Arista of the Far East

By GraceHunter1296

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Chapter 1


Yo! Watashi wa Kisaragi Arista Karorainu desu. Yoroshiiku onegaishimasu!

In case you were wondering, I'll translate it for you. Yo! My name is Arista Caroline Kisaragi. Nice to meet you! Why the Japanese intro, you ask? It's because I'm half-Japanese, half-American. My mom is pure Japanese while my dad is American. I don't know much about him because Oka-san refuses to tell me anything. Anyway, I'm currently in middle school and I'm a part of our archery club and haiku club. Believe me, I'm obsessed with haiku.

Aside from archery and poetry, I love music. My mom is currently a musician. All of us in the family are musicians. Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Wataru, Aunt Yuki, Uncle Jin, Mom, even my little cousins are all music lovers though my older relatives prefer to listen to enka. Me? I love Japanese rock, especially if it's One Ok Rock. I love how their lead vocalist hit those high notes. And their songs touch my heart.

Anyway, my life took a completely different turn when one of my foreign classmates, Ian, approached me one Thursday. He looks so agitated that I thought he had made a deal with a gangster and he got in trouble. But I wasn't prepared for what will happen next.


"Ari? Ari! There you are. You need to get out of here!" he spoke in an anxious tone. He was chewing his baseball cap and keeps on looking on every direction. I was getting ready for archery practice. I got my long bow on one hand and my quiver on the other. I don't know why he's antsy but I ignored him and went straight for the target range. But he followed me there.

"Ian, if you have trouble with a local gangster, I won't be able to help you." I said. But he kept on following me.

"I'm serious, Arista! They're coming for you. You need to get to camp immediately!" he insisted. I was really getting annoyed by now. I was about to tell him to get lost when my seniors Kurohebi-senpai and Kiritsugu-senpai approached me. Ian bleated like a goat. I would've paid attention to him if it weren't for the creepy stares that my seniors are giving me. I may appear calm on the outside. But on the inside, I was freaking out. Kurohebi-senpai and Kiritsugu-senpai are waiting for me at the target range. They look pissed.

"What the hell, Arista?! You're fifteen minutes late." Kiritsugu-senpai snarled. Damn, when you see her scowling face, you'll run for the hills. She looks like a yokai in Ukiyo-e prints. She's ten times more frightening than that.

"Osonakanakutte sumimasen (Sorry for being late)." I bowed low. Kurohebi-senpai scoffed at me.

"Well, no matter. We will be feasting soon. Finish her off, Kiritsugu." Kurohebi-senpai ordered with an evil smile on her face. My eyes widened as Kiritsugu-senpai transformed into a... I don't know what to describe her. From waist up, she looks the same-except for the fact that she looks like a snake lady. Her eyes are reptilian- yellow irises and black slits for pupils. Her lower extremities were no better either. Instead of legs, she has two snake trunks connected to her torso. My knees are shaking at the sight. But I managed to speak without revealing my true feelings.

"Omae...nani mono da?! (What are you?!)" I asked. Kiritsugu-senpai hissed in laughter.

"My, my. Trying to sound brave, little demigod? I can assure you, you're no different from the ones we fought before." She answered. Out of fear, I drew out an arrow and aim it at her. She was taunting me with her snake-like smile.

"Go ahead, Arista. Shoot me. You can never defeat a Scythian draecanae with just your long bow." She challenged me. My eyes narrowed at her. One of the things I hate most in the world is someone mocking me openly. So I went ahead and let my arrow loose. It whistled towards her but she managed to dodge it. The arrow embedded itself on the ground.

"Kuso." I cursed under my breath. I aimed the second arrow and kept on shooting at her. But no matter what I do, I kept on missing my target. That's when she attacked me. For a two-trunk snake lady, she moves fast. I darted out of her way but she managed to slither to me. I was caught off-guard. I knew I was done for. I cried because I was such a lousy fighter. I let her get the best of me. Damn...

Before I close my eyes and wait for the bitter end, I saw Ian waving a club and smacked her in the head. Kiritsugu-senpai became dazed. That's when he threw something which landed on the ground. It was a wakizashi. Kiritsugu-senpai's hold on me weakened. So I did what I had to do. I bit her. She howled in pain as she threw me a good fifty meters away. My body was filled with adrenaline as I ran towards the direction of the embedded wakizashi. I picked it up and swore in Japanese. I almost forgot: I suck at close-range combat. This is it. I'm dead meat.

Then, out of the shadows, two boys appeared. The first one was tall, about 5'9" with black mop of hair, pale skin, and eyes the color of charcoal. He is wearing a battered aviator jacket, a black t-shirt with a skull print on it, skinny jeans, and black Converse sneakers. He reminds me of a member of a rock band though his aura is a bit creepy to me. The second one was blond. He's wearing an orange t-shirt, jeans, and white rubber shoes. He has this cheerful disposition that seems quite familiar to me. He has pale blue eyes and a dazzling smile.

"Hey there! Are you okay?" Blondie asked me. I was in a daze so I only managed a nod.

"Good. Nico, be careful! And no Underworld-y magic, you hear?!" he reminded his companion. The guy Nico smirked at him.

"Don't worry, Solace. I got this. Just concentrate on healing the girl." he said and drew his sword. I've never seen anything like it. Its blade is black. I'm certain that it's not a Japanese sword. I was so confused at the moment that I didn't notice I was about to fall on my knees. Good thing Blonde Dude managed to catch me.

"Whoa, easy. You're lucky that you managed to hold on your own. By the way, my name is Will Solace. What's yours?" he asked. My mind was almost numb from what is happening around me. But I spoke.

"Arista. My name is Arista Caroline Kisaragi." I said and winced. Will looked at me with concern. He gently waved his hands on me. I realized that his hands are glowing. I started feeling better but my chest hurt. Will rummaged his backpack and found a square stuff. I don't know what on earth it is. Suddenly, he shoved it inside my mouth. I almost gagged so I chewed it and swallowed. I glared at Will.

"Baka! (You idiot!)" I spoke. Will tilted his head.

"Uhm...translation?" he asked. I mentally slapped myself (again) because it dawned on me that they're foreigners. But he just asked me what my name is and somehow I understood him. And I could've sworn I didn't speak good English but we understood each other.

After twenty minutes, Nico walked towards us with his black sword. I was still holding the wakizashi just in case I needed to defend myself.

"Relax. We won't hurt you." Will reassured me. Ian walked towards me and I nearly fainted. From waist up, he looks like an ordinary teenager. But downwards? He has a pair of shaggy goat legs.

"Daijoubu ka, Ari? (Are you okay, Ari?)" Ian asked. My eyes must have looked like flying saucers because he flashed me an apologetic look.

"Sorry if I didn't tell you the truth sooner. But it's for your own safety. The truth is, I'm a satyr. We serve as protectors of demigods. And you, Arista, you're a demigod." he explain. Holy Amaterasu! I'm a... demigod?!

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