"James!" shouted Lily "I need your help"

"I'm coming," he yelled back. He heaved himself off the comfortable sofa and started up the stairs. Then came the sound of the door unlocking and the one face James had hoped to never see again stepped over the threshold.

"Lily he's here, grab Harry and run" a flash of green light later and James Potter lay motionless on the stairs. Lily heard his shout and lay Harry down in his crib

"Mummy and daddy love you, Harry, don't ever forget that!" She kissed the top of his head. The door banged open and Voldemort stepped into the room.

"Take my life and go. I don't care what happens to me, just don't kill Harry," she said standing protectively in front of the infant.

"Move aside" came the high, cold, cruel voice from under the hood. But Lily didn't move, a flash of light later and he moved his wand to Harry.

Half an hour later Lily stirred from where she was lying and looked around panicking for Voldemort but she couldn't see him. Confused she remembered what had happened and stood up quickly and looked for Harry, there was sitting up in his crib with a new scar on his forehead, she scooped him up in her arms laughing and crying her relief. Their disgruntled cat strolled in to the room looking fully intact, then she remembered her husband and still holding Harry she ran out of the room. She gasped as she spotted him.

She tested for a pulse and was very confused when she found one so she put Harry into a papoose, conjured a stretcher and a cage for the cat and apparated to St Mungo's.

After a while, a Healer walked up to her and informed her that James was going to be alright and that the curse just missed his heart, but they were doing all they could. Relieved Lily thanked her and lay back down on her bed with Harry in a crib next to her. Since he had fallen asleep she started to write out two letters one to Sirius and one to Lupin explaining what had happened and where they all were. She waited for a healer to give her the all clear then she left briefly to go to the post office in Hogsmede to find owls to deliver the messages.

Then went back to the hospital where a helpful healer brought the crib for Harry into James' room and asked

"Is it true, what everyone saying" Lily looked confused so he added

"That he who must not be named is gone and that Harry is responsible for it"? Lily sighed and thought to herself that she should probably get used to this sort of thing and replied

"I'm not sure I was unconscious at the time but I think so," the man stared at Harry and Lily with awe plain on his face then he rushed excitedly out of the room.

"Oh Wormtail what have you gotten us into" she murmured to herself. She heard the sounds of two pairs of feet running and voices arguing loudly, the door banged open and Sirius Black and Remus Lupin came skidding into the room.

Sirius was staring dumbstruck at James' motionless form whilst Remus walked over to them and flumped tiredly into a chair. Remus turned to Lily and asked

"What happened?" Lily then proceeded to tell the men, all of whom were listening intently, everything that had occurred.

"I'm going to kill him. I am going to hunt him down and kill him!" Sirius angrily said

"Who"? Remus asked

"Peter Pettigrew, of course" Sirius grumbled,

"I'll help you," Remus said standing up and rolling his sleeved up. It just occurred to Lily what they were saying, she was so tired from the days' events that she stopped listening,

"No don't" she said standing up. The two men turned around and looked at her with incredulous expressions on their faces.

"Why" Sirius said sharply "because he's not worth it. James wouldn't have wanted him dead! Besides, what Harry is going to think when he's old enough to understand when he finds out you both went to Azkaban over Peter?" Lily explained, wondering if she went too far with bringing Harry in to the argument.

Sirius sighed with the air of a defeated man and Remus just mumbled

"I suppose at the moment you're the only one with the right to decide but think about what he did!" "I did" she said "and I'd rather he went to Azkaban once we tell the minister about what happened. He'll go and find him" Lily added. Sirius seemed cheered up by that thought. Lily fell in to an uneasy sleep listening to the men's' conversation.

She came round briefly at the sound of the ministers' voice saying

"Sirius what happened" then she came round fully as he was finishing off the story

"Ah Lily I see your awake, I've come to tell you that a search has begun for the traitor Peter Pettigrew. Is there anything you can tell me that might help with the search?" asked the minister. The three of them exchanged glances, wondering whether to mention that he was an animagus but Sirius said

"No minister I can't think of anything"

"Nor can I" Remus and Lily both said at the same time. They weren't sure if the minister believed them, but he didn't press the matter, so they quickly changed the subject.