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It was utter devastation.

Everything was destroyed beyond repair.

Various craters filled the ground. The entire earth looked like it was split in half.

It was as if the entire place had just been used as a battlefield.

...Actually, it is.

Three people - or at least their forms resembled a human's - were surrounding a figure. It was kneeling on the ground with one knee, looking exhausted.

"...Grrh... like I would admit defeat in a place like this..." says the Wounded Dude in Armor.

"Hah, as expected of you. Even after facing all three of us, you still have some energy left," a Skimpily-dressed Lady says in a haughty tone.

An Old Guy with a Beard looks on with a stern expression settling upon his baggy and wrinkly face. "His title of strongest Overlord is not simply for show. I have to say I am impressed you had lasted this far. But alas, even you have your limits."

"Hahahahahahaha! You had it coming! With you gone, I'll be taking your title as the strongest! NOW SHRIVEL UP AND DIE!" The third one, arguably the youngest out of the three of them, was a man with a crazy look in his slanted eyes, who will be labelled as the Arrogant Prick.

The Wounded Dude in Armor, through extremely weakened, continues to persevere. "If you think I am simply going to let you lot finish me off here so easily, then you thought wrong! If I die, I will be taking you all with me! Huuuaaaarrrghh!"

Suddenly, the ground started to shake. A massive burst of power was starting to rise from within the Wounded Dude in Armor and was threatening to be released.

"Hah? What the he-"

"No way... is he planning to...!?"

"...This is not a good sign. Unless we find some way to subdue him, he will doom us all! This calls for drastic measures! We will have to seal him off!"

"But that's boring! I wanted to see him die!" the Arrogant Prick pipes up.

"If you want to meet a pathetic death so badly, then by all means, go ahead," the Skimpily-dressed Lady retorts.


As a strong aura was gathering around the three of them, a large rune appeared beneath the Wounded Dude in Armor.

"Wait... what're you-!?"

"Begone from this world, Momus!" the Old Guy with a Beard thunders.

The large rune started to emit an incredibly bright light, seemingly enveloping the Wounded Dude in Armor's figure, putting a halt to his attack. Before the light could completely swallow him, he let out his final words:


His last words were filled with agony.

The sheer rage he felt at this utter defeat was filling every fiber of his being. He will no doubt return to exact his vengeance to those very beings who dared to cross him.

For he is Momus, the Overlord of Destruction.

And it so happens, he is the fated protagonist of this story. God help us all.


He could feel a throbbing pain in his head. He attempted to clutch his head to try to hold it steady, but found difficulty in moving any of his limbs.


Wearily opening his eyes, the first thing he saw were various twinkling lights in the black sky above.

"So it is nighttime I see..."

But of course it is. What time other than night would the stars be visible?

"-! W-what in the-owowowow!"

Whoa there, don't just stand up so suddenly. Your body's still sore.

"Guh... why is my body in a state like this? It feels like as if I had taken a long nap and had just woken up..."

Actually, you guessed correctly.

"What do you mean by that, you invisible creature? I demand an explanation!"

Okay, first off, I am not an "invisible creature". I am the all-knowing, all-seeing person meant to witness and describe every single meaningless detail of your life, thoughts and actions in the most interesting way possible. In other words, I am the narrator of this story!

"Oh, so you are a storyteller of some sorts. I see. But you still have not answered my question."

Yes, I was just getting to that. Anyways, you have indeed been asleep for a long time. It actually happened a page ago, but you got sealed away by those three beings. You've been asleep this entire time, and only woke up now.

"...Sealed... three beings... Ah, that's right! How could I have forgotten such a crucial detail?! Those three fools had the gall to challenge me to a fight and resort to such a cowardly tactic by sealing me away! I must give them the appropriate retribution!"

Yes yes, I already mentioned on how their actions got your rage with that over-dramatic intro. But how are you going to do that with the way you are?

"Whatever could you possibly mean by that, All-Knowing One? I will deal with my enemies like I always have! By crushing every bit of their puny bones and annihilate everything to oblivion!"

...With the way you are now?

"Why do you keep on repeating your words in such a manner? Do you doubt my power? With one mere movement of my finger, I can send this entire forest to burn for all its worth! Hyaa!"




Ah, so you finally realized.

"M-my body... it's..."

I can't believe it only took you this long to see of what had become of you, but for our reader's sake I shall explain. Instead of being the intimidating, badass Overlord he should be, what is currently standing before me is a normal-looking red-eyed boy with a black skin-suit, walking around in the middle of a forest barefoot. Not to mention, a completely hard to miss fact is that gigantic antenna* sticking out from the top of his hair.

"Antenna? I cannot help it if it is part of my biological structure! That fact aside, how did my physical body deteriorate to such a state?! My powers do not seem to be responding to me, and why do I look so... eergh, human?"

Well, because you were sealed away for so long, your powers seemed to have gradually lessened as time passed by, therefore reducing you to that human-like appearance. Rest assured though, that you do have enough strength to combat normal foes.

A sudden rustling in the nearby bushes alerted him of somebody else's presence. A small bluish creature came bouncing out, just stopping within a few meters in front of the boy, its tongue sticking out playfully with its body constantly sloshing with every movement it made.

"What is this peculiar... creature?"

Hoh, a [Dogoo] I see. They are one of the most common enemies in this ga-er, story. For this monster to appear at such a convenient time... this could only mean that a [Tutorial] is in order!

"A what-"



Combat is all but a simple process. When you see an opponent in front of you, inflict every single amount of pain onto it until it fades away from existence.

(Of course, depending on the cutscene, the opponent may not necessarily disappear entirely)

(Also, for sensitive souls out there, monsters are made entirely out of data and will re-spawn in a set amount of time. So fear not, and have fun battling!)

"Hmph, no matter. Even in this weakened state I am in, such an insignificant creature is no match for me! Come, Diabolus!"

Thrusting his hand out in front of him, the very ground seemed to have distorted as a black portal swirled about, a demonic-looking sword rising from out of it. He grasped it on its hilt and cleaved it through the air as a showmanship of its power.

"Have at you!*"


Dashing forward with his sword at hand, he slashes at the Dogoo.




The Dogoo recoils from the impact of the sword, but retaliates with a tackle. He blocks its attempt with his sword, and counters with a great slash. It sends the monster pummeling to the ground, bursting into bits of data.


Resting his sword on his shoulder, the boy merely scoffs at his defeated opponent.

"Hmph, the results were as expected."

Oh, good, you've got the basics down. Now let's see you use [Skills]!

"Wait, why do I need to go through such a thing?!"

That's the way this world works. Tutorials are inescapable!

Three more Dogoos then conveniently popped out from the bushes. Forcing down his growing irritation, the boy readies his sword in front of him to face down his new opponents.



Skills are a set of special moves you can use to deal more damage to your opponent. Some skills have elemental effects added upon them, so be sure to examine your enemies' weak-points and use your skills effectively!

(Unfortunately, because of your status as Overlord, you cannot learn healing skills. However, do not be discouraged! That is why healing items exist! Take care and try not to die now!)


There were three of them, so he figured it'd be quicker to deal damage on all of them at the same time.

"[Dark Edge]"

Dark energy started to coat around the sword, releasing a rather ominous aura around it. Once the process was finished, he dashed forward and slashed the sword horizontally. As the sword hit the three Dogoos, he could feel it eating away at its opponent's health and some energy returning back to him.

Though dazed for a brief moment, the Dogoos surged forward and simultaneously tackled the boy. He only managed to dodge one of them, while the other two's attacks successfully connected. Letting out a frustrated grunt at the impact as he was pushed back, he wipes away some of the goo that got stuck on his clothes when they made contact.

"Ergh, what viscid creatures! They most definitely live up to their namesake... I must take caution when engaging them to avoid this inconvenience... best to end this as quickly as possible! [Consuming Shadow]!"

His sword morphs into a larger size, resembling a monster's mouth, and quickly feasts on the Dogoos. After it is done, the sword transforms back to normal as the bits of data show the remains of the monsters.


"Hah, I am well aware of the limits my abilities possess. Though it is a disadvantage to not be able to heal, I simply rely on gaining my enemies' energy instead."

Hohoh, well I suppose I should have seen that coming with your character and all. But most likely because of your lessened strength, it only sucks out a minor amount of your opponent's health. I advise you not to rely on it too much.

Sighing, the boy loosens his battle stance.

"...Is it done yet? I grow tired of all these pointless teachings."

They're not utterly pointless, they let you show off at the very least. This next one will allow you to execute your [EXE Drive Skills]!

"There is more?!"

The boy tensed as he felt a stronger presence approach. The ground was slightly shaking with each step the monster took. Once it finally appeared however, he could feel the dread that was filling up his body at the sight of it.

"...It's gigantic..."

Yes, this is a [Giant Dogoo], a type of Dogoo monster that takes shape after various Dogoos fuse together. Though it still retains it's adorable appearance, do be warned that it's a lot deadlier than the normal type of Dogoo.

"Aagh, fine, I shall yield to this farce a bit longer. The bigger the monstrosity, the harder it will plummet to the ground like the feeble creature it is!"



EXE Drive Skills are extremely powerful attacks you can unleash upon your foes for massive damage. However, using these skills requires filling up the [EXE Gauge], a meter that will gradually increase as you are in battle.

(I predict this battle will be a rather... messy one, so be sure to fill up the gauge as quickly as you can. Take care!)


The boy could not helped but feel disgusted at the gigantic piece of gelatin, remembering the goo that would get stuck in his clothes at the previous battle. Frankly, he did not like the way its gooey substance clung to his clothes and made him sticky. It was very uncomfortable. He wanted this battle over. And fast.

"[Shadow Slash]!"

He swung his sword upwards before pulling it downwards, as if tracing the letter "x" in the air. The released force slammed directly into the Giant Dogoo, which briefly stumbled back.


The Giant Dogoo shook off the pain and, like all Dogoos before it, rushed forward to tackle the boy. Surprised that a monster of its structure can move faster than he expected, the boy made a swift dodge to the side. Its landing caused a slight tremor in the ground, but the boy did not falter. He rushed in, and repeatedly dealt various blows on its squishy body, causing bits of goo to splatter all over the place, a sight which did not fail to disgust him. It seemed to be quite effective however, as the Giant Dogoo slightly shrank from the loss of some of its goo.


The Giant Dogoo, its normally innocent expression changed into an angry frown, retaliated by attempting to mow down the boy, which he once again dodged and proceeded to assault it with various slashes.


The Giant Dogoo was relentless in its rush, each time seemingly growing faster in each attempt. The boy would repeat the same strategy by dodging, then attacking afterwards, or simply hurl as much skills as he could at the giant blob.


"With just a few more blows, I can finally finish it..."

The Giant Dogoo was starting to looking exhausted, slightly panting and looking smaller from all the goo that was ripped from it. It should be nearing the boy in height now, which gave him the assurance that it would all be over soon.

Even the Giant Dogoo realized this, and in a desperate motion, it bounced up high from the ground, aiming to squish the boy.

The boy was prepared to dodge this attack, but found that his foot was unable to budge. He looked to see the cause of it, and to his horror, saw that his left foot had been caught in one of the stray goos that flew out from the Dogoo. He felt the extreme dread fill his stomach as the semi-Giant Dogoo descended upon him in all of its sticky glory. Let this be a lesson to all good kids out there: don't go barefoot when you're in a forest.



He felt it. It was sticky. It was squishy. Everything felt so gooey and soft and it was like as if it was melting to his skin and being enveloped in it in all of its stickiness it was sticking in his clothes everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE-


Suddenly, he released a miraculous burst of dark energy that was enough to blow away the Dogoo sitting on top of him.

Chunks of goo flew in all directions, leaving the Not-So-Giant Dogoo to shrink to a normal Dogoos' size.

The Dogoo, feeling a strong sense of terror, looked up to see a goo-covered boy looming at him with a dark aura surrounding him, his red eyes making him look more demonic in the dark night.


His sword grew to such a large and incredible size than he, so much that it must've been piercing the skies. He brought down the sword at the completely vulnerable monster and slashed three times in different angles. His fourth slash sent it upwards, and the boy himself took a great leap off the ground, even higher than his target.


With one great war cry, he throws down the darkness-imbued sword at the already KO'ed Dogoo. The sword plunges into the earth, and in one great flash the sword morphs back into its original size at the hands of its incredibly peeved master.




5 - 8


Without a single word, the sword seemingly vanishes in thin air. The goo-covered boy's bangs cast a shadow over his eyes, making it impossible to discern the emotions running through it. Even his antenna, though normally standing upright, is drooping lifelessly.

"Out of all the foes I have ever fought in my life, none have matched that abomination."

Well, it helps that there is quite no other unique monster such as that... Quite hard to believe a fearsome Overlord such as you are were greatly affected through that ordeal.


...Anyway! Trauma aside, you have done well! You have successfully cleared the tutorial stage!


Now that your body has gotten used to battling again, you can set off on a journey for vengeance or the like.


Oh that's right, you have been battling the entire night. Your weakened form as of now is more vulnerable to physical exertion, so you need to rest in order to recover. Perhaps there's a town nearby. You should go find one. A forest is not an appropriate place to sleep in after all; those Dogoos will spawn in a few minutes.

And just like that, the boy (still covered in goo), sped off in the distance.

Who knows what kind of journey awaits him?

Will he gain his vengeance on those three beings that have yet to be identified?

When will the boy's name be properly mentioned in the story?

Reasonable questions, I'm sure, but all will be revealed in the next chapter!





*antenna - otherwise known as an ahoge in Japanese. Also sometimes referred to as a "cowlick".

*?'s attack, [Consuming Shadow], is a shout-out to the Gods Eater Burst games, the "Devour" attack.

*Quote is a reference to Castlevania.

*The "◇□○" symbols are a reference to the buttons you needed to press in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory's battle system: triangle (Rush attack), square (Power), and circle (Guard Break).