might follow," Sean said patting Brynn on the back.

Brynn whipped her head toward Sean and gave him the same smile she had just given to Eddy. Looking back and forth between the two, her smile faded into a smirk. "You guys ready for this?"

Eddy and Sean looked at eachother then back to Brynn. "you're kidding, right?" they asked at the same time, both smiling over at the girl with colorful hair. Eddy then slammed his hand down on the horn, giving the rest of the Mob the signal to start.

As the the music starts, everyone states to get out of the cars, fileing onto the street. Eddy and Sean open the car doors and step out onto the street, and Brynn jumps over the seat onto the driver's seat and follows Eddy out of the car. Everyone runs to where they are suppose to be, Brynn jumps onto the trunk of an old-looking blue car as Jason jumps onto the top of it.

When the beat picks up, everyone on the cars starts the dance moves they had been practicing for weeks now. Brynn did step after step all of them flowing into each other as if they were all one move instead of many little ones. It made her smile, the dancing, she had always loved to dance and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Jason and Sean switched cars, causing Brynn to jolt a bit, but she never missed a beat.

Brynn walked up to the top of the car toward Sean and continued the dance up there until Sean "threw" her back down to the trunk of the car. She wasn't down on the trunk for long before Sean brought her back up the roof of the car. They did one step before Brynn threw a fake punch at Sean.

Everyone got down off the cars and the guys ran forward down the street. Brynn ran off with the rest of the girls to where the girls would start their part of the dance. The girls watched the guys dance as they waited for their part to start and Brynn noticed how at home all of them looked when they were dancing. Brynn broke herself out of her thoughts as the boys ended their part of the dance and ran with the girls.

The girls part of the dance had a lot of shaking their butts, Brynn saws a few parts shield their kids eyes from the scene. It made Brynn laugh, she liked getting strange reactions out of people and over protective parents gave the best ones.

Brynn finished her part of the dance and ran off to her next place as people rode on top of cars and flipped around in the center of a circle of cars. She got to her place of the final part of the dance, the big machine like part. This was easily her favorite part of the dance, every person doing a different thing from everyone else and having it come together to look like one big contraption. She was placed in the center, in front of where Sean was on top of another's shoulders. As everyone got down she moved to be on the left of Eddy and danced perfectly in time with everyone else. One move slipped into another and before she knew it, Brynn had run out of dance moves to do and she ran off with Eddy to get back to the car as Sean did the final jump of the dance before following.

When they got back to the car, Brynn gave them quick high-fives before jumping over the front seats into the back of the white car. Eddy piled out of where he had parked and continued down the road. No one said anything, the only sound that could be heard was that of their heavy breathing. Everyone looked out the window as they passed the painting Mercury did while they danced.

'I can't believe we pulled that off!" Eddy yelled, jumping up and down in his seat a bit.

Sean rolled his eyes, but looked like he couldn't believe it either. "Just because we haven't been caught yet doesn't mean we won't, Eddy," Sean said throwing a grin over at Eddy.

Brynn smiled and leaned forward in her seat, "See look what I told you, nothing bad happened-"

"Yet," Sean interrupted, knowing how much Brynn hates to be interrupted.

Brynn looked at Sean, raising one of her full dark eyebrows, daring him to say another word. She continued when Sean put his hands up in surrender. "Nothing bad happened, you guys need to stop worrying about it."

"The day Eddy stops worrying about things going wrong is the day something actually goes wrong," Sean said, sarcasm evident in his voice, looking over at Brynn.

Eddy reached over and hit Sean in the arm, "Hey, you get just as worried as I do for these, and don't even try to deny it."

"He speaks the truth," Brynn said looking back over at Sean, with an innocent smile plastered across her face. Brynn only used that smile when she wanted to annoy someone or when she wanted something and she knew for a fact that it was annoying Sean a bit right now.

Sean glared at both of them before turning him his seat to look out the windshield of the car. "So, where to?" Eddy asked, not taking his eyes off the road.

"I should probably get home," Brynn says with a sigh, leaning back in her seat. "You know, we all have work tomorrow and you guys have a video to edit."

"Yeah, but it's only about two o'clock and your shift doesn't start until, what noon tomorrow," Eddy said, looking back at her in the rearview mirror quickly before putting his eyes back on the road.

"Eleven," Brynn corrects. "But that doesn't change the fact that your shift starts at, what, eight or nine, and you guys still have a video to edit."

"Fine, I guess if you don't want to spend time with us, we can take you home," Sean says,with fake hurt in his voice, putting a hand over his heart like he was in pain.

Brynn put a hand over her face, catching the long, brightly rainbow-colored strands of hair falling into her view. "I swear if you do that stupid fucking fake sniffling thing that you do, I'm going to get out of the car and walk,"

Just as she finishes her statement she can hear the obviously fake sniffling sound coming from in front of her to her right. Brynn rolls her eyes before hitting the back of Sean's head.

"Ow, okay, I get it," Sean says rubbing the back of his head. "We're going to Ricky's to celebrate, don't leave us and the rest of the crew hanging."

"Yeah, everyone would miss your bright hair and smiley face," Eddy chimes in looking back in the mirror again.

Brynn smiled and shook her head a bit. "I would never pass up going to Ricky's, why didn't you start with that."

"To Ricky's!" Sean shouts throwing an arm up into the air, with a huge smile on his face.

Author's Note

Hey guys! Caroline here, I hope you like the first chapter of my story! It basically follows Step Up Revolution, but I'm going to be adding in some scenes that you wouldn't see since the movie followed Sean. If you want to know where she was dancing during the dance, she was mostly dancing where the blonde girl was, but in the last part she switched to a different person. Also, her hair is a bit difficult to describe, but if you look at Guy Tang's Unicorn Hair video, it looks like what the girl with the long hair gets done! Thanks for reading! I know I didn't describe the dance scene too well, but I don't know the technical terms for the moves since I don't dance, sorry!