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"You ready?"

Suddenly, Garp swung Naruto behind his back before tossing Naruto with incredible force.


Faintly, over the air rushing in his ears, the airborne Naruto heard Garp's shout that they'd come back some time later.

'This takes surprisingly long' Naruto thought. 'I wonder how close to the island I will land... Garp-jiji is strong, but could he throw me far enough that I will land close to the island? How far did I fly already? It shouldn't take much longer, I should probably get ready to dive in, wouldn't want to make a belly splash.'

With that final thought, Naruto got ready. Eyes closed, arms over the head, ready to dive into the water with grace.

Only to make contact with hard ground. Followed by a few trees. Ending in the side of a small mountain. The resulting dust cloud must have been visible for miles...

Naruto had made himself comfortable, his head lodged inside the rock of the mountain with his body limbless hanging down. After a minute, a groan could be heard, accompanied by random twitches of his body, proving he had miraculously survived the crash landing. About an hour later, Naruto had managed to pry his head out of the hole, coughing and spitting stones, wood and earth.

"*cough* F-fucking old asshole. *gag**cough* Where the hell am I!"

Naruto's only answer was silence, only broken by the occasional animal noises and the wind brushing through the leafs of the trees.

"Alrighty then, what do we have... Abandoned island? Check. Unknown location? Check. No food or drinks? Check. Wild animals? *Random animal screams* Check, I guess... Predators?"

And on cue, a fierce looking reptile broke through the bushes (and branches of the trees for that matter) out of the jungle. It was easily six times taller then Naruto and it was equipped with razor sharp claws and many, many pointed teeth.

It cocked it's head while eyeing Naruto like a little snack, before giving a bone rattling roar and starting a sprint towards aforementioned snack... Uhr, boy.

Keeping his calm and drawing his saber before giving one of the most overused and The most cursed one liner. "At least, it can't get any worse now."




"Why the fuck did I say that?! Now I jinxed it!"

In an almost paranoid way, Naruto glanced into all directions while still keeping an eye out for the dinosaurish beast charging at him. It was pretty close now, he got ready for a roll.

"Okay, just a bit more. Another bit. A little m-" *CRACK* *SPLATTER*

Naruto blinked once, twice, thrice. Where a second the huge reptile was, was now a foot. A big, human looking foot. The surprise wasn't the only reason for the blink though. The impact of the foot had utterly crushed the reptile, resulting in an unwanted, gory shower for Naruto, almost catching him in the eye and drenching his face.


"Huh? I could swear I heard someone yell..." A second foot appeared with a loud stomp. Naruto's eyes followed the foots movement, before tracing up, the leg, and up... And up... And up. After what seemed like a century, he saw...



Deleted scene: Meeting the author

"Alrighty then, what do we have... Abandoned island? Check. Unknown location? Check. No food or drinks? Check. Wild animals? *Random animal screams* Check, I guess... Predators?"

Suddenly, the predator decides to drop his camouflage and becomes visible, weapons aiming at Naruto. Before it could fire however, a booming voice, seemingly coming from all around them, startled both of them.

"No, not you! He meant carnivorous animals that kill other animals, like tigers, wolfs, snakes and the kind!"

The predators head looked around, trying to locate the source of the voice.

"I said 'not you', did I not?" The voice booms again. "You have nothing to do with this fanfic even in the slightest! Now off, off with you into the inter-dimensional corner of shame!"

In a black swirl, a portal open a few steps away from the predator. The hunter alien plodded towards the portal, looking downcast. It's head hung low and there was a depressed aura surrounding it, plus dark cloud and rain. It looked back one last time before disappearing through the portal which closed rapidly behind it.

"Now, blondy-"

"The name's not blondy, it's Naruto! Monkey D Naruto! Get it in your head, dipshit!"

"Whatever you say, Monkey. As I was ab-"

"Hey, fucktard! It's Naruto! Na-ru-to!"

"Fuck it." Giant, black sunglasses appear in the sky, followed by a bright, white flash. "Listen. You never saw any aliens with futuristic weapon systems. Nothing happened so far from right after you said 'predators?'. You never heard my voice. And last but not least, you will stop swearing."

"I will not stop swearing." Naruto said in a monotone voice, eyes still pglazed over.

"Oh well, was worth a shot..."

There was a complete silence for a few moments before the island and Naruto came back to life.

"Well, haven't seen any yet, but it is very likely. Hmm."

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