Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoy this story I couldn't get it out of my head (one of the reason's I haven't updated my other stories) so here it is. Jatyta pronounced j-tie-e-tah and Nettani pronounced net-t-ah-knee

their last name is Witonackin pronounced wha-tone-ah-kin. Atlantean


"Nettani Witonackin. Jatyta Witonackin. Having passed the age of one thousand both of you have entered your names into the list of those seeking to go on a Power Quest. Your names have been chosen. The Arch of Possibilities will choose the planet for your Quest. You have five days to prepare youselves and set your things in order. You will be expected at the Arch of Possibilites on the dawn of the 6th day." Said the Three Fates.

Nettani and I nodded keeping our face's expressionless standing up straight and not moving our eyes from the spot we had fixed them as soon as our names had been called. However as soon as we got behind the closed and soundproof door's of our ajoined rooms we both broke into smile's and screams of excitment. "I can't believe we got chosen at the same time!" I screamed happily jumping around Nettani's room.

"This is so ethereal!" Nettani screamed back as we bounced around her room and mine. Finally we started to calm down as the knowledge of what was happening finally sunk in fully. I moved to Nettani's full length mirror and stared at myself knowing that in five day's I would no longer be me. I took in my turquoise hair that gradually grew into a dark navy blue with it's streaks of gold and silver that was in dozen's of braids right now. I gently touched my pointed ears, and memorized my carmel colored skin with it's silver, black and violet ruins. My azure eyes flecked with gold, stared back at me as I traced the small scar that runs from the center of my chin onto my full bottom lip. Lastly I resolved to walk around and memorize the way things looked from my height of 6 feet.

Nettani seemed to realize what I was doing and she came over and stood next to me infront of the mirror. I looked at her, making sure to memorize her features just as I had done to my own features, in five day's timing we would no longer be ourselves. And if we messed up we might never be our trueselves ever again.

Her hair flowed down past her thighs it's started out dark green which changed to light green which grew white towards the tips. She had pointed ears like mine and carmel colored skin with several turquoise and white ruins. Emearld green eyes with flecks of gold and standing at 5 feet nine inches tall, she was one of the most beautiful woman on Atlantis.

We stared at each other feeling both incredibaly happy and scared at the same time. "If one or neither of us complete the Quest...' Nettani started to say, 'It doesn't matter we will kill our assimilated creatures at the same time, either way." I replied. Nettani nodded and we smiled at each other before there was a buzz telling us someone was at Nettani's door.

I got up and headed for my room, "You can stay Jatyta." Nettani said as she got up to open the door. I turned towards her with a smile, "Nah. Their your parents and they will want time alone with you. Dad will come see me after I'm sure." I said. Nettani nodded in recongnition of that statement and I went into my room, shutting the door that ajoined Nettani's room with mine allowing them privacy.

The five day's passed quickly as I wrote out who got what of my things if I didn't come back from the Power Quest. It was just a formaility we would have to hand it into the King before we stepped through the Arch so I decided to prepare it instead of putting it off. After I finished writting it I didn't really have anything else I needed to do so I decided to explore Atlantis as far as I could so I would have memories to tide me over.

Soon the dawn of the 6th day came and we were dressed in the white Ceramony dresses, our hair was combed and left free. We weren't allowed to take anything from Atlantis with us except for our weapons which we choose before we left so we were left bare of anything else.

"Nettani Witonackin. Approach the table of the Un-named and choose your weapon." Said Tekaniesias (Tea-khan-i-e-sigh-es) King of Atlantis.

Nettani walked up to the table and chose her weapon, a spear made of the bone of a Laviathan and inlaid with precious jewels. After she chose her weapon she walked over to stand on the left side of the Arch of Possibilites. Then it was my turn.

"Jatyta Witonackin. Approach the table of the Un-named and choose your weapon."

I walked up to the table and looked over the large spread of weapons before I felt the connection to a certain pair of weapons. Twin swords made from the bone of a Leviathan and inset with mirror pieces so I could see around me at all angles in a fight.

"Nettani Witonackin. Jatyta Witonackin. As soon as you step into the Arch you will be transported to an unknown place next to two creatures that are dying. You will have one hundred and twenty-three years to complete the Power Quest. If you have not completed the Quest or killed the other's assimilated creature you will be stuck on that planet for the rest of your existance. May you both complete your Quest successfully." King Tekaniesias said.

Nettani and I both bowed to the King and offered him our scrolls which had our wishes for all our possessions in them. He accepted them and we bowed to each other before turning and entering the Arch of Possibilites at the same time.

There was a blinding white light that caused me to want to close my eyes as tight as possible but I knew I had to keep them open I didn't know what would be happening wherever we were sent and I didn't want to risk getting injuried right off the bat. That's why I assimilated first. My sister, Nettani assimilated seconds afterwards. The first bit of knowledge I got was that the planet was called Earth, her name was Kita, she was a Priestess, she was dying and she had just mortally wounded the Vampire Queen, her enemy.

"Oh no!" Was all I could say as I ran as fast as I could away from my sister and within minutes I was fully assimilated into the human Priestess Kita and my beloved older sister Nettani was now the Vampire Queen and my enemy.

It took me two years to be able to push past the human Kita's memories and thoughts and remember who I really was. Then I walked from place to place until I enetered New York City. I partied everyday, not many people knew that I was a Priestess since I was once of the first group the church sent out. However after ten years of dancing, singing and drinking I knew I had to go out and start fighting the vampires. The Kita in me insisted on it.

After the spending the next forty six years going from place to place and making my stay time shorter and shorter as I was no longer welcomed and people began to look at me with fear and anger so I never stayed in one place longer then a few days' at most and I kept traveling by myself.

Then 72 years later my life changed when I met Hicks, Lucy, Priest and Priestess in a small abandonded town while they were surrounded by vampires.

I heard a female voice screaming in fear and without a second thought I lept into action. Cutting my way through the vampires I reached the girl just in time to kill the vampire before it bit her. "Here use this." I said shoving Nettani's spear (which I had grabbed all those years ago before I bolted out of the hive) into her hands.

"My dad, boyfriend and friend are around here somewhere. We need to find them and help them!" She hollered at me as she shoved the spear at a vampire that got to close to her. "First take a deep breath, second tell me your name, holler their names and let them know your alive and safe tell them to holler back so we can find them. My name is Kita by the way." I said trying to keep her calm.

"My name is Lucy. Dad! Hicks! Priestess! I'm safe there's another Priestess here and she's helping me. Can you holler so we can find yous?" Lucy hollered out.

Three other voices hollered back, two male and one female and we found them and got in a small circle around Lucy since she obviously didn't know how to weild a spear. After almost all of the vampires were killed and the rest had run away because the sun was coming up, we introduced ourselves to each other and seeing as how we all had the goal of finding the Vampire Queen we decided to travel together.