As Cordelia walked into the library, she was shocked by the utter silence that assaulted her. The only sound that Cordelia could hear, aside from her own breathing, was the occasional page turning in what must have been one of Giles's musty old books. But whoever was turning the pages was well hidden behind an enormous stack of books. Well, the only person in all of Sunnydale who could amass such a pile was the all high bookworm himself, Giles.

"So Giles, what little tidbit of information have you uncovered now?" Cordelia said as she walked towards the library table. "How's the Hellmouth planning on inconveniencing me this... Oh, Xander. What are YOU doing here?"

"It's called reading Cordy. But these books don't rhyme or have little pop- up pictures in them. This is grown-up reading, with luck and lots of practice you too might be able to open one of these up and exclaim 'Hooked on Phonics Worked for ME!'"

"Could you get any lamer? I was just wondering why YOU were doing the research and not the lead member of the men-in-tweed." She looked around again at the desolate library. "And where is everyone else for that matter?"

Xander sighed, "Sadly enough it seems like they all have a better life than I do. Buffy is on patrol tonight performing her sacred duty and all that jazz. Willow and Oz are out doing whatever it is they do together. And worst of all, Giles is on a date." With this news Cordelia's mouth dropped open. "So that leaves me here to do research for the next fun-filled adventure on the Hellmouth."

Cordelia stood there in obvious shock. "Back up a second. Did you say Giles had a date? Our Giles? Who would go out with him? I mean he dresses worse than even you!"

Xander frowned at Cordelia and replied, "Yes I said Giles had a date. And, again yes I'm talking about our resident pooper of all parties. And apparently Ms. Calendar cares enough about Giles to accept him for who he is, no matter what anyone else thinks. If I could only be so lucky to get the same kind of consideration from you!"

Cordelia gave a nasty glare at Xander. "You know good and well why we don't go out in public! Being seen with you in public is bad enough, but if I'm seen with you in a dating situation then my reputation will be trashed. I have a certain standard to live up to and frankly going public with you falls well below that standard."

Xander's eyes suddenly clouded over with such hatred and anger that Cordelia visibly flinched under their scrutiny. Xander stood up and kicked his chair backwards. "Is that all you care about? Your damn popularity and standards? You can keep your standards and you can shove your popularity, cause you know what? I can look ten years down the line and you know what I see? A lonely woman who either lost or never had the ability to love. But she still has the memories of her popularity, and she's still stubbornly hanging on to her lofty standards. Well, I hope that they are enough when the darkness settles in, and the demons of loves that could have been but never were come knocking at the door. Because that's all you'll have to fight the darkness since you have a cold, dead, empty space where a heart should be. Good luck to you Cordelia, you're in for a lonely loveless life."

With that said, Xander slammed the book shut, sending clouds of dust into the air. "Giles can do his own damn studying, that's what he gets for having a life."

While Xander was verbally slashing Cordelia her knees began to feel weak. Xander was so enraged that he didn't see her reach a shaky hand down to the table to keep herself from falling to the floor. As Xander was walking out of the swinging library doors, Cordelia was following his retreating form with watering eyes. Xander never heard Cordelia's heart break as she watched the door swing close on both the library and her relationship with Xander. Once she finally realized that Xander wasn't coming back, Cordelia slumped to the ground and began to cry.