The War of The Ring, Character Info 1

Mythynica: A goddess who came to the mortal realm to help those in need. She has experienced countless battles during the Clone Wars, and now she has to travel to Middle Earth to help fight another. She is in possession of multiple magical weapons that start glowing at the sound of a god or goddess' name. Her aim with a bow and skill with a sword go unmatched by any.

Irisa: Mythynica's sister and also a goddess, she only appears briefly in this tale. She scorns at nonhumans (not including elves), and does not understand why Mythynica would want to go to Coruscant. She likes to rely on her magical powers and does not like bladed weapons.

Dragonia: Mythynica and Irisa's sister, she, like them, is a goddess. Her powers over water play a vital role in this tale. She can use practically any weapon, has a way with animals and feels that all beings should be treated equally.
Clarisse La Rue: Daughter of Ares, she can be violent and caring at the same time. Being the child of a war god, she sometimes thinks that everything can be solved by fighting.

Thalia Grace: Daughter of Zeus and Lieutenant of the Hunters of Artemis, she chose to become and eternal maiden so that Percy could fulfil the first Great Prophecy. She has powers over lightning and wind, though she has a fear of heights(probably due to being a pine tree for seven years).

Percy Jackson: Son of Poseidon, he plays a small role in this story, even though he is the main character in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series(like, duh). He has powers over water and slight control over lightning and poison.