"That's it girly you're cut off." said the tall heavy set bartender with an impressive mustache.

"I don'tknow vhat yar takin' about. I'm fineee." slurred Ruby as she reached for another glass of whiskey.

"Sorry Ruby but you're cut off for the night... well morning since it's one o'clock in the morning and I suggest you call someone to come and pick you up." said the man as he stole Ruby's keys away from her, ensuring that she wouldn't attempt to drive home.

Ruby rolled her eyes and slurred "You'rrrre lame Port."

She dragged herself off of the bar stool and stumbled across the dimly lit bar, absent mindedly bumping into wooden tables and chairs. Once she finally made it out of Port's Tavern the burning post winter cold settled into her bones and made the alcohol sink deeper into her and blur the world even more.

I wonder if the twenty four hour liquor store is open. Thought Ruby as she leaned against the dirty outside wall of Port's Tavern. I should go check to see if it's open and score a cheap bottle of booze. She thought as she began to stumble her way over to the liquor store down the street.

After tripping several times and somehow losing her jacket in the process she finally arrived at the liquor store. Oh hey it's open I guess I'm lucky. Ruby tried her best to walk normally into the store and grab a bottle, but failed almost immediately when she tripped over her own feet and crashed into a newspaper rack at the entrance of the store. Ruby attempted to get back up as fast as she possibly could in her current state and attempted to fix the rack before quickly calling it a lost cause and rushing into the liquor section of the store.

Ruby quickly grabbed the first bottle of whiskey she saw and staggered over to the front counter to pay for it. She slammed the glass bottle onto the hard wooden surface of the counter and lazily looked up to see her one of her favorite people behind the counter working the graveyard shift. "Heyyyyyy Sun, ol vuddy ol pallllll."

Sun looked up from his magazine and frowned. "Ruby what are you doing here this late and drunk?"

"Shhhhh" Ruby reached over the ran her dirty hands over Sun's face. "I just needed-ed to get away for a bit. Ya seeeee me and the kitty had an argument annnnnnd she kinda kicked me out for the night."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Rubes."

Ruby lazily waved him off and said, "Can ya please ring me up? I don't want to think about tonight anymore than before." She was quickly starting to sober up and not liking the fact she may be able to remember something.

Sun hesitated for a few moments trying to judge if it was safe to sell her more booze at this time of night. He looked into her soft silver eyes and underneath the alcohol fueled glaze he saw how sad she was and how much she really needed this for tonight.

"Alright I'll ring you up but only if you promise to call Yang to come pick you up after you leave."

Ruby grinned and reached over the counter to pull him into a tight hug. "Aw I love ya sooooo much Sun. You're the got damn best there ever was the history of ever and ever."

Sun attempted to peel Ruby off of himself but couldn't help but a chuckle slip out as he dealt with her drunken antics. "Alright, alright you drunk get off me."

Ruby finally let go of Sun and gave him a lazy smile as she dug around in her light blue jeans for some extra cash. She frowned when she could find a single dollar and remembered all of her money was in her lost jacket. She teared up and gave Sun her best puppy dog eyes, "Sun I left my money in my jacket and I don't know where my jacket is. I lost it on the way here."

Sun sighed, "Alright I'll cover you for this one time but you better pay me back."

Ruby saluted him and said "Scout's honor"

He rolled his eyes, "You were never a scout Ruby."

"So?" she retorted before snatching the bottle and headed for the door. "I'll seee ya later Sun!"

"See ya Ruby."

Once Ruby stumbled outside the cold air sent shivers down her spine and gave her goose bumps. She quickly opened the bottle of Ice Breaker and downed a few gulps before she felt a familiar warmth spread through her. "Imma show the bottle to Port and rub it in his stupid ugly mustached face." She began to stumble back in the direction of the bar and continued to talk to herself, "I don't need him, I don't need anyone." As she made her way back to the bar she spotted a familiar red jacked hung in the branch of a tree. "It's my jacket!" Ruby rushed over to her jacket and fell as she tripped on the uneven sidewalk dropping and breaking her brand new bottle of whiskey.

Ruby groaned and slowly got up from the dirty pavement, the alcohol in her system not letting her feel the real pain of the multiple cuts along her left arm and some of her right hand. She rubbed her scraped and cut up hands on her jeans, leaving long red streaks down her front of her thighs. She yanked her jacked out of the tree and put it on. Ruby patted down her right pocket and smiled when she sound what she was looking for.

She pulled out her bottle of doxepin and her smile grew wider "Hello old friend you always make me feel better when I'm down." she shook a few pills into her palm and downed them dry.

She began to make her way to Ports and was halfway there when she began to feel the drugs pump into her system and slow down her movements further. She smiled and thought This is great. before everything went black.


Ruby slowly woke up to the burning light of the sun in her eyes, her head throbbed painfully and her throat burned. She slowly attempted to open her eyes, quickly regretting it as the sun burned worse and made her head hurt even more. She turned onto her side and heard leaves crinkle underneath herself. Ruby scrunched her eyebrows, confused at the sound and moved a bit more to confirm the sound of the leaves before forcing her eyes open and looking around.

She saw long red streaks of blood down her jeans and her jacket had been ripped in several places with several splotches of blood all over her jacket. The cuffs were stained a brownish red and there were more splotches down the length of her jeans.

What the hell happened last night?


Welp that's a chapter. This is a story that me (doomzoom by ya'll can just call me Chip) and Shadow came up with one day when we were plotting world domination on skype I hope you all liked it and please review and all that jazz. Till next time peoples!

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