My Demons

A/N 1: It's been a while since I've made a one shot for this! But because I have nothing to do on a Friday night, I decided to make this. This one was inspired by the song My Demons by Starset. It's a good song, you should listen to it!

Disclaimer: I don't own them! Like seriously, I don't.

"You are pathetic, Flash. You think you will win against me by playing with my emotions, when I could easily defeat you with that?" chuckles the mercenary holding his rifle gun while walking towards the fallen hero. "You don't know anything about me, while I know everything about you Barry Allen. I know your likes, dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses."

Barry helplessly stayed on the ground his body felt like it was lead with all the bruises and scratches that he has. He couldn't move at all. He heard his footsteps getting closer to him and the safety of a sniper rifle, he felt the mouth of the weapon on the back of his head. He closed his eyes waiting for the gun to go off and the promethium bullet to shatter his brain, but instead was hit in the head with the mouth of the gun. He was on the verge of blacking out when he heard the familiar wind that an arrow makes when it is being shot, it hit the rifle away from Deathstroke* the Terminator's hand and thrown across the room. The thing Barry heard was Green Arrow yelling at Black Canary* to get Flash out of here.

It has been about two days later when Barry Allen woke up with a familiar scene, a rough bed under him supporting him, a soft pillow on his head, a number of wires all on his chest, and a terrible pain in the back of his head. He couldn't believe that he had lost and was almost killed.

'Because Flash, your weakness is that pathetic heart of yours. Feelings are always a weakness.'

Deathstroke's words repeated in his mind, his love for his girlfriend and friends got in the way of being a hero. Sometimes he wonders how Batman does it, how he is able to defeat the bad guys without his feelings interfering. He tried to quickly look around but his neck didn't like the movement he attempted to do, ending up groaning loudly in pain.

The clanks of heels were heard from outside the room and were getting closer. He slowly moved his head to the direction of the door and met the soft, worried brown eyes of his doctor/girlfriend Caitlin Snow. She walked up to his bed, sitting and grabbing onto his hands bringing them to her heart.

"Thank God, you're okay. You had me worried, Barry." whispered Caitlin.

Barry looked at her with conflicting emotions; he wanted to smile at the comfort of her presence while he wanted to rip all the wires off of him and hunt down the mercenary who put him in the bed in the first place. He chose the latter; he sat up quickly ignoring the pain and Caitlin's voice telling him to lay back down. Getting up from the bed, he walked toward his uniform and was about to take off his shirt, but was stopped by a gentle hand on his left arm.

"Barry... What's wrong? Talk to me."

Barry sighed and shook his head. "Nothing is wrong, Cait. I just need to think out this plan to catch Deathstroke."

Caitlin moved her hand from his arm to his left cheek. "That's not it Barry. A relationship needs communication, so talk to me Barry."

The hero sighed once again. "Deathstroke said that the only reason why I can't beat him was that emotions are a weakness; I couldn't beat him because he threatened to hurt my loved ones." He lowered his head for he didn't want to see the sad brown eyes of his beloved doctor. "I failed because I let my emotions get in the way and nearly got me killed."

"You don't always have to win Barry. You need to plan everything out carefully, you don't have to do this alone. You have the whole team to help you," she then puts her other hand where his heart is. "I am here to help you too, Barr."

In the first time since Barry woke up, he looked into her hazel brown eyes with love and smiled at her. "What would I do without you, Dr. Snow?"

She smiled lovingly at him, and gave him a sweet kiss on his lips. "Dunno. But I'm glad I'm here."

He replies with a kiss of his own.

*In my opinion, if there is a villain who can take down the Flash who doesn't have powers it has to be Deathstroke (I know that there are others, but I know more about him sooooo yeah), only the one from the DC comics version not the one from the Arrow show.

*Yes, I kept Laurel Lance alive! I love her character too much to forget about her.