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I Just Can't...

"Barry... I just can't." says a quiet voice that belongs to the brunette scientist named Caitlin Snow, who was looking down at the man she loved with all her heart, but couldn't seem to say yes to his proposal. But even with amazing speech he gave, she still couldn't look at him. Not after seeing it again.

The said man seemed confused. He swore that their relationship was going great. They've been through so much together: laughter, tears, heartbreaks, broken bones, hugs, kisses. He wanted to spend his whole life intertwined with her, he never wanted to stop being in love with her, but she became so distant now a days. He stood up from his kneeling position "...I thought that..." His green eyes looked into her soul, he hoped that she was kidding, maybe it was a bad dream. Please let it be a bad dream...

Caitlin couldn't take the intensity of his stare and resorted to looking at the floor. "Barry, it's not that I don't want to. I do. I really do... but it's just... just not meant to be... it has always been you and Iris a-and..." She finally looks up at him with unshed tears in her eyes sighing "I don't want to keep you away from her. I-if it's meant to be then... it's not meant to be. I'm sorry Barry." She turned and walked out the Cortex.

Barry seemed paralyzed. He couldn't believe what just happened; Caitlin believed that he didn't love her, that he was still in love with Iris. She doesn't love me was the same mantra he kept repeating to himself. He crumbled to the ground, the white diamond ring he was going to give her fell onto the floor, it's beauty teasing him. For the first time in a while, he wept... wept for his breaking heart, knowing that there is no way to heal it.

Exiting the room, Caitlin felt her legs become heavier as she collapsed in an empty room, tears falling freely as her heart also broke into pieces. She couldn't, wouldn't to break down in front of Barry, knowing that he would do anything in his power to comfort her and confront the one who hurt her it was simply impossible for her not rely on him as they were a couple for two years. She heard him speed off somewhere, she stayed behind for a few minutes not hearing anything outside, she got up and left the building.

As she started walking towards her car, she felt she was being watched so she began to walk faster towards her car but before she got there, a hand was put on her mouth. She began to struggle against the yellow-claded body.

"If you value your worthless life, then you wouldn't scream Dr. Snow."

As she heard the voice, she stopped resisting but froze instantaneously. She remembered that voice. It was the man who haunted Barry's dreams for the longest of time. He took away his mother, and she feared that he will kill her as well.

As if he could read her mind he chuckled at her. "Don't worry, Ms. Snow. I won't kill you yet, but you will come with me willingly if you like it or not." Then he flashed away with her.

Barry stops at a lake near by STAR Labs thinking that he's messed up something so valuable that Caitlin doesn't want to be married to him but he wouldn't stop fighting for her no matter what. He returns to the lab, finding nothing but a messy cortex with no Caitlin around him what so ever. He flashes around the lab in order to find her but she is nowhere to be found. He then turns towards her desk and finds that the camera was pointing at him and that the screen was on.

"Hello Flash." That voice. The voice that haunted him since childhood. The bastard who killed his mother and threatened to kill those Barry loved. Caitlin. He froze when he saw her. Such beauty that her eyes held when she was happy, but now held fear and surrounded with the redness of her eyes that contrast with the light brown eyes that he loved so much. But the violent vibration of the haunted voice brought him back from his love. "I see that you have not changed at all from the last time we have fought. Always depended on love to win the violence. But I have news for you" as he said that he brought out a kitchen knife that looked similar to the one that was lodged in Nora Allen's chest. Barry's eyes widened with the thought of seeing his girlfriend also facing the same fate just as his mother did.

"What do you want from me?" exclaimed Barry,

A whimper was heard from Caitlin when Reverse Flash laughed manically. "What I want is you to be dead, but that is something I am quiet sure I may not get. So why not get something else that will kill you very slowly. Watching the woman you love die in front of you."

Caitlin whimpered out "No, he doesn't love me. You have the wrong woman Thawne." Both men looked down at her, well one of them and the other looking at her through the screen. Barry was shocked. She thought that he didn't love her. "I'm sorry Barry. I can't do this-s I wanted to tell you that it has always been Iris who you are destined to be with, not me. I am just an obstacle getting in the way of your true happiness. I love you Barry."

A malicious laugh stopped the emotional moment. "I'm sorry to hear that the Flash's heart is being broken already even without me doing anything. Why Ms. Snow, who would have thought that you are so cold." Reverse Flash looks up at the helpless Barry Allen and flashes him a malicious grin. "See that Allen, she truly is one of a kind right? Like in your speech right? Is she truly worth saving her from your worst nightmare? I dare you to find us, but if you don't want to I'll keep her safe and loved. Goodbye now." And with that the screen turns black.

It took him about two hours with the help of Cisco and Felicity in order to find where Caitlin was being held. As soon he found it, he flashed there without his uniform, he didn't care what he was wearing, he needed to get her back no matter what.

"Well look who decided to join the party, Ms. Snow." Barry turned around eyes widening from what he has seen. His Caitlin in a cage with bruises on her arms and legs. Her eyes: red and puffy full of unshedded tears. She was whimpering, but once she saw Barry all the unshedded tears started streaming down her bruised face.


"I was simply getting her ready for you. Unless you don't want her anymore."


"I want you dead. Simple as that."

"What does she have to do with this?" whispered Barry.

"She is my key to breaking you. And from what I am seeing I think I made a good choice." Thawne looked towards her and twistedly grinned.

"This is between us, not her. Please leave her alone." pleaded Barry.

"Of course." He lets the cage door open and Barry ran toward her unlocking all the chains that held her. He quickly hugged, feeling that this is all a dream. She hugged him back.

"Cait... Cait. Oh my God, I am so sorry." cried Barry quietly. "I love you."

"I love you too Barry. And I'm sorry for all this." cried back Caitlin. She opened her eyes and looked up at Barry. She smiled warmly at him and whispered the one word Barry has wanted to her. Yes. He looked up smiling at her too. He knew that if she ever doubted him, he'll do anything in order to make it up to her. No matter what. With that he grabbed her and flashed their way out.

Two years later

The red streak passed through the busy night streets of Central City, zig zagging towards STAR Labs, stopping in front of the statue of a woman with her hands on her hips, with her head held high. Looking at the name Caitlin Snow, the man in red took off his mask and kneeled down next to the statue as he put his hand on the ground tears flowing down his face. When he finally got her back, he beg telling her that what she saw was not the truth that he would never hurt her in anyway, she believed him and finally said yes to him. But like always, life is always unfair.

But after the first month the engagement, he came back home excitedly wanting to see his fiancee, but instead got home to see a bloody mess. He ran to her, holding her close as he can. He took out his cellphone called 9-1-1. All her blood smothering his shirt as he stroke her beautiful brownish-red hair, murmuring incoherently waiting for the police department to arrive. And when they did, he was escorted outside and taken to the police station. He knew who did this to her. The bastard let her go and he didn't even think of the consequences of that action.

For so long he has tried to be strong for everyone, looking like a tough indestructible man that everyone saw him, but in the inside he was broken. He's done everything to keep looking towards the future that now he has on his own without her now.

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