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Chapter 2: New World

Madara stood over the bodies of the various people who he had defeated. They were either burned alive, sliced with a sword or unconcious.

Macao look on with wide eyes in shock as Banaboster fell unconcious.

"Wha-What was th-" He was cut off as he saw a flicker and the person who caused this chaos to disappear, only to reappear in front of him, startling to blue haired man.

A strong, gloved hand grabbed his neck and raised him half a metre off the wooden floor.

"Do you want to dance too?" Madara coldly stated. The man wasn't able to respond, due to the sheer force that was being pressed on his neck. Him not responding only gave Madara a reason to tighted his grip even more. After around 20 seconds of the Fairy Tail Guild Master squriming with no actual success, the Shinobi was growing impatient. And nobody wanted to see Madara impatient.

The long haired man closed his eyes for about a second, only to reopen them, revealing two crimson eyes with 3 tomoe in each. From Macao's perspective, the tomoe were spinning, uncontrollably.

"Tsukuyomi." Macao's face fell as he stopped moving. What was unseen was that he was in an illusion. The Guild Master's worst fear is for his son to never be happy again. And what he saw in the illusion was worse than that.

After an few seconds of him freezing in place, Macao dropped to the floor unconcious as Madara released his iron grip. "He seems different to all these other inferior beings." Madara quietly stated to himself. He look around to the battlefield he created, "These others wouldn't have a fear like his."

He walked up to an unconcious mage on the floor and brought him up on his knees. The Uchiha placed his hand on the man's head and brought in up while activating his Rinnegan. "Ningendō (Human Path)."

A purple ghoul like creature followed his hand. This certain Jutsu grants a Rinnegan user the ability to read the mind of any target. And he was suprised at what entered his mind.

Images of a strange, native realm appeared in his mind. He paused to take this all in.

"Fiore? Magnolia? Guilds? Magic? Where am I?" He calmly questioned. "This isn't the Elemental Nations. Have I crossed into a new dimension?" He wasn't at all worried at all. "These people... they don't know me." A small grin was plastered on his face, "This could work in my favour." He darkly stated.

He scanned the mage's mind for a few more seconds to get the full knowledge of the area he was in. He was even able to see some more personal things like the man's guild. He cared not for it but one thing intrigued him.

Fairy Tail.

'So this man's guild was taking money from another guild that somehow got weaker after there main members dissappeared?' Madara assessed. The blue haired man who he'd previously encountered then showed up in his memories. 'That's the... Guild Master?'

After a few more seconds, he'd learnt all he needed to know from the man he was currently reading the mind of. He canceled the Jutsu and watched as the man slumped to the ground, drool released from his mouth. He was no longer unconcious; but dead. "I should learn more about this realm."

'Using Ningendō (Human Path) inevitably kills the target, but killing is illegal and completely forbidden here.' He look around at the destruction he caused, 'Oops.'

After 10 minutes of Madara going through all of the unconcious mages and learning all he could, he finally reached the Master.

His entire arm was blackened and is possibly even needed to be removed, but the Uchiha didn't care about people like him. They were weak and unneeded.

'From what I can tell, the Guild Masters are told the important things. And this guild, even though they are weak, are the strongest in the city. They must have some high- class knowledge.'

Madara then sped though Banaboster's mind and saw thousands of things that are classified to the normal mage. And once again, something caught his attention.

The Alvarz Empire. Tartaros. Avatar. Acnologia.

"Finally, something interesting in this world."

Pausing to realise what exactly happened and what the potential causes are, footsteps could be heard as a small boy came into view.

"Dad!" He called out to him. He wore a long, dark, sleeveless open jacket with lighter-colored edges, revealing part of his muscular chest and held closed around his waist by a light sash, tied by a knot on his left hip. His legs are covered by loose, light-colored pants reaching down below his knees, paired with low, dark laced boots.

Madara watched and noticed something on his arm.

'That's the Fairy Tail mark.' He remembered one of the Twilight Ogre members memories with the mark.

"I'm... I'm awake." Macao barely opened his eyes. He then fully opened them upon realising what happened before.

Scanning the area for the dark haired man, he was unable to find him.

"What happened here?!" The boy asked, suprised at the amount of dead bodies around.

"Noth-Nothing. Just go tell the city guard quick, Romeo!"

Before Romeo could get up, a large shadow blocked the path out of the guild.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." A commanding voice warned them. Madara loomed over them with enough killer intent that their hearts skipped not one; but five beats. "If you remember, I saved you from paying Twilight Ogre... Forever."

They could both feel the darkness seeping out of him. He's just killed and entire guild with no effort. "I want something in return."

Macao gulped, "Bu-But we don't have anything to repay you!" His voice dropped, "We've dropped to the bottom ever since our main members dissappeared."

"Then tell me about that event..." He stared deeply into him, "At your guild hall."

A Few Minutes Later

There was an awkward silence as the three walked to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

"So... Where ya' from?" Macao tried to get the man to talk.

Another silence followed as Madara thought of what to say.

"Not here." Was his simple answer.

After walking a few more minutes, the hall finally came in sight.

Madara was unimpressed as visible cracks here and there and having some of its parts covered by vine, while some wood beams enforce the structure in its upper part. In front of the building's wooden doors is a large archway composed of massive beams; half way up its length is a pyramidal sign with Fairy Tail's name on it, with very long edges going past the beams holding it up, topped and paired with a large Fairy Tail symbol. A large windmill could also be spotted atop the roof.

As he entered, all of the people turned to see their Master, accomponied by his son and an unfamiliar man.

"So what did Twilight Ogre say?" A man by the name of Wakaba asked, ignoring the new arrival.

"Well..." Macao paused, "We'll talk about it later."

He then sat down with Madara.

"Do you need anything Master?" A purple haired girl asked him.

"Nothing thanks, Kinana."

"How about you, sir?" She turned to the unfamiliar man.

The response she was given was silence as Madara ignored her.

"Now, tell me about the dissappearence of most of your guild." Madara started.

Macao was about to explain but the guild door violently shook as 3 figures entered.

The one leading them had a face of pure anger.

"WHO DESTROYED OUR GUILD?!" Thibault screamed. He was young man of average height with poofy dark hair. He had a prominent nose pointing downwards, with each of his nostrils going upwards in a curved motif, and pointed, mildly rectangular ears. "WE COME BACK FROM OUR MISSION AND FIND EVERY MEMBER DEAD!"

Madara stood and glared at them.

"It was me." He calmly stated.

"GET HIM!" The remaining Twilight Ogre charged.

Madara waited and as the first one came into his range he delivered a sharp blow to his face knocking out 4 teeth and sending him flying into the others.

Thibault brought his large club infront of him.

"I GUESS I'LL BE THE ONE WHO BEATS OUR A-" He was unable to finish his sentance as a kick caused him to fly above everyone's head.

Everyone, except for Madara, looked with wide eyes.

"We're home!" The one in the middle, Natsu, said.

"Sorry it took so long, everyone!" A small blue feline creature jumped up into the air.

A few minutes later

The guild was in celebration as their core members had finally returned.

It was then that they'd finally noticed him.

"Are you done?" A loud, prominent voice called out with annoyance in his voice.

"Hey, umm... Who's that?" A blonde named Lucy pointed at the Uchiha.

She was returned a fearful look as her body shivered. In fact, everyone felt somewhat fearful at the man in front of them.

"I wish to talk with the old man, alone." he demanded.

"You'll address the Master with respect!" Erza, an S-Class mage, ordered him.

"Ok, we'll talk outside." The old man replied.

"Are you sure Master?" Erza intervened. "We don't know this guy."

"I'll be fine!" He casually waved them off.

Just outside the Guild

Makarov stared at him with suspicion. He had clear power, that much he could tell by standing next to him.

"So, what is it you need, young man?" Makarov asked.

"Don't call me young." His tone was serious, "I'm older then you." Makarov was doubtful but somehow believed him. "Anyway," his face turned to a sinister look, "I want you to tell me all about what happened at your little island."

After explaining...

"So... The Black Dragon Acnologia attacked?" Madara questioned.

"We believe it was him, yes." Makarov answered. "And if you don't mind me asking, what do you require of this knowledge?"

"You shouldn't ask people questions like that, especially of their plans." The Uchiha smiled, "Otherwise they will kill you."

Makarov's eyes widened slightly as the power from the man leaked out, interfering with Makarov.

Madara turned and walked in the direction of the city's exit.

A orange haired man with fair skin and dark cloak along with bangdages encasing his body walked out.

"What did he want?" Gildarts asked looking at the stranger walk away.

Makarov was regretting giving him such information.

"I don't quite know yet." His face became serious, "But we definitely need to keep an eye on him. Maybe even inform the council."

'Just who is he?' He kept asking himself.

Exit of Magnolia

Madara pulled out a small scroll.

"Summoning Jutsu." A small bag containing essential survival items appeared with a puff of smoke in his hand.

He looked at the forest head that was just outside Magnolia.

"You'd better get ready, Black Dragon of the Apocalypse!" He laughed, "I'm going to be hunting you!"

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