"This is never ending, we have been here before," Love In The Dark -Adele


At first, she was drawn to his shining smile. It was smug, and confident. He held his arms to the side and turned around slowly. She was caught off guard by his striking physique. I mean she could have imagined what was under that freshly pressed suit, but she hadn't given it much thought before. But when she caught sight of his back, she was at a loss for words.

Two scars towards his shoulder blades, making their way down his back in an oval shape. She couldn't help but take a look again. He was still acting confident, and like they weren't a big deal. But just when her fingertips caught on the bumped flesh he swung around with the speed of light and grace. His hand was wrapped around her wrist with a iron grip. He looked into her eyes. "Don't," he said softly than any other word I had heard him say up to this point. His eyes fluttered to my wrist and back to me. "Please," he added, his grip loosening. I tipped my head to the side, puzzled at the man before me.

Then the scene changed. Chloe could see was Lucifer moving closer to Lindsey. The girl was curled up in a fetal position, her arms trying to shade her face. Chloe could remember looking at his face through the mirror...and not seeing Lucifer's hard jawline or sparkling eyes. Instead his pale skin was replaced with crimson burnt skin, and his eyes turned into something that could haunt Trixie's nightmares. It was in fact haunting Chloe's. She remembers being stunned, lowering her gun ever so slowly. Asking him "Who are you?" When he turned to face her...he was back to himself, but something in his face had changed. Almost like he was afraid Chloe had seen him the way he was. "What are you?" She asked again, a fear inside at what she had just seen.

Did I see him that way? Or was I hallucinating? What is wrong with him? What is wrong with me?

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Wake up!"

Chloe's eyes aren't even open yet but she can feel the bed dipping down and up, shaking her from her slumber. When her eyelids do open she is greeted by the sight of her beautiful daughter Trixie. Reaching her hand out to place it on her daughters shoulder, Chloe applies pressure as a sign for her to stop rocking the bed.

"What is it sweetie?"

"Sweetie? I know she is your daughter and all but why don't I have a nickname like that?" An accented voice fills the room. Chloe shifts her gaze to see Lucifer in the doorway, one arm leaning against the frame as he crosses one of his feet over the other. He has a smile plastered om his face as Chloe bolts upright in her bed, using the sheets to cover up her ratty tee and the fact that she isn't exactly wearing any pants. What is he doing here anyway? She thought. "Or have we not gotten to know each other well enough to call each other names?"

"Believe me I have plenty of names for you, none of which I'd say in front of my daughter," she fires back at him. "Trixie, did you let him in?"

"No, I had a key made," he says before Trixie can answer.

"You what?" Shock fills her voice. There is low, and then their is a move like that. Plus something told Chloe that Lucifer having that much access wasn't a good thing.

"Kidding. But you really should find a better spot for your spare," he holds up the singular bronze key and Chloe's eyes roll back. "Under the rug is such a cliche'."

"Lucifer, why are you here?"

He stands up tall, placing his hands upon his hips, his elbows reaching far out almost taking up the entire door window. "Why I am here to hear about the next case of course!"

It is too early for this, Chloe sighs. "Look there is no new case. Or at least I haven't heard of one yet."

A sound like a pssh mixed with a ha escapes his lips. "Chloe it is a Friday morning in Los Angeles. Something is bound to happen at some point today. We won't want to miss it! Now let's go!"

"Trixie go get dressed while I talk to Lucifer. Your dad will be here shortly to take you to school."

Trixie goes onto the tips of her toes to give a light kiss to her mother before leaving the room. Lucifer quickly moves out of the door frame, his hands up from his sides, preventing Trixie from touching him as much as possible. "Bye Lucifer!"

"Goodbye small child," he replies, shaking his fingers which are still in the air. "Now Detective, get dressed so we can go already. I have a bullet wound in my leg and I'm still getting around faster than you-"

The sound of the home door opening and closing cuts him off. Lucifer shuts his eyes, he is clearly frustrated. "Don't tell me Detective Douche' is here already. You know, for an ex, he is pretty clingy!"

Chloe gets out of the bed quickly and begins to push on Lucifer's shoulders to get him out of the room. When they get to the hallway, the pair are greeted by the judging eyes of none other than Detective Dan.

His face is morphed into confusion and shock. Chloe's eyebrow raises high as ever. "Why is Lucifer here...again? This early? And why aren't you wearing any pants?" Dan's voice holds onto every question, but he is already thinking of the worst answers possible. Well, what else can you think when you see a man who has been hanging around your ex wife lately, and your ex wife missing a crucial wardrobe item?

Chloe looks down and her face turns crimson and hot as fire as she runs back into her room momentarily.

"What is going on here?" He demands. His voice is loud, filling every empty spec in the apartment, and a slight chill goes down Chloe's spine. She does not miss being married to that. Chloe doesn't miss a lot that came out of that relationship. While Trixie is the best thing in her life, that relationship dug a hole deep within her, leaving emotional scars.

"Well you see Dan, I was just inquiring about what Chloe and myself were doing today in the crime business. Considering all the assignments you give her, do you have anything for the two of us?" Lucifer inquires.

Dan shoves past Lucifer, hitting shoulders as throws a bit of his body weight into Lucifer's pressed suit. He pokes his head into Chloe's room. "Since when did the LAPD hire him? And since when are you and him a thing?"

"We aren't a thing. We are just in an unconventional professional partnership for the time being," Chloe says, taking once last look in her mirror. When she turns, Dan is right in front of her, and gripping her wrist much like Lucifer did yesterday. Only this time his grip isn't faltering, and it is much harsher, and stiff. Chloe freezes in his grasp.

"Look, we aren't a thing anymore Chloe. But that doesn't mean I don't care about you still. Nor does it mean I like who you are hanging out with these days," he nods towards Lucifer in the hallway. "Maybe it's time to stop thinking about just yourself. Think about his influence on Trixie. Lucifer is not a good man Chloe. Deep down, you know that as well as I."

Even though his grip reminds her of a time in their relationship she would much rather forget, she stares deep into his eyes to make her next words come out more confident than she really feels. "I don't think you are in any place to talk about the company I keep when you can't even ditch some of your questionable friends...and girlfriends. Now let go of me, and if you have it, give me my assignment."

Dan's eyes jump back, and he removes his grip. "I was just trying to warn you Chloe."

Lucifer stayed in the hallway, but both of their voices were beyond any of his attempts to not eavesdrop. Were they always like this? Trixie stands at the edge of her door, peeking around the corner. Her face is slump and sad. "They do this almost every morning," she comments. Even though Lucifer could care less about children, this statement did conjure up a feeling of what he thought was empathy or sadness. This child has to witness her parents arguing every morning?

"You know child," Lucifer begins, sinking to one knee, wincing at the soreness he hasn't experienced before in his leg. He was still puzzled as to why it hurt when he was immortal. Or why he even bled at all. "Sometimes adults have arguments but it doesn't always mean they don't like one another."

"Like how you and mommy fight?"

Lucifer cracks a smile that takes up most of his face. "Exactly, small one. We squabble a lot but we don't hate one another-"

"Lucifer!" Chloe's voice shouts.

"Go fight then Lucifer. I think she likes it when you two do. It's different than when her and daddy do." Trixie says.

Dan comes around the corner and leads Trixie out the front door for school, and Lucifer isn't oblivious to the obvious displacement and anger on the man's face. Nor the glare that he receives as the man passes him.

"What are we going to do today?" Lucifer remarks as he follows Chloe out of her room and out to her car. "Catch someone who is ignoring traffic laws? Catch a thief? Unravel a mystery from forty years ago? Change the world? Tell my I'm dying to hear it."

"Oh we have a case," Chloe begins. "And I have no idea where to start."