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The Midnight Dance had come around again. And this one was special to SpongeBob and Sandy. It was their first one together. But it would soon become more special than anyone predicted. Well, exception of SpongeBob. In this case, he didn't count.

Things had been going to plan. The dance was going routinely. Music, treats, pictures, the works. SpongeBob was slowly becoming insanely nervous. "Um, Sponge, you're really sweating. Everything okay?" Sandy asked. The two had somehow reached the center of the floor.

"W-well, I, u-um..." SpongeBob stammered. Now he was really sweating. "You can tell me. Unless it's a T-M-I. Then just keep it in your square head," Sandy said. She cringed internally as she recalled the last T-M-I she'd heard. But that was soon a million miles away.

SpongeBob wasn't sure what to do. He stuttered some things under his breath. Then he reached into his pocket for a small box. "H-here," he said as he put the box in Sandy's hands. She inspected it before opening it. "What...what's this?"

Inside the box was a ring. It had a silver band and a sapphire stone. It looked beautiful and must've cost a fortune. Everyone in the dance gasped. The DJ even stopped playing the music.

"You want to...y-you're asking...?" Sandy guessed. She was shocked and surprised all at once. She thought this was a dream, but was certain it wasn't. It just felt like one. Now all she needed was her suspicions confirmed.

"Sandy, we've been through thick and thin. Now...w-will you...um, m-marry me?" SpongeBob asked shakily. He had never been so nervous (and happy) in his entire life. He-along with everyone else at the dance-anticipated an answer.

"Yes, I'll marry, SpongeBob."

Everyone cheered. "Woo! Go SpongeBob!" Patrick yelled from across the room. Beside him, his date Mindy sighed. Patrick was such an idiot sometimes...

The dance fired up again. SpongeBob was humming The F. U. N. Song again. "Remember when you sang that about us? F really is for friends," Sandy said. She sighed in happiness. SpongeBob smiled his goofy grin. "That's not true now," he said.

Sandy looked at him in confusion. "That's what the song says. Have you written a reprise or something?" she asked. "Sorta. For us, F stands for more than friends. Always has, always will," SpongeBob said. He kept on smiling. The two kept on dancing until Sandy noticed something. "Um, SpongeBob, 'more than friends' starts with an M. Not an F," she pointed out.

SpongeBob blinked once; he hadn't realized that. He only smiled more.

"I know."

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