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Prologue: At The Dance

Was I dumb, or was I blind?

Or did my heart just lose its mind?

Why'd I go and throw our perfect dream away?

Everyone seemed to be slow-dancing with someone. With the exception of SpongeBob, who had no partner. He had a crush on someone who was also standing alone. It had been his dream to ask Sandy to the annual Midnight Dance, but he had just now mustered up the courage.

"Hey SpongeBob."

The courage fell to pieces.

Sandy, who had been alone for a good part of the dance, had gone over to SpongeBob. "Y'know, if y' don't mind... could we dance together?" She had probably spent a while getting herself to say that as it came out rather slowly. SpongeBob could only nod in response, he was so shocked.

The two stepped into an area where other fish were dancing together. SpongeBob, almost 100% unsure as to what to do, slowly put one hand on Sandy's hip. He allowed the other to take hers. They started to close the distance, frames now near touching.

Sandy noticed. She knew that SpongeBob was nervous as all heck. "Don't worry. You're doing fine," she giggled. SpongeBob felt himself blush. As the song came to a close, the pair came closer...and closer...

So take my hand,

And have no fear.

We'll be alright...

SpongeBob was a little annoyed. It was always that air helmet. He knew it was important, but still! It would have to be worked around. He moved closer to the glass until he and Sandy...kissed, in a way.

...love led us here!

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