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*the June before Jessie was found on the street, for Jessie and end-of-season-two for Lab Rats*

Chase's POV

I turned around as I heard the doors to the lab open and Mr. Davenport walk in, "Hello guys!" he said to Adam, Bree and I, his arms wide. "What do you need?" Bree asked, "Oh, I don't need anything, it's my friend Morgan Ross that needs—"

"Woah, woah, back up!" Adam said, interrupting Davenport, "Adam I am talking don't—" Then Adam interrupted Davenport again, "You know Morgan Ross?! Didn't he direct Galactapus?!" I rolled my eyes, "Yes Adam he did now—" Suddenly Bree interrupted me, "Isn't he married to Christina Ross? I love her clothing line!" I then spoke up, "Would you guys stop interrupting Mr. Davenport so that he can tell us what Morgan Ross needs?!" all became quiet for a second until Davenport started talking again.

"Anyway, the Ross family is coming down to California for a vacation and Morgan and Christina want to go out for a day, but they are between nannies and need a temporary nanny for their kids, and I told him one of you would do it!" he stated. Adam and I swiveled our head to Bree, "What are you looking at me for?!" she said putting her hands up, "Well nannies are girls," I said, "Not true! There could be mannies," Adam said, "Then why don't you do it Adam?" Bree asked. "No! I am not leaving Adam alone with some 10, 11 year old kids for a day! And I am sure Morgan would agree with me," Davenport cut in. "Well why don't you have Leo do it?" Bree asked, "I already asked, he doesn't want to, and Tasha isn't allowing it, and he hasn't had the best track record with… well anything," Davenport answered. "Well, Leo's out, Adam's out… It's either Bree or me, and I am nominating Bree" I said, "When do we need to do it?" Bree asked with a sigh, "Friday," Davenport answered. "Oh, I can't do then I'm uh… going out with Catlin," Bree said. All eyes turned to me, "I-I can't! Do you know how crazy those kids are?! They've been through 6 nannies already this year and its only June!" I insisted, "You have to Chase," Davenport said, I hesitated, "Fine," I said grumpily.

The week flew by faster then I wanted it to and soon it was Friday and I was driving to where the Rosses were staying. When I drove up to the house I had to double check the address because in front of me was a huge stone cottage, a long driveway lead up to it, and when I got out of the car I could see the ocean to my left. When I rang the doorbell a fat, rather old looking man answered the door, "Oh, another one…" he said grumpily, "Who is it Bertram?" a man's voice called, and a tall man with dark hair came around the corner. "Oh it's the Davenport boy!" Morgan Ross said, "Come on in."

I stepped into the house and looked around, I was expecting the place to be a lot bigger, but then again that might be because I live with Donald Davenport. "My name's Chase," I reminded him, "Oh yes, sorry," Morgan said absently, suddenly two girls ran down the staircase, "Give me back my doll!" the shorter one yelled, the taller one turned around, her blonde hair almost hitting face, "You stop using my hairbrush!" she said and ran off into another room.

"Come on Christina, Chase is here we need to be going!" Mr. Ross called up the stairs, "EMMA, ZURI, LUKE, and RAVI! Come here!" A few moments passed until the two girls came back from the other room and two boys came running down the stairs and stood in front of Mr. Ross. "Ok kids, this is Chase, he will be your… um… manny for today and tomorrow. Chase, this is Emma," he gestured to the blonde girl; she looked like she was the oldest, probably 12 or so with blonde hair that reached her shoulders. "… This is Zuri," Mr. Ross continued, and pointed at the other girl, she looked like she was the youngest, no older than 7 probably, with thick brown curly hair that also reached her shoulders and kind of dark skin. "And those two are Luke and Ravi," he said, pointing to each in turn. Luke seemed to be 11 or so and had short brown hair with freckles scattered across his face, Ravi was a rather short boy and was probably around Luke's age, maybe a bit younger, with tan skin and had a bowl-style haircut. "Nice to meet all of you," I said.

Just then I saw Christina come down the stairs and walk over to Morgan, "Lets' get going," she said, Morgan turned back to me, "Chase, if you need anything ask Bertram, we will be gone until probably 8 tomorrow night, but we aren't sure, bye!" he said and walked out the door with his wife.

When I turned back to the four kids they just looked at me in astonishment, interest and horror. "A manny!?" Emma exclaimed, "And he's not even much older than me!" she added, "For your information I am 16," I retorted, "Does that mean you can drive?" Ravi asked, "Yes," I replied, just then I saw a large lizard come around the corner. "Ok, guys don't panic, but there is a giant lizard behind you," I said, trying to stay calm myself, they all turned around and Luke said, "Oh, that's just Mr. Kipling, Ravi's lizard!" I was frozen in shock. What have in signed myself up for!?


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