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I stretched then slowly blinked my eyes open as I tried to shake off the sleepiness that was clinging to me still. It was only after my eyes were opened did I realize the reason for Hick's and Lucy's strange morning behavior as I stared down into the eyes of conflicted eyes of Priest in surprise from where I was sitting on his stomach.

I blinked several times and then rubbed the back of my neck in embarrassment, "Your surprisingly comfortable Priest." I said with a grin as I stood up before reaching down to help him up. After helping him stand up I stepped back a couple of feet and began to stretch, I was surprised to note that the sun was already up past the horizon. I hadn't slept that long in many, many years.

After I stretched and they ate breakfast, which was a quieter affair then normal as they all seemed to be in shock at the sight they had seen this morning…or afternoon as it turned out to be, we all jumped on our bikes which I kindly loaded while they had been eating and we all took off. However this time we finally made it to a town before nightfall, this particular town had one hundred and forty three people who lived in it and all of us had the feeling that this town was going to be the next stop for the hungry vampires that we were chasing as there were three hives close by the town. Hick's being the law-man in the group immediately told the town Sheriff that the small town was going to be attacked the Sheriff ignored his warnings so Hicks and Lucy went through the town warning every individual they saw.

Thankfully the people who lived the town were a lot smarter than their Sheriff and took our warning seriously and they all gathered together into a single building close to the center of the town and used things to cover the windows and doors so we could protect them all except the Sheriff who ignored us and stayed in his house. I took to the roof of the building as Priest and Priestess created fires at the four corners about twenty feet from the building so we could see when the vampires came. Sure enough as the sky began to darken I saw movement farther out then the human eye could see, squinting I tilted my head to further zero in on the movement. I felt my eyes widen in surprise at the sheer number of vampires that were running towards us, "Their coming!" I shouted down keeping my voice steady as Priest, Priestess, Lucy and Hicks took up their positions below it was decided that I would be a free agent, moving around to help as needed while the others would stay in certain positions. "What about the Sheriff?" Lucy asked concerned. "He chose his fate." I replied coldly as I pulled out my swords.

As the vampires came closer and closer I called out their positions to the four on the ground so they knew how to take care of the first wave, however the second wave was to close behind the first so I jumped down from the roof and helped, mainly Lucy and Hicks, kill every vampire that tried to get into the building we were protecting. The fight was long and we all bore wounds and the splattered black blood that belonged to the vampires.

Instincts told me to get to the roof of the building so I quickly beheaded the one coming at me before jumping up to the roof. Using vampires that were currently mid-air as stepping stones as I sliced them up while pushing off of their bodies and within seconds I landed on-top of the roof. Running to the opposite side while keeping my eyes open I got there just in time to catch a vampire who was trying to jump over from the roof of another building. Seeing as how they were getting smarter, I let loose on my control and got more violent.

I heard my blades singing their song of death as I twirled them and danced around with the disgusting vampires who tried to swarm me. One snapped at me, however I was already out of its reach and beheaded it with a beautiful single stroke that I continued out and then brought down in a horizontal line that split the stomach of another one opened causing its insides to fall out. My thought process was singular and repetitive, "Keep the building safe."

Time was meaningless to me as I enjoyed the feeling of slicing through the growling bodies that charged towards me continuously. I could feel my lips pulled back baring all of my teeth in a feral smile of enjoyment as slick black blood flecked up and landed on my face as it sprayed from the headless body that fell and was quickly replaced with two more. I twirled my blades in my hands, feeling at ease with the light burning feeling that was starting to emanate from my muscles as I hadn't used them so much for a while. A group of six vampires circled me and charged me, laughing I jumped up just as they landed where I had been while in the air I twirled my body so I was coming down head first. Holding one sword out as I spun while gravity pulled me down I used the other one to cut the soft bodies apart.

I paused when I realized there were no more coming at me and surveyed my surroundings only to find the beginning rays of the sun to be coming over the horizon and starting to light up the world. Pursing my lips sadly, I twirled my swords again before flicking them to get most of the black blood off before taking off and jumping down off the roof landing in a crouch with ease I stood up and tossed the sword in my left hand into my right hand and ran my left hand through my hair which had fallen out of its messy bun.

It was down to my waist as I had left it alone for several years, sighing in annoyance as I found pieces of vampire in it I grabbed one of my clean daggers and after setting my swords down by feet, I wanted to clean them before I put them away, I grabbed my hair and raised it over my head. With a single clean cut across I cut it off so it fell in layers down my head the last layer laying an inch above my shoulders. With that gone I tossed my useless hair to the ground and picked my swords back up and went to find the others.

As we re-grouped and made sure none of us had suffered any major wounds we began to remove the vampire's bodies that were littering the desert ground in front of the door so the people could get out. It took us several minutes as I had cut some arms and legs off along with the numerable heads and split in half bodies that were already beginning to burn in the sunlight.

Finally we removed the last one and I pounded on the door and hollered to let them know that they were safe and the sun was up so they could come out. With that I went back in the direction we had left our bikes intent on cleaning my swords and putting them away then possibly finding enough water to take a shower as I was covered with dust, sweat and black blood of the dead vampires. Upon reaching our bikes I pulled out my sword cleaning kit and began to lovingly caress my swords and free them from the grime that was coating them.

I had just finished cleaning them and put them in their sheaths on my back when Priest came up to me. I honestly didn't think that he would say anything however he surprised me by speaking up, "How long have you been a priestess?" He asked his deep blue eyes piercing me as though looking at my soul. I tilted my head to the side eyeing him for a moment before I pushed myself up off of the ground wiping of my butt to get rid of the dirt while keeping eye contact. "For several years now." I said with a straight face.

I saw the slightest movement around his left eyebrow and felt my lips twitch as I realized that I had just made him move a facial muscle that he probably hadn't move in at least ten years. "Do you think they would let me take a bath in one of their houses?" I asked nodding towards the town we had saved, not really expecting an answer so I was surprised when I heard him say, "Probably. You are the main reason they are safe."

I raised my eyebrow and turned slightly towards him, "We all contributed to their survival of the night." I stated firmly before walking towards the town and asking the first person I saw if I could take bath. As it turned out she was the daughter of a clothing merchant and had a ton of half-finished clothes and materials that she willingly let me make use of as I waited for the bath tub to fill up. Not wanting to touch anything with my filthy hands I asked her if she would mind putting the material I chose as well the half-finished pants, shirt, needle and thread in the bathroom on the sink counter so I could sew everything after I was cleaned. She happily agreed and took up the material and needle and thread and placed it on the sink counter and after making sure I had two towels to dry off with she left me alone in the bathroom.

I didn't stay in the bath for long as I hurried to scrub all the grime and blood off of me not wanting to stay in the water that was now filthy. I pulled the plug in the tub letting it drain while I dried myself off a bit before wrapping the towel around me and then moving to the counter and picking up the half-finished shirt only then realizing I didn't have a clean place to lay out the material I decided to leave the bathroom as the only other person in the house was that women.

Carrying the material needle and thread out of the bathroom I went into the room nearest the bathroom and found a dresser that I could lay the clothes out on I placed the shirt on the dresser and put everything else on a near-by chair.

Twenty minutes later I pulled on the finished product a black tank-top with a silver jean crop-top button up over it and a pair of long black spandex pants with a black layered elastic material miniskirt over the pants. And to finish off the outfit a pair of black waterproof combat boots that I pulled out of a very dusty and old box that had been shoved into one of the corners of the room.

Finally ready I walked down the stairs pausing for a second as I caught sight of myself in a mirror right beside the steps. For a second I stared at the familiar face and figure that even now I felt slightly out of place in before shaking it off and walking down the stairs and out the door back to the bikes.

It took several more weeks of travel before we finally came across the reason that the vampires were able too appear and terrorize villages and disappear before the sun came out when there were no near by caves. It was a human male who was also a vampire. When I came to that knowledge I felt sick in my stomach but was hopeful that my sister had nothing to do with it. However all of my hope was lost when Lucy told me about the man and how he had kidnapped her. When I remarked about the symbol on his forehead and how it looked like he had been marked by the church as well Priest told me that he had. And I knew then, my sister had created the hybrid. Lost in sorrow at this knowledge I became quiet and withdrawn as we continued forward towards my sister, the Vampire Queen. By creating the hybrid she had crossed over the line, if anyone at home learned of this she would be cast out into a dying planet as punishment for being mentally weak enough to succumb to such a thing. I knew I had to do something, I could not let her be sent home only to die. There and then I made a decision one that I would never go back on.

As more day's passed by and turned into weeks I slowly began to grow closer to Priest as I had him train with me daily. I wanted to know how he moved so I knew what he was going to do by what actions he made so I could get between him and my sister. I was going to try Priestess next but she refused to have anything to do with me so I settled for watching her while we killed all the vampires we came across and any familiars who attacked us. I also continued my training with Lucy who easily surpassed Hicks and was now about the same level as Priestess and Priest.

Then one night while training close combat away from the others with Priest something happened that I did not expect. We kissed. Afterwards we said nothing about it but it continued to happen while we were away from the others and sometimes when we were near the others but out of their current sight. We said nothing of what was happening and we acted no differently around the others but I think Priestess might have suspected. That's probably why when we finally found the cave with the Vampire Queen and about two hundred vampires including the hybrid she paired herself up with me and then halfway through our sweep of the first cavern she abandoned me.

Caught between wanting to smack Priestess or roll my eyes at her jealous stupidity which had dictated her actions I froze hearing a faint noise from deeper in the cavern. As silently as I could I made my way forward continuing past the first cavern and into a large tunnel that led into a second cavern. Reaching the second cavern my eyes landed on the Vampire Queen, I crouched and watched waiting for my chance to get her alone which happened sooner then I had thought it would as what looked like two hundred vampires including the hybrid left the large cavern and headed out to where the others were coming in.

She snarled at me, saliva dripping from her fangs as she stood to her full height and when I didn't receive an answer from her other than that, tears blurred my vision before escaping and trailing down my face. "I will send you home sister, I promise you will be yourself again soon." I promised her in the language of our homeland and for a second her entire presence seemed to resonate with longing and peace and then that moment was over and she was charging towards me.

I fought her keeping myself between her and the open cave that led into the first cavern where I could hear the others fighting the vampires and the hybrid. Two hours of fighting it took but finally I managed to mortally wound the Vampire Queen with my swords just as she used her talons to stab me in the stomach. I fell to the ground as large gust of wind blew me backwards away from the fallen Vampire Queen.

I winced a bit but managed to smile with my whole heart and face as I stared up into the over-flowing eyes of my sister wearing the long white dress and back in her physical body, looking just as she had when we had been sent here almost 123 years ago. Reaching up I cupped her face gently with my palm, ignoring the blood I was smearing onto her face as I struggled to speak, "You tell them it was me." I said, making sure she knew I was serious, her eyes widened and she began to shake her head, "NO! They will abandon you here and you will never be whole again!" She cried. I smiled softly feeling the life draining out of me, "Tani, I was never going to go back. I found" I said softly turning my gaze towards the soul mate that I would never get to have as Priest and the others ran into the large cavern before stopping in shock at the sight of me and Nettani who was kneeling beside me.

"But! But that's even more reason-…" Nettani's voice trailed off as she saw me shake my head as much as I could in a negative manner my hand sliding a bit off of her face as I began to grow too weak to hold it up. "He doesn't know and I'm not going to tell him, he deserve's a happy life and I can feel mine ending… take care of.. our dad and shower love…on our… younger siblings and….be..happy." I said my voice starting to falter as my eyes grew heavy and feeling slipped away from my body.

I felt like I was floating in the middle of a warm pool, peace enveloped me from all sides as I sunk further and further into the darkness. I could feel myself growing cold and I knew this was the end I was going to die when out of nowhere a sharp pain stabbed me in the chest causing me to cry out as the peace and warmth vanished and I was jerked back out of the blackness and into a sharp piercing light that surrounded me.

The body of the Priestess Kita burned away and my spirit was back into my original body. I looked down at my caramel toned skin with the silver, black and violet ruins that were generously placed all over my arms and back and stomach as well as my legs. Reaching up I gently touched my pointed ears before reaching up and pulling my hair over my shoulder taking in my turquoise hair that gradually grew into a dark navy blue with its streaks of gold and silver that was in dozens of braids. Letting my hair fall back over my shoulder I reached up and traced the small scar that runs from the center of my chin onto my full bottom lip.

Hearing gasps from behind me I twirled around, crouching slightly as I felt the ground beneath me for a weapon as I gazed at the threat that was now infront of me. Tilting my head I took in the strange pale creatures that were infront of me. They appeared as confused as I did however the oldest female seemed smug and the oldest male seemed to be fighting himself. Seeing that they didn't appear to be a threat I looked around the place I was currently standing. Confused and disoriented until my eyes landed on my sister Nettani who was holding her spear it's tip bloody and everything came back to me.

"Nettani!" I cried in our native language holding my arms open as I ran towards her,

"Jatyta!" Nettani called back dropping her spear and running towards me, we met in the middle and embraced each other.

"Where's Kita?!" Lucy demanded her voice causing Nettani and I to pull apart. Turning towards Lucy I stepped forward,

"Lucy, Kita was me. I am Jatyta Witonackin from the planet Atlantis, this is my older sister Nettani. I apologize for the deception." I replied the human language feeling odd coming from my mouth as it did not have the same musical tone's as my native language.

"What are you talking about? Your as tall as Priest, Kita was shorter then him. Your ears are pointed, Kita had normal human ears, Kita was in short a human and you are not!" Hicks said causing me to roll my eyes while I crossed my arms a move that I had used in my Kita form many times.

"Well done Hicks. Clearly I'm not human. Care to state another obvious fact for the others?" I asked dryly in annoyance.

Nettani was confused as her being the Vampire Queen hadn't given her the opportunity to learn English and asked me what I was saying. Turning my head slightly I was going to start telling her what we were saying when Priest's voice caught my attention,


Turning towards him I tensed a bit unsure of how he was going to react,

"I was her, yes." I replied watching to see how he would respond to my words.

I was unsure how to feel as Priest took a step forward and paused before he began walking towards me. He stopped a foot away from me and we stared at each other for a few moments before he said something softly, so softly that if I had been human I wouldn't have heard what he said.

"Alec?" I said at the same time he said, "Jatyta?"

A purple mist enveloped both of us and the world around us disappeared from view as we stared at each other and then the purple mist was gone and on the back of each of our left hands the ruin for 'love' that I had only seen on very few people back home as it was rare to find your soulmate, sat.

Stunned we stared at each other and then back at our left hands, an idea popped into my head and I held my left hand up palm out towards Alec, better known as Priest, who did the same. As soon as our hands touched it was like Alec's entire life poured into my head and I knew the same was true for him.


After the completion of the soul-bond between Alec and me, Priestess in a fit of rage jumped at me with her daggers in hand and to all of our surprise's Lucy defended me and got the better of Priestess with a move I hadn't taught her but had used around her before. After that both Nettani and I were called to go back home, I however refused to and Nettani refused to as well knowing that to go back home would be to walk to her death. We have been living on Earth as ourselves for two years now and Nettani has picked up the English language very fast and has to everyone's surprise found her own soul-mate in the hybrid she had created as the Vampire Queen.

Needless to say it took some getting used to. Lucy and Hicks broke up and Lucy found a man named Lin who was a perfect fit for her. They have now married. Priestess left us and went back to the city, none of us have heard from her since, Hicks left as well but on good terms with Lucy and all of us and he sometimes visits. All three of us, Alec and myself, Nettani and Cain (whom had been known as Black Hat before he told Nettani his name) and Lucy and Lin, live in a large compound that we made on the edge of a cliff face as Nettani and I can manipulate the elements we made three separate homes that all join together in the center and we have a large garden growing deep inside the bowels of a now extinct volcano. Sometimes when we ride out Nettani and I will create small oasis for creatures and humans alike and more and more people have started to live outside of the walled cities as the Alec bringing a vampires head before the congregation of a church and Monsignor Orelas convinced people that the church had been lying to them for a long time.

Right now however myself, Nettani and Lucy all have a surprise that we are hiding from the men as they leave today on a four day journey to exchange food for clothing material we need. But I can tell you journal, the three of us are pregnant! I can't wait to see the look on Alec's face when I tell him! Our family is expanding and I couldn't be happier.

Sometimes I miss Atlantis and my family and friends from there but I wouldn't leave Earth and my new family for the universe.