A/N: Prompt from OTP Prompts on Tumblr- Person A can read minds and Person B is always thinking about kissing them.

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Yuu had the stupidest smile on his face all throughout school that day, and Mika couldn't help but stare at him.

He couldn't pinpoint it, but there was something about Yuu's face- maybe his bright green eyes, shining with happiness all the time, or his bright smile- that made him just so happy inside. Every time he looked at Yuu, he could feel butterflies in his stomach, his heart beat just a little faster, and his mind went fuzzy. He couldn't think straight at all.

God, he wanted to kiss Yuu so badly.

It was all he could think about anymore; that was why nothing came out right around him now. Normally, Mika was very warm and happy, and very close to Yuu, but ever since he had realized that he was in love with him, he had unintentionally started becoming more distant. It hurt both of them, Mika could tell, but he just didn't know how to deal with his feelings and he had no one to talk to about them. He couldn't talk to Yuu's friends, because they would tell him, and he felt sure that Yuu would reject him outright. Yuu only saw him as a brother and would think Mika's feelings for him were disgusting, and then he would leave. Mika couldn't bear that happening, but by god, did he want to kiss Yuu.

He wanted to feel his lips, to run his hands up and down Yuu's body, to hear Yuu moan into his mouth as Mika slowly kissed him. He wanted to explore Yuu's mouth with his own tongue, feel him shudder under his hands as he laid them both down-

Mika cut off his thoughts sharply. He wasn't supposed to think of doing that sort of thing with the person who was supposed to be his brother! Especially not while he was at school!

He buried his head in his arms and sighed, sitting there at his desk; he needed to just stop thinking about Yuu. Mika could sense that his little crush was going to get him in trouble someday.

Yuu frowned a little at hearing Mika's last thoughts, but then realized it was only normal. Mika did have a habit of beating himself up over the smallest things, and well, this was kind of a big thing, so Mika felt worse about it than other things. But the question is, how do I fix this?

Yuu wasn't afraid of much, but one thing he did fear was losing Mika for good. He didn't know what he would do without him, so he didn't want to let him get away. He had realized a long time ago that he was completely in love with Mika, but he had obviously handled his feelings a lot better. He panicked a little bit when he realized what the butterflies-in-the-stomach, heart-pounding, fuzzy-brain, blushy symptoms meant, but got over it, because Mika was more important to him than anyone else. His were always the thoughts that Yuu focused on when those of the rest of the school got to be too much to handle, and he could always go to Mika when he needed to be patched up after a fight with Kimizuki. And every time he did, Yuu fell for Mika a little bit more.

Yuu sighed and decided not to worry about it for the time being. Someday, he would let Mika know that he loved him too, and that his feelings were not unrequited. Someday, he would tell Mika his greatest secret, that he was a mind reader. And someday, he would give Mika the kiss he'd so been craving.

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