I shut the door of our apartment and start my walk to the dining hall where I am meeting Tris for lunch. It's Choosing Day and twenty years since Tris landed in Dauntless. It is also our daughter Rebecca's day to choose. To say I am nervous is an understatement; I actually am feeling quiet ill that I might not see my daughter back here in a few hours. It also takes me back to the day that Tris told me that we were going to have a baby.

We had only been married a couple of months and we had been fighting nonstop for a week. I thought she was trying to find a way to leave me. It had gotten so bad that I finally had snapped and yelled at her, "You are being such a bitch. If you are going to leave me then just do it. I can't stand the fighting anymore."

"There is no way in hell I am leaving you Tobias," she yelled back at me. "It is your fault I'm being a bitch."

"Then explain why then Tris? I hate this, I can't live like this," I said. Not realising at the time that you should never piss off a pregnant woman. Something I now know all too well, I wish Zeke had warned me about this.

She then just plopped herself down on the floor in the middle of our lounge room and started to cry. I ran over to her and put her on my lap and said, "Tris please, your scaring me, what's wrong?"

She whispered in my ear, "I'm pregnant."

I was so relieved that she wasn't leaving me that all I could do was laugh, not exactly the right response but she knew I wasn't ever going to be dazzling her with the right words when she married me. It wasn't until a week later that it all started to hit home for me and I realised I was absolutely terrified of becoming a dad. More importantly of turning into Marcus.

Tris even had to ban me from going to the fear landscape room. She had two guards and the control room monitor the room for six months to make sure I didn't go in there and I haven't been in since. Looking back now I can laugh but at the time I don't know which one of us was more stressed through her first pregnancy. But as soon as Becky was born and I saw her, I knew I could never and would never be like Marcus. Now I am waiting to see whether she will come back to us or do what Tris and I did and leave her faction of birth.

A lot has happened in the last twenty years. Not only for Tris and I but our friends and families as well.

Marcus died from a heart attack about fifteen years ago. Can't say I was sad about that. Some say it was Jeanine that drove him to it. She is to this day still in Abnegation. It was agreed that she was never to be allowed to hold any position with our government. It didn't stop her from hounding Marcus on a daily basis on the things she thought he was doing wrong.

While Jeanine was good at showing she belonged in Abnegation to most people, she couldn't help herself when it came to the matters of our government and behind closed doors she made it her mission to try to help this city to prosper.

It wasn't until Marcus was dead and Andrew Prior took the role to head our government that real change started to be seen throughout the city. Finally Divergent wasn't a bad word, although it still holds fear in a small few. Now anyone who is Divergent doesn't have to hide. Not that people are willingly putting their hands up to say they are, but they can't be hunted or tested on.

It was decided that the factionless needed to be integrated back into our city. There was only one person who tried to start an uprising over this. Of course it was Evelyn. She wanted the faction system disbanded altogether but she didn't get her own way. Unfortunately in her endeavours to try to cause the uprising she was murdered. It was never discovered who murdered her but once she was out of the picture the factionless were happy to try and come back into our society.

Firstly the children were allowed to go to school, then they were allowed to choose on choosing day. Eventually they decided to let them have their own faction and a part of the city was rebuilt to house them. Edward became leader and although at times people thought he maybe a little crazy people were happy to follow him. We asked them if they wanted to call their faction by a new name and not be known as factionless. But the factionless decided that they were brought together because they didn't feel they belonged in a faction and decided to keep the name factionless and wear it as a badge of honour.

Peter and Drew didn't last long within the factionless. We could only suspect but the bodies of both turned up dead within days of them leaving Dauntless. No one even looked into the murders although most suspected that Edward had something to do with it. I don't know what happened to Molly or to Myra. All I know is that Myra left Edward within weeks of them becoming factionless.

The factionless now all have to work. Not only do they now drive our buses and trains but they have rebuilt the buildings that were once ravaged by war before our time. The factionless can also take jobs within other factions but only if the job has been offered to all in that faction first. Dauntless won't allow them to hold any positions where weapons are involved. Erudite have been trying to restore the lake but still haven't come up with a solution.

Cara is still leader of Erudite and is happily married to Fernando. We see them often when they come to visit Will. It was decided that only being able to visit your family once a year was a ridiculous concept and now there is no rules regarding how often you get to see your family. Faction before blood is three words you don't hear in the same sentence anymore.

Caleb is no longer in Erudite. He was one of Jeanine's biggest followers and had his memory erased on the same day as Jeanine. Christina was the one who administered the serum. Cara allowed him to go back to Abnegation and live with his parents. This sent Eric into a complete melt down over it.

He was sure that Suzy would leave him and go back to Abnegation to be with Caleb. He got the shock of his life when she stood up in front of the whole dining hall with a microphone in her hand and asked him to marry her. He has never lived it down that she asked him, but they are still going strong and have twins Sheridan and Jackson, who are both choosing with Becky today.

Zeke and Shauna are married. They also have two kids. Vivian who is choosing today and Lennox who is two years younger. It only took until Lennox was three before Zeke finally asked Shauna to marry him; we never thought it was going to happen. Uriah still gives Zeke grief over it.

Uriah and Marlene got married three months after their initiation was over. They have three kids, Sage who is choosing today, Oscar who is twelve and Jared who is ten.

Lynn has one son Storm he is twelve. No one knows who his father is and we have never asked. A few years ago someone asked Storm didn't he want to know who his father was and he said, "No, as if he could be as cool as the family I have. I have five uncles who are way better than any dad could ever be." And he is right. We have all helped Lynn just as she has been here for all of us.

Then there is Christina and Will. They have one daughter Jade who is also choosing today. Christina and Will aren't together anymore. They split when Jade was five. Christina has had a string of boyfriends but none have stuck around. Will and Lauren got married shortly after he and Christina broke up and have a son Oscar who is eight. This can lead to some interesting times in the dining hall, especially with the arguments that can erupt between Will and Christina. But we have all learnt to live with their fights, everyone except jade, who still becomes quiet distressed at it all.

I walk into the dining hall, knowing I don't have long until I have to be at the net to welcome the new initiates. Silently praying that my own daughter is one of them. I sit down next to Tris. Ryan and Thomas our two sons are with her. Ryan is fourteen and Thomas is thirteen. Zeke, Shauna and Marlene are at the Choosing Ceremony. Oscar, Jared, Storm and Lennox are also at our table. Usually the parents sit at one table and our children at the one next to ours but today we are all sticking together.

Eric is representing Dauntless at the Ceremony. Suzy decided to stay here; she said she couldn't stand to watch if the kids decided to transfer. Uriah and Lynn are both here as they need to be at the net with me when the kids jump. Tris didn't think it was fair that she would know before me if Rebecca decided to transfer so she stayed here. Always thinking of others is my Tris, even after twenty years she still has some Abnegation left in her.

Uriah is taking bets on which of our children will be the first jumper. It seems Rebecca and Sage are the front runners. But the sad news is everyone is betting that Jade will transfer out today. I hope it doesn't happen but the kids at our table are all talking about it. I look over to Tris and she just shrugs. Neither of us have any idea.

"Time to go," says Tris.

"You six behave while we are gone," I say, putting on my instructor voice. "If I find anything wrong in the dormitories this year the five of you will be sleeping in there and I will give the initiates your beds." Last year the boys thought it would be fun to drench the transfer's bunks in water. The year before they decided to attack the initiates in their sleep with paintball pellets. I hate to think what they have thought up for this year's initiates. Hopefully I have scared them enough but I doubt it, they are Dauntless. I'm sure they would only pick on the transfers, especially with their siblings being in the Dauntless-born dorm this year. They know they would get the crap beaten out of them if they tried anything on their sisters or Jackson.

"We should have bets on what the boys will do to the transfers this year," Uriah says.

"As if we would do that Uriah. You will probably be giving them ideas on what they should do to them," Tris says. "Maybe we should have you sleep in the transfer's dorm with them."

"No need to get nasty Tris," Uriah says and I can't help but laugh.

I am standing at the net waiting. I am rocking back and forward on the balls of my feet. Tris walks over to me and puts her arms around my waist. "You need to calm down; she has made her decision by now. There is nothing you can do," she says.

"How are you so calm?" I ask her.

"I'm not; I am just hiding it better than you. Do you really think she will transfer? Because I don't, she loves Dauntless, she loves her friends and most of all she loves her family. There is nothing that makes me think she would choose otherwise," she says.

"Thanks Tris," I say, squeezing her as tight as I can. Thank god I have her here with me. I could never have survived the last twenty years or our three children without her by my side. "Did you hear that? That was the train; they should be on the roof."

"You sure you don't want to put a bet on Becky Four?" Uriah asks. I just shake my head. I'm too nervous to talk. I hope she does jump first, I don't think I can stand the wait to see if she is coming back to us.

"Okay but even Tris has had a bet," Uriah says. I look over to Tris and she shrugs.

"She bet that Becky and Sage will jump together. If they do she is going to make a fortune, she is the only one who has made that bet," Uriah says.

"You better take me out to dinner if you win," I turn and say to Tris. She just laughs at me.

Next moment we hear them before we see them. They aren't screaming, they sound like they are having the time of their lives. The thought of jumping still sends chills down my spine. Then I see them land and they are both laughing. All I can do is shake my head when I see who it is.

Uriah and I go and pull them out of the net. "Names?" I say.

"Really dad? Becky and Sage," says Rebecca.

"Make the announcement Four," says Uriah.

"First jumpers, Becky and Sage," I say with a smile on my face and I give Becky a big hug. "Really good to see you again baby girl," I say.

"Dad," she whines. "It's good to be back." And with that she goes and gives her mum a hug.

Becky is the spitting image of Tris. Except for two things, she got my blue eyes and she is tall. She is only two inches shorter than me. Except when she puts those damn heels on and then she's taller.

Next is Sheridan landing in the net. Then comes Vivian and then Jackson. I look over to Tris and she shakes her head, which can only mean that Jade hasn't come back to Dauntless. Which means Tris won't be home tonight, she is going to have to console Christina. Christina is going to be devastated about this. I just hope Jade didn't go to Erudite or I'm sure Christina will blame Will and we will have an all out war in the dining hall.

We have our largest group of initiates ever today. There are twenty five Dauntless-born, Jade is the only one who has transferred out and twenty transfers. We don't make cuts in initiation anymore but you are still ranked for job choosing purposes. The fights are still brutal although you can concede; I don't have any concerns for Becky she is a great fighter because I have taught her well.

I am just about to split the groups when Tori comes up to me. "Please drag the tour out. I need to go and set up the tattoo parlour. All your kids decided to book an appointment for tonight so they could get tattoos," Tori says.

"So you knew they were coming back?"

"Yes, but I promised I wouldn't say anything," She says. I just shake my head.

We decided to make it a rule in Dauntless that no child can get a tattoo before their initiation. I know Becky has wanted a tattoo since she was twelve. She has a sketch book that she draws her designs in. I even have one of her designs tattooed on my chest. Tori has already taught her how to give a tattoo, so it wouldn't surprise me if that is where she will want to work after initiation.

If she isn't in the tattoo parlour or with her friends then she is with Jackson. If someone had told me twenty years ago that Eric and I would become friends I would have laughed at them or punched them in the face. And now our children are dating. They have been dating for the last two years. I wasn't happy about it at first but Tris soon reminded me of what we were like at their age and Jackson is a good kid.

I finish the tour with the transfers and walk into the dining hall to find all our friends together. Including Will and Christina. I sit down next to Tris.

"So where did Jade go?" I ask.

"Amity," says Christina. She is shaking her head. "I don't know where we went wrong. I mean I would have understood Erudite or Candor but Amity. I just don't understand it. I'm not sad, I want her to be happy but I will be glad when initiation is over and I can go and visit her. Find out what made her pick Amity."

I look at Tris and I know she is telling me to keep my mouth shut. Of course Jade picked Amity; I don't understand how Christina can't see it. Jade has had to deal with her parents fighting over her for most of her life. And we aren't talking about a few disagreements. We are talking about screaming matches in the middle of the Pit where all of Dauntless could see. I'm sure she has gone to Amity for some peace from her parents.

"Do you think you could bring some of their bread back with you?" says Zeke.

"What for?" Christina asks.

"They put peace serum in it. I have always wanted to try it," Zeke says and we all start laughing at him.

"Where are the boys?" I ask.

"They were here earlier, they have gone to Uriah's for the night. I think they are just trying to think up a way of picking on the transfers without you finding out," Tris says laughing.

"Yeah, as if that won't happen. You think those six would have worked out they can't hide anything from us by now," Zeke says laughing.

We all start laughing because it is true. Our children are truly Dauntless, it's just they always seem to get caught. And just like it has been for the last twenty years, we are sitting in the dining hall having a laugh.

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