9:03 AM
7th of March, 2016
Undisclosed Location

"Ah, my old friend Donald Cassidy!" Reddington said as he entered the hall.
"Reddington!" he replied in a defiant tone. "Why did you call this meeting? I should kill you right now on the spot."
"Save your empty threats for someone who's easily manipulated, you and I both know that's mutually assured destruction at this moment. Another time perhaps."
"What do you want?"
"Have you read the news lately?"
"Is that supposed to impress me?"
"That is a demonstration of my power. You lost the auction and the bank robbers came into my service instead, now your own bank is broke, your assistant Carmen is dead, the documents you seek were moved to a more secure location before she got to them, the Director's dead, Frank's dead, Paul is dead, Barnie's dead, Daryll's dead, Carlos is dead, Bernard is dead. You have no cards left to play, it's time to unconditionally surrender and move on with your life."

Cassidy shrugged.

"Oh that's where you're wrong, Raymond, old friend."
"Still clinging to hope. How predictable of you."
"You see, I know Carmen and the Director are dead, I saw their bodies at the morgue and their deaths were reported on the news. I know Frank, Paul, Barnie, Daryll and Carlos are dead, you brought me their heads one by one. Bernard however is still alive."
"No, he's dead."
"He's not!"
"Oh my God! Are you even listening to yourself? The man hasn't been seen since early 2012 when he took that trip to Florida and never came back."
"He's in hiding, yes, ready to return and make his move if you make yours. You can't win this, Reddington. It was a lost cause from day one."
"I call your bluff. He's dead. You have no protection anymore."
"I call yours."
"We will see about that, Donald."