Hi everyone I'm back. Why was I got so long? Life.

This story has been floating in my head for 6 years, ever since I read "dragon child" on hpfanficarchive.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own ideas

Little Harry Potter whimpered as he tried to snuggle deeper into the thin blanket surrounding him. It was just a few hours after Harry was dropped off on his aunts doorstep, when an unexpected cold snap hit London plunging the temperature into the lower 20s (Fahrenheit). Harry was cold, dangerously cold, so cold most one-year-olds would die, but most one-year-olds didn't have magic. Harry's magic was no where near stable due to the dark magic that had been cast on him and due to the obscure ritual his mother had performed. His magic was doing everything it could to keep the poor boy alive, but it was so unstable at this point that it could barely do anything. What I could do however was work with what was already in his blood, a creature inheritance. In almost an instant Harry vanished and shrank, but anyone looking in the basket he was placed in would of sworn they saw six emerald green eyes.

In the following weeks the rodent population in Little Whinging fell dramatically, much to the joy of the population, but shortly after cats and dogs started to vanish. The police were called into investigate after poor Arabella Figg found the mutilated corpses of 6 of her cats. Ministry workers who monitored muggle police cases instantly recognized the work of a very young dragon, maybe one or two years of age. The local populace were incredibly happy to see a large van pulled into the town with a large logo saying they were wild animal control, in actuality there were wizards inside the magically enlarged van that were attempting to find the young dragon with a magic detector. It took them the entire day and well into the night to locate the young dragon, which the magic detector said was in a forest not far from the Private Drive. Shortly after the muggle police had sectioned off the area while the 'experts' went in. Several hours later the slightly smaller group came out, though no one noticed as they gave their report about the creature was already gone. Experts speculated that what ever it was had fled to more rich hunting grounds, while in actuality the young dragon was subdued and portkeyed to the Romanian dragon preserve. The handlers gathered round the new dragon curiously, as no other species had been found like it. The lead handler shooed them all away, chuckling at their eagerness, before he went to feed the little dragon. He looked at it curiously as he reached into the cage it was in to put the meat down, only to laugh as the little creature tried to bite his hand, both of which had been replaced with magical prosthetics after some of the more aggressive dragons ripped his arms off.

... All Harry new was he couldn't hurt his new food source.