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Planet Yardrat; South Sector

The Yardratians were a peaceful race of peaceful people; they had very little weaponry and no army to speak of but, somehow they managed to get unwanted visitors either way. The Yardratians scattered as beams of red energy zoomed throughout the peaceful planet which now became a war-zone.

Yardrats fired their small pistol-like energy weapons but the enemy was far too powerful. The army marched killing hundreds of innocent women and children at a time, using their natural energy as a weapon against the weaker species.

The attacking men wore black suits with odd helmets; they all sported the same star-like symbol as they held their palms out slowly eradicating the populous with their Ki attacks.

One larger alien, nearly ten feet tall and bulkier than an Olympic body builder, stood at the helm of the attack. His royal armor resembled Freeza's and his stature did the same. He stood at the top of a burning building as he watched his army take the planet as his own.

"This Planet now belongs to the New Planet Trade Organization! Submit or be destroyed! Those are your only options!" The man yelled out as screams filled his ears; a grin crawled its way across his lips as he watched the massacre below him. He watched as the Yardratians dwindled in numbers becoming progressively easier to slaughter.

"Destroy them all!" The large alien screamed, "In the name of Imperium!"

Suddenly from the sky fell a force of nature; simply entering the atmosphere of the Planet caused a loud booming to rock the Hemisphere. When it made land-fall it ruptured the ground beneath it, silencing the battle and drawing all attention towards it.

Imperium used his Ki to float from his standing position down to where the object had landed as the smoke from its landing cleared. It wasn't an object, it was a man.

The man looked up as the smoke cleared from his vision, his onyx black eyes scanning the battle field for threats but, he saw none.

Imperium approached the new comer, he immediately questioned his attire. An orange fighting Gi with a blue under-shirt, coupled with blue boots and blue wrist bands. His raven black hair exploded from his head in all directions, defying gravity completely.

"By the order of the Supreme Kai, I'm here to end this. Imperium your days of extinguishing planets life are over!"

Imperium chuckled before full on laughing, his soldiers followed suit as the entire army began laughing at the man, "End this? I have an army of battleships just outside orbit of this Planet and I am stronger than even Freeza was!"

"Too many systems have fallen victim to your power; the Kai's won't have it any longer!" the man was calm but serious; he was fully prepared for a fight.

"I am Imperium! New ruler of the Universe! I will conquer every Planet I come across until I own it all! You can't stop me and certainly not under a Kai's authority! They have stood passively by through too many intergalactic tragedies to have any say in what goes on now."

The man stood unaffected by his words, "I suppose you're going to have to show me what you got then?"

Imperium smiled and stepped closer until they were only feet apart; the ground shook beneath him as he raised his power. A clear aura formed around his body and flowed around him as his muscles bulged and destroyed his armor. He grew a few feet taller and wider; his teeth grew into sharp fangs and his eyes turned a sinister red, "Not too confident now, are you?" he growled as his voice had augmented into a deeper mumble.

Imperium towered over the man, the only one brave enough to stand there and stare up at the creature without a flicker of fear, "If you thought being stronger than Freeza was scary; then you should know that I'm stronger than even his father in this form!"

The man said nothing and shifted into a fighting stance, he moved his arms into a perfect defensive position while keeping his legs slightly bent in preparation for an offensive strike.

"Go ahead," The man said staring up at the creature, "Make your move."

Imperium stepped back slightly before growling, "Fine, you asked for it!" he sent a planet trembling fist at the fighters head, aimed directly for the nose but, made contact only with air as he tilted his head to the side dodging the attack completely. Imperium gasped before growling even louder, he threw a flurry of rapid fire punches each aimed for the man's head and each one being avoided expertly. The man bobbed his head back and forth completely avoiding every attack the warrior threw, "Why can't I hit you?!" he shouted in anger as he jumped back and cuped his hands out in front of his chest, "Dodge this!" a beam of red energy made a bee-line for the man who didn't bother dodging, the attack made direct contact, slamming into the warriors chest. The explosion shook the planet and formed a dome of energy around him as it decimated the landscape. The large plume of smoke covered the red skies as it became darker but, as the smoke finally lifted into the atmosphere, the battle field was visible once again.

A massive crater spread out for miles around the area of impact, Imperium looked down and immediately allowed his jaw to drop, "How?"

In the middle of the crater was a long single pillar of rock, stemming up and forming a small platform where the warrior stood unharmed and unaffected.

"That power could have wiped away this entire planet and yet you're still standing? How is that possible?"

"Did you think the Kai's would send me if they thought you could defeat me?" the man raised an eyebrow and Imperium laughed.

"Fine! You think you can fight me and an army at the same time? Be my guest!" Imperium turned towards his soldiers shouted, "Open fire!"

Thousands of small red beams of energy shot out from around the battle field towards the man like a swarm of insects all attacking a single target. The man strengthened his arm, a white aura forming around it, he channeled his Ki through his arm and as the energy came within arm's length, he swung at the beams. They all bounced back striking random objects, rocks and even the soldiers themselves. Miniature explosions wiped out nearly half of the surrounding invaders as the man didn't even flinch at the attacks.

"How powerful is this guy? Let me see…" Imperium pulled a small white device from his belt and placed it over his ear; from the device a holographic screen was displayed in front of his left eye with small letters and numbers changing and calculating on the screen. As the man dispatched more soldiers, he tried to read his power level with the device which seemed scouter-like but far more advanced. A small circle appeared on the screen as it analyzed the warrior before him. In the newcomer's limited experience, a scouter would normally explode on the users face if it read a power level that was too high however; this didn't happen. As the number became displayed on the screen, Imperium's face became filled with terror.

"What? Impossible…" He trailed off as the warrior stepped closer casually, "Power level… 1.2 Trillion?"

"Wow, it's that high? I haven't had my power level scanned in a very long time. I suppose I should thank you for shedding a light on my progression over the years." As he stepped closer Imperium stepped back in fear, tripping and landing on his back before attempting to crawl away.

"Just who the hell are you?"

The warrior smirked as he stood above the tyrant with his hand outstretched in front of his face, "My name is Son Goku and he who doesn't grant mercy doesn't deserve any himself." A small orb of yellow light formed in his hands before exploding into a massive wave of energy that completely disintegrated Imperium on the spot. As the entire planet quivered, the blast began to die down and the smoke began to settle. As smoldering pieces of rubble fell to the ground, the Yardratians cheered in amazement as he lowered his hand back down to his side.

"It's not over just yet," Goku floated into the air slowly before charging his aura and rocketing away at a couple thousand times the speed of sound; a loud glass shattering boom rocked the entire alien city. As Goku approached orbit, he took a long deep breath and shot himself into space. Once he had passed the small moons of Yardrat in a couple seconds, he faced the large galactic fleet orbiting the planet. He reached his hand out and formed a large basketball sized orb of yellow Ki; he directed it towards the fleet and propelled it through space, exploding on contact with the ships. It plowed through at least a dozen of them before detonating a massive explosion; Goku couldn't hear it but the heat still managed to reach him. His durability was being augmented by his aura so it's not like he could be hurt by the flames of such an explosion.

Goku stared out into the vast emptiness, watching the rubble of once massive ships drift by in suspended animation. He knew his work was done so; he put two fingers to his forehead and zipped away at instantaneous speeds. Normally he would have to search for a Ki signature first before using Instant Transmission however; in this case he was so familiar with his destination, he could easily teleport there without any effort.

He arrived on a massive green planet with tall fields of grass, large majestic waterfalls, and homes for the highest form of protection in the Universe. The Supreme Kai and Elder Kai sat waiting in a field with a crystal ball lying out in front of them, Goku approached them from behind as they greeted him.

"Good work, Goku!" Supreme Kai announced as he turned around, "Imperium can never hurt anyone ever again!"

Goku scoffed and wrapped his hands behind his head, "I guess, I was more excited about the fight but, it wasn't even good for a warm up."

Old Kai sighed and turned, "You're a Saiyan; that means you crave combat. You need to be challenged but you've become so strong I'm not sure anyone can challenge you anymore!"

"Well there is one person…" Supreme Kai trailed off as their thoughts drifted to the one person left who could give Goku a challenge.

"The Destroyer God has made it very clear he doesn't want to fight Goku!" Old Kai stood and turned to scold the Saiyan, "And he's right to say so too! Last time you damn near destroyed the Universe fighting him!"

"I know, isn't it exciting just thinking about!?"

Old Kai fell over from the ignorance of his words, "Ugh, Saiyans are such simple minded creatures."

"You don't understand Elder; I haven't had a good fight in nearly a century! How am I supposed to live off of fighting people on Freeza's level?"

Supreme Kai stepped in with a finger up, "Actually, he didn't really know how powerful he was… If he was as strong as Freeza I would have handled him myself." He poked Goku in the chest and laughed, "He was probably more like Perfect Cell but, then again, it's still not much in comparison."

"Come one! Elder, after you gave me your life I gained an incredible life-span! How am I supposed to live for another…?" Goku put a finger to his chin and looked up trying to recall his new age-expectancy.

"About three-hundred years," Elder Kai finished.

"See? That's crazy! At least if I was dead I could fight some crazy strong guys from the Universes past! Hell, I'd bet Buu's evil counterpart would love to take me on some time! But I can't do that from the living world."

"I'm not sending you to Hell," Elder kai responded, "As much as I'd love to…" he mumbled the last part under his breath.

"Isn't there anywhere in the Universe that has strong people for me to fight?"

Supreme Kai allowed a grin to curl across his lips, "Perhaps not in this Universe but…" He used his Instantons Movement to appear next to Elder Kai and poke him repeatedly in the shoulder.

"What are you on about?" His raspy voice muttered as he continued looking into his crystal ball.

"What if we took him to another Universe? Surely Goku hasn't become the strongest in the entire Multiverse!"

"No way! That is a grievous misuse of our powers just to satisfy a single person needs." Elder Kai grunted before turning back around to face his crystal ball.

"Elder please, Goku is one person but he is far from ordinary. He saved the Earth dozens of times and the Universe on at least two occasions." Supreme Kai folded his arms across his chest, "What would you have done if Cell or Buu hadn't met Goku? I know you certainly wouldn't have taken up arms against them."

"Well… I suppose you're right." Elder Kai turned back to Goku who smirked, "I'll use my Omniscient vision to find another Universe for you to travel to."

"You can do that?"

"Of course I can! He can do it too but, he's far too young and his fusion with the lower Kai, Kabito, probably dulled his senses. I could see two insects on Earth from here if I wanted." Elder Kai turned and looked out into the sky, his eyes darting from one position to another as if sifting through information.

"So Goku, how long do you think you'll be gone?" Supreme Kai asked as Goku sighed deeply.

"Well, I don't have a lot to back to here. Don't get me wrong, I'll always come back if the Universe needs me but, my family has already passed on. Even Pan is nearing her time to move on to other world. It's time I move on too." Goku smiled and looked out over the horizon, the sun was far from this planet, further than our sun is from Earth but, it still warmed him and made him feel lucky to have spent his time in this Universe for so long. He fought many threats and made many close friends that he could never forget his time with but, every amazing story comes to an end. It was time for him to start a new story in a new place with new people!

"Oh my…" Elder Kai mumbled as he drew Goku and Supreme Kai's attention, "We may have a situation."

"What kind of situation?"

"The kind that involves an entire Earth in another Universe being completely destroyed followed by countless planets afterwards," Elder Kai rubbed his chin and looked back at Goku, "Normally I wouldn't say this but, you must intervene!"

"Why?" Goku asked as he walked closer to Elder Kai, "I'd probably just beat everyone anyways."

The ancient kai looked up at him and smiled, "I wouldn't say so just yet; the fighters in this Universe are particularly over powered. Just like you."

"If they're so strong then why do they need my help so badly?"

"Because an even greater force threatens their very existence; an evil war lord, much like Freeza, has sought out the end of all life in his Universe! He seeks the Anti-Life Equation; A simple equation that gives any person who knows it absolute control over any sentient race!" Elder Kai grabbed Goku by the shoulders and shook him vigorously, "If those heroes fail it would guarantee the warlords destructive control over the entire Universe!"

Goku turned knocking Elder Kai on his back, "Supreme Kai, you have to take me! If this Anti-Life whatever is as bad as he says then I must stop him from learning it!"

The ancient one rubbed his head and cleared his throat, "Go on and use your Instant-Transmission thing and get out of here before an entire Universe is enslaved." Elder Kai practically shooed him away as Goku put a finger to his chin.

"Uh I'm not too sure I can reach another Universe with Instant Transmission; I know my Ki Sensing abilities have improved but, not that much." Goku stood silent in contemplation for a few moments before lighting up like a Christmas tree, "I know! Supreme Kai's Instant Movement doesn't have a limit of any kind, he can go anywhere!"

"Yes, Perfect! I can take you Goku," Supreme Kai cheered as he ran over to Goku's side.

"Just hurry! If you're going than you have to leave now!"

"Oh! Ok!" Goku hurried and placed his hand on Supreme Kai's shoulder immediately vanishing from sight.

A battle ruined city, buildings up in flames, humans vaporized from sight, heroes fallen; is there no hope? No answer as a massive god-like figure stepped loudly through what once was the Daily Planet. He held a man by the head, gripping his skull like a trophy; his other hand was occupied by a sharp emerald gem. He held the man up and allowed the cascade of fallen heroes to bear witness to the end of a God at another God's hand. They had already been beaten and humiliated, they couldn't think for a worse way to end it.

Suddenly, from the sky came a loud booming noise that caused some heroes to cover their ears, those without invulnerability. The pebbles and dirt beneath them shook and shifted as the ground quivered beneath their feet. A figure appeared in the distance and rocketed towards them with such accuracy and grace that his landing didn't at all affect the landscape keeping it perfectly intact spite his high velocity. The dust cleared and he was revealed, Son Goku.

The nine foot tall grey skinned alien in blue and red armor stood passively by as the man stepped a few feet closer before taking a look around. As the new comer caught eyes with the crowd of beaten heroes and civilians alike they all seemed like dogs, cowering away or perhaps begging for some miracle? Jokes aside they looked broken; utterly shattered in defeat. Most had injuries, others knocked completely unconscious; but no one was completely on their feet. He saw a black haired woman in a colorful onesie staring up at him; she was closest to the battle and to him. She looked confused but also hopeful; the situation suddenly didn't feel as bad with this stranger's arrival.

Goku turned back towards the aliens; walking towards them as he did so. The alien dropped his trophy in blue and red along with the green rock; walking towards the new hero as he did so. They walked in a straight line towards each other until they stood face to chest, Goku was only five foot eleven so he wasn't really considered tall but, this massive brute was nearly twice as tall. They sized each other up for a moment before the brute finally spoke, "Which pathetic hero name were you given whelp? I like to know who I'm slaughtering."

Goku smirked, "Funny, I was going to say the same thing. I'm Goku by the way; I don't have a hero name."

"You may call me Lord Darkseid you fodder; lets end this immediately." Darkseid punched the palm of his hand and cracked his knuckles as he did so.

Goku clenched his fists tight by his sides, he focused his energy into a powerful aura; the ground beneath them broke apart and formed a crater around them both. He grunted in frustration as his power grew with every passing moment, his aura growing with it. He accessed the God Ki without transforming, adding it to his Base Form and becoming the Saiyan Beyond God. The man in red and blue laying on the ground felt it shaking beneath him as it shook him awake. He got to his knees and watched as the man's aura ruptured the landscape. He stood up, barely, and punted the green rock about ten or fifteen feet away.

This went on for a few more seconds before dying down; the aura dimmed to a light-glow and his muscles settled. Darkseid scoffed, "A particularly amusing light show; let's see what you're made of!" the giant threw a fist, the speed was unreal but Goku had raised his Ki to its maximum in base form so his body reacted accordingly stepping to the left and letting the fist fly by his chest harmlessly. He grunted with force as he stepped forwards and slammed his fist into Darkseid's armored abdomen; shattering the armors exterior and pushing him back on his feet. He felt his abdomen as his position settled and looked up into Goku's onyx black eyes, "That was impressive; I'm officially taking you seriously." Darkseid disappeared from sight, moving at speeds faster than even Goku could track, however; while his eyes couldn't track his movements, his Ki Signature can. He barely manages to swivel his body and place his arm in front of his chest before the punch went right through him. The block created a shockwave the shook buildings around them. Goku teleported behind Darkseid, placing his hands on his back and quickly blasting him away with a well-timed Ki-beam. The blast sent him into the side of a building; The New-God immediately turned over and clapped his hands with planet crushing force causing a massive explosion of sound shattering buildings and pushing Goku into a defensive stance to withstand the force. He fired up his aura and placed a circular dome of Ki around himself.

The explosion ended in seconds as Goku kept his shield up; the smoke shifted as a figure slipped through it and ran for Goku slamming his fists on the top of the shield. The pure strength pushed him into the ground destroying the earth beneath him, again. Goku teleported from his position and into the air above them, cupping his hands to his side he began to chant, "Ka, Me, Ha, Me." Goku paused as the blue energy formed in his hands and Darkseid turned to see him preparing the attack. His eyes became bright red and they shun, "Ha!" Goku fired the blue energy wave down at Darkseid who met the wave with a beam of his own, Omega Beams from his eyes collided with Ki as the shockwave fell through the city. The Kamehameha was pushed back swiftly as the beams struck Goku's chest, a feeling of utter agony reeled through his body; convulsing and seizing until the beams ended.

He fell to the ground in a smoking heap as the fall from sixty feet up hurt less than the actual attack. He flipped over promptly as he wreathed in pain, attempting to ignore the feeling of his insides boiling. It was addicting.

He smiled as Darkseid sighed, "You see, scum? A mere mortal like you can't compete with a God."

"Funny, I was thinking the same exact thing." Goku closed his eyes as his aura dissipated; his own Ki reserves were irrelevant now as he accessed a literal ocean of Ki energy allowing it to flood into him and surround him. A blue energy surrounded him and engulfed him and when it cleared he had completed the transformation. The God Ki energy brought an orange and crimson aura that nearly matched his red irises and ruby colored hair. His smile became evident as he no longer had to stress his body to power up like the now inadequate Super Saiyan power.

"This is what I call Super Saiyan God," His aura grew harmlessly as it stretched out around him in boast.

"Super Saiyan God? Fodder!" Darkseid charged Goku sending a right straight at his face attempting to punch him with enough raw-force to rip stars asunder. The punch never made contact as it was stopped gracefully in the palm of Goku's hand with no shockwave or abrupt shaking. "I negated the energy of that attack; if I hadn't, the planet would have suffered and the outcome would have been the same."

"You insolent swine!" He swung his arm with the same force attempting to catch the side of Goku's head but missing completely as he ducked under the attack. Goku smiled and sent his fist four inches deep into Darkseid's abdomen causing a loud thundering followed by choking and groaning. Goku stood up right and smiled, aiming his hand at the spot he had struck, "Sorry, I saw an opening that just screamed 'attack' so, I did."

Darkseid gathered his second wind and rose with an uppercut nearly catching Goku by the chin but, still missing all together. He threw punch after punch, he always missed his target; Darkseid smiled, "You may be able to dodge me but, let's see you dodge these." His eyes exploded in red beams that locked onto Goku chasing after him at high velocities.

Goku didn't move, the beams approached him at incredible speeds but he stood, unyielding. Diana, Princess of the Amazons, was absolutely amazed at the spectacle; she watched as the beams connected with his chin and exploded with a loud thundering boom. She covered her eyes to shield them from the thick smoke and rubble flying towards her, once it died down and the smoke had finally cleared, she saw it. The man stood uninjured waiting with a smirk proudly on his face; he chuckled, "You can destroy entire Galaxies but, not a single man."

"I will end you, scum!" He clapped once again, this time harder, in an attempt to force Goku into defending but, he stood unfazed. The rubble that flew towards him turned to dust before it touched him, thanks to his powerful aura. The boom sent most heroes flying, Diana dug her long blade into the concrete and held on as she withstood the force of the clap.

Darkseid growled as Goku stalked forwards, nonchalantly approaching with killer intent. He formed a blue sphere in his right hand and threw it with incredible strength, detonating on contact and blasting him into a wall.

"You called yourself a God so beat me already," Goku stepped forwards catching a backhand from the warlord and returning the favor with right hook that plunged him through a dozen buildings before skidding to a halt on the asphalt street six blocks away. Goku took a single step and dematerialized and reintegrated himself right next to the evil monster, swinging his fist backwards and into his gut. He stumbled back and clutched his abdomen, trying to avoid emptying his stomach.

Goku turned and cupped his hands by his side, "Let's try this again; Ka, Me, Ha, Me… Ha!" He opened his palms right in Darkseid's face, allowing the wave to hit him point blank and spread over his entire body. The wave filled the city block as it vaporized cars, signs, and three feet of asphalt for a quarter mile.

When the blue light faded, a smoking, burnt to a crisp, and heavily wounded Darkseid was on one knee, groaning in pain. The other protectors arrived, astonished at his victory. They gathered around them as Goku shut his eyes and allowed his aura to fade and his eyes, hair, and muscle tone all returned to normal.

They observed them both, sharing looks but all was silent for several moments until a man in black body armor with a bat-like symbol on his chest stepped forwards, "Who are you?"

"He saved the Universe and not even a thank you?" the tall woman in colorful spandex put her hands on her hips, "My apologies, some men forget their manners. Thank you for helping us." She smiled and held her hand out, Goku gripped her hand and she squeezed tightly; Goku squeezed tighter and smiled back.

"Quite the grip you've got," He remarked as she smiled at him.

"Indeed, I didn't catch your name."

He smiled, "Its Son Goku, and you?"

"Wonder Woman but, you can call me Diana Prince," they separated hands and stared at each other smiling.

"Hey! I have a friend who's a Prince too!"

The man in black sighed, "Great, we got the pleasantries out of the way, now I want answers."

"Maybe somewhere less… public?" he suggested. He watched as the man ordered several costumed heroes to do damage control and civilian rescue. Seven out of the many heroes gathered in a small group, "We're going to be teleporting to our base, it's in space. It'll only be a few seconds." Diana ensured him as he nodded in understanding.

The feeling of being teleported was different this time, it felt forced and unwelcomed. Like they were taking him apart and piecing him back together somewhere else. He definitely preferred Ki Techniques over computers and science any day. He arrived on a massive ship; it easily dwarfed Kami's Look Out in both altitude and size as it floated in orbit at four miles in length and two in width.

The inside of the ship was metallic and lined with advanced computers and technology which honestly reminded him of Bulma's lab but much larger. They escorted him down a hall and into a room with seven chairs around a single oval table, "So what is it you guys wanted to ask me?"

They all turned to him with the man in black pushing to ask first, "Where did you come from and who are you?"

"Blunt but, ok. My name is Son Goku and I'm a peace keeping warrior from the heavens," they stared at him as Diana allowed her jaw to hang loose for a moment as she stared. He put his palm over his fist and bowed to the heroes calmly, greeting them properly.

"A warrior… from the heavens?" She mumbled under her breath as Batman stepped forwards.

"That's a little vague, don't you think?" Batman folded his arms and grunted, "Explain what that means."

"Well, In my reality, I'm the Universe's strongest fighter. I recently became a fighter for an order of observers named the Supreme Kais. When working for them I was sent on many Universe threatening assignments…"

Batman interrupted, "And one of those assignments was this? So you're from another Universe?"

"Yes and Yes," Goku tapped his chin for a moment, "I was sent to stop him from using the Anti-Life Equation."

The man in the red and blue skin tight suit nodded, "I guess that makes sense..."

Batman scoffed, "What does our Universe have to do with you?"

Goku smiled genuinely, "My job isn't dictated by Universal boundaries, I go where I'm needed duh. Once I learned of your situation I couldn't just turn a blind eye, how could I live with myself if I did?"

Diana's eyebrow curved as a smile slowly crawled its way across her face, "Strongest fighter in the Universe?" she mumbled again.

Batman waved his hand, "J'ohn?"

A green man came from behind the small group of heroes and approached Goku who leaned back on the oval table.

"My name is Martian Manhunter, my natural ability allows me to telepathically look into your mind; do you consent to a search of your thoughts?"

"Oh mind reading? I can do that too! Do whatever you have to do," Goku folded his arms across his chest and smiled as the Martians eyes began glowing a bright green color as he looked into Goku's mind and witnessed his life. He saw his childhood friends and enemies, literally decimating entire armies before hitting puberty. He saw the attack of the Saiyans and his training with a Kai; the progression was phenomenal as he climbed his way through the army of a planet pirating space-god. He witnessed the legendary transformation and his victory over his opponent against all odds. He saw the time travelers prophesy of an apocalyptic future ruled by fear and his battle with the prototype androids. The Martian continued to the monstrous Cell who, at his best, was capable of destroying an entire Solar System! The thought of such raw power was impressive but, he had been around the block a few times and knew there were far more powerful beings than that in his own Universe. He saw Buu and the devastation he wrought upon Earth, the millions, the billions of lost souls screaming out as the demonic creature eliminated the human race and proceeded to annihilate the entire planet against the best efforts of Goku and his friends. The planet was restored and the battle for the Universe was on! The Martian witnessed the ultimate Super Saiyan 3 transformation and the epic battle that shook the entire Realm of the Kai's itself! He saw the Spirit Bomb and the power of the Universe behind it and how it eradicated the negative energy that made Majin Buu until his reincarnation ten years later of course but, before that there was… him. A power the likes of which J'ohn had never felt before rushed in and forced him out, shocking him from Goku's mind in a gasp.

"Are you ok? What did you see?"

Manhunter ignored the bat and looked directly at the alien warrior, "Who is he?"

"That was the God of Destruction from my Universe; The only person that's beaten me in the last hundred years." Goku scratched the back of his neck and chuckled as the man in red and blue approached him.

"Thank you, Goku. Normally I can manage to handle Darkseid myself but in this case, I'm glad you intervened." He outstretched his hand and smiled, "My name is Superman and this is the Justice League."

Goku shook his hand and looked around, "Wow, say, do you have a cafeteria by any chance?"

They shared a brief look before showing Goku to the mess hall; they surrounded him at a table and asked him more questions as he chowed down on various plates of various foods. Goku eating strongly resembled a vacuum with the power of a jet engine; it was this analogy that brought silence upon the heroes.

"Are you really a God?" a man in a red suit and golden trim finally blurted out, "Sorry, I kinda had to ask."

"It's alright," Goku wiped his mouth with a napkin and smiled, "Where I come from we have what's called Ki or Chi."

Batman interrupted, "Life energy?"

"Exactly! Well, after using normal Ki for so long, I finally meet the Destroyer God and he introduced me to God Ki by pushing me to transform into a Super Saiyan God, which is what you saw. The God Ki I use during my transformation doesn't make me an actual deity though," Goku shoveled more food into his mouth as he casually ordered fifths and sixths.

"Uhm," Diana said, "How old are you exactly?"

"Let's see here," Goku dropped his form and began counting on his fingers, "Around 140 give or take a few years."

"You don't look a day over 120," the read suited man joked, "But, seriously though, Diana here is almost 98 so you should be in the clear." He smiled but received a back hand from the Amazonian warrior upside his head.

"You're funny," Goku chuckled and patted the man on the back, "You got a name?"

"Call me Flash," they shared a laugh before the Batman interrupted once again.

"If you're that old now, Do you even age?"

"My life expectancy should last me till I'm around 400. I'll always look like this though, my alien DNA evolved to the point where we stay in our physical prime until death, so I'll always look 25 on the outside."

Batman sighed, "Well why don't you go home? Is your job not finished here?"

"Well, I can't go back to my Universe; my teleportation can't take me that far! Aw man I really did it this time; I need to think before I do things!" Goku grabbed at his hair and pulled in exasperation.

Diana smiled, "Goku, would you like me to show you to a guest room? We still need to discuss a few things," Her warm voice brought sweet symphonies to his ears. He smiled and nodded as she led him out of the cafeteria and down the hall.

"I don't trust him," Batman muttered.

"What's not to trust?" Superman asked, "I mean sure he's strong but I could take him if he were to try anything."

A man in a glowing green suit stepped up and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I've been just observing this whole time and I'll tell you I've never seen anything like him before."

"How so, Hal?" The Flash asked as the man turned towards him.

"His demeanor is rock solid, his posture is perfect, his body is completely relaxed, and he's got the most peaceful vibe I've ever felt. Like he wouldn't hurt a fly unless it mugged someone but,"

Batman sighed, "But, what?"

"If the fly were to mug someone, he might vaporize the whole planet. Who knows? It's anyone's guess at this point." Hal turned and lifted his hand allowing a projection to extend from his ring.

"My ring couldn't calculate how powerful he could become, and it knows everything the Guardians know… which is everything!"

"His power comes from his life force; I briefly studied the subject back when traveling through Nanda Parbat. The secret is inner peace, harmony, focusing this power into a physical form but, no one has performed that technique in centuries and even the records of those who did were never what we saw today. He's something else entirely."

"So now that we know how screwed we are if he goes rogue let's stop talking nonsense and get back to reality! If he wanted to kill us, he would have done it a long time ago. He could have taken down half of us within a blink of an eye and I'm not sure how long the other half would last either but, he didn't. Why would he waste his time like that?" Flash defended the alien warrior in high regards until Batman scoffed.

"Maybe he doesn't want to kill us? Maybe he wants our tech or access to the Fortress of Solitude or perhaps its data theft maybe he wants our heavy duty specs?" Batman walked and explained his point, "Look I didn't say we should lock him up but, keep an eye on him. Make sure one of us is around at all times."

They all nodded in agreeance.

"J'ohn I want you to come with me so we can record everything you saw in his mind," Batman led Manhunter out of the room leaving Superman to ponder his own thoughts.

"Could I handle him if he went rogue?"

Diana led Goku down the hall until Goku spoke up, "So, is there a training room somewhere on this thing?"

Diana grew a coy smile, "Yes, I heard what you said; the greatest fighter in the Universe?"

"Well other than the Destroyer God yea," Goku put a hand to his chin, "Are you a warrior too?"

"Born and raised," She cocked her head back, "I could show you a move or two? Unless you're afraid of breaking me?"

They walked through a small hall before entering a large white room with a small glass control center about twenty feet on the far left wall.

A small display of weapons rose from the ground in a white case, "Select your weapon," the Amazon announced.

"I don't usually use weapons," Goku smiled and looked at the wooden bo-staff's ready to use, "The memories..." he sighed and walked past the weapons trunk.

Diana grabbed a long broad sword and a bronze shield, "Ready?"

"Give me a sec," Goku tightened his fist as his aura became sharp and expansive as a grunt let his power to sky rocket. His aura became a sharp golden-yellow as his hair flew up and turned gold as well, his eyes swirled from onyx into a light green color. He held out a single finger and allowed his Super Saiyan aura to envelope it, his veins pulsed and his muscles around them flexed. "Come at me as fast you can; no holding back."

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Like a bolt of lightning she struck and nearly as fast as lightening her sword swung as it connected with his finger; the shockwave echoed through the room as Wonder Woman pushed on the blade trying to break skin but failing. "Your hair changes with your power?"

"Yea it does that," Goku smiled as his eyes followed another sword strike blocking it with is finger. Diana had enough, she allowed herself to cut loose and unleashed a blitz of sword slashes and strikes, each one breaking the sound barrier as they cut through the air but not his finger. Each one was blocked with an explosion of aura behind it and as the very last strike was blocked an explosion of aura flooded the room; it did no damage but flowed through out the room as Diana's eyes widened slightly.

"Impressive, not many people can manage that combination." Diana smiled and sheathed her sword for a moment.

"Well I'm sure that blade would have taken my finger off if I hadn't used my Ki," Goku smiled as his hair returned to their original black color.

"I noticed your hair was red last time, Super Saiyan God but, now its golden... the difference?"

"The golden hair is called just Super Saiyan, provides a multiplication to my base form. What the red hair, Super Saiyan God, does is allow me to tap into an entirely new world of power; an ocean of energy that just way stronger than Super Saiyan ever was." Goku smiled and winked at her, "I can tell you were holding back by the way. Those strikes could've been way faster than that; I asked you to give me everything you've got."

Diana shun a sinister smile his way, "I can tell you're eager to battle me, why?"

"You have skill and power; you alone are a lot stronger than most people in my Universe! As the greatest warrior, no one can meet my power so that's another upside of staying here." Goku flashed his aura before allowing the golden aura to consume his body and transform into the Super Saiyan once more.

"I see," she charged forwards swinging her blade at hypersonic speeds only narrowly missing Goku as he bobbed and weaved around each strike, "And how powerful can you become Saiyan?"

She thrust her blade towards his face, with no time to dodge, Goku reached out and grabbed the tip of the blade with a few fingers, "Strong enough to wreck your shit," he snapped the tip of her blade and rushed in attempting to strike her abdomen with his palm but instead he struck the shield protecting her leaving a hand shaped dent and pushing her back on her heals, skidding across the floor to a halt.

"You keep on surprising me Goku but, I'm sure you can do much better!" she dropped her weapons as they charged each other fists raised and ready as they closed the gap between them. Goku's furious aura and Wonder Woman's god-like strength collided in an explosion that shook the entire station.

Batman grabbed hold of the support railing next to him as the shaking caused the lights to turn red and alarms to sound, Superman blitzed through the hall at incalculable speeds rushing towards the center of the explosion he found a training room in ruin.

Wonder Woman supported herself in a one knee stance, huffing loudly as she held her arm and smiled; "Exhilarating!" She shouted as Goku, now is his base form; was hunched over breathing just as heavy.

"What happened?" Superman asked as Wonder Woman stood and walked up to the Man of Steel.

"We engaged in battle of course! This man is quite the power house, indeed!" She shouted once again.

Batman ran in immediately looking stressed, "You've been up here ten minutes and you already cause a seismic event?" Batman approached Goku with a fierce look in his eye, the Saiyan reciprocated the look with one of his own; "You could have knocked this entire station out of orbit with that stunt!"

"You don't seem to like me very much but, I have full control of my powers; I could flick enough power to wipe out a star system into your body without causing so much as a crack in this space station." Goku sized the Batman up as they growled at each other.

Batman was about to act when Diana stepped out between them placing her hands on their chests, "Goku was not completely to blame, It was our collision that caused the shockwave, both of us." She stared the Dark Knight down for few moments before he growled and turned around, leaving the room.

Superman sighed, "Sorry, he can be a little difficult. Once he gets to know you, I'm sure he'll see differently."

Goku nodded and Diana smiled to him, "Ready for round two?"

In the deep out-skirts of space, in the darkest reaches and most unknown corners of the Universe, a small rip or tear appeared as a blinding white light pierced through the dark matter and revealed a silhouette.

"Free! I am free!" the figure shouted as he climbed through the rift and back into the physical universe. There was no light to speak of except for a distant star, many light-years away.

"They will pay!" his blue cracked armor with the red 'S' emblazoned brightly on his chest slightly glistened at the distant stars sun-light. "I will travel to every Universe until I am the only Superman! Superman Prime!" his eyes turned red ever so slightly as he got closer to the star.

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