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Goku towered over the fallen Kryptonian keeping his back to the monstrosity standing only a few feet away; his silver shinning aura outlined his entire body, billowing off his muscles and flowing around his raven black hair. The Omen of Ultra Instinct gave the Saiyan warrior a seventh sense, along with the standard five and his Ki sense, he was completely capable of reading Devoe's presence without even making a conscious effort.

"Excuse me?!" Devoe's muscles were massive, flooding with Super Saiyan energy and cackling with crimson speedforce lightning.

Goku turned his head over his shoulder, facing the edge of the crater but, giving his opponent a better look at his dead-serious expression.

"I thanked you, for becoming strong enough so that I can go all out without killing you," He turned his entire body this time, taking the time to dust off his tattered Gi, tightening his belt, and slipping one foot back to keep his position solid. Hunching over to keep one arm by his leg and raising the other above his head with a tight-fist, taking his signature fighting stance, "I know you didn't kill my friend but, I can feel your intentions to be nothing but pure evil."

Devoe looked down at his throbbing fist, pulsating veins with raw power, "I'll admit, it is quite impressive but, your confidence is misplaced!"

"Yea?" Goku allowed a surge of energy to cloud around him in sparkling waves, "I wouldn't be so sure about that."

As Devoe approached the crater that held the man of steel's corpse, Goku vanished in a burst of speed, landing in the same position as Diana only a few hundred feet from where he arrived moments ago. Whilst the Amazonian Princess was shocked by his speed, Devoe turned slowly with a smile never having lost sight of Goku to begin with.

"How about we take this fight somewhere else? This city has had enough damage done to it for one day!"

Goku was still prepared to fight, sensing out his opponent's emotions was difficult with all the incredible power flowing off of him. Devoe shrugged his massive shoulder-blades, "The location of your demise is inconsequential; you may choose our battle field."

"Great!" Goku lifted his fighting stance and stood up-right; he kept a serious expression and turned to his current fiancé, dripping in blood, frayed hair, and an exhausted look on her face.

"Where are you taking the fight?"

Goku kept an eye on Devoe who stood passively, basking in his new power, "The Sahara should be good, we fought Trigon there so it should at least be familiar grounds for me."

"I wouldn't exactly call that a home-field advantage, Goku, that… thing he absorbed, it wasn't normal, it had the ability to adapt to its opponent!" Diana tried to keep her hair from her eyes with one hand whilst leaning on her sword for support.

Goku gave a long sigh, "He probably has that and more to work with," Diana stared into his unforgiving eyes and the sun gleamed off his glowing silver pupils, "He also probably knows all my techniques if he could clone a Saiyan and take his body like that."

She blinked, waiting for a 'but' to signify his plan for victory, however, it never came, "So, how do you plan on stopping him?"

He closed his eyes and faced his feet, "I don't know but, something tells me it won't be easy."

"I do have more pressing matters to attend to so if we could speed this up that would be fantastic!" Devoe shouted, still smiling.

"I'm coming with you!"


She frowned and dropped her blade, the clattering metal echoing through the abandoned streets, "I'll track your energy and follow you either way!"

Goku started a stroll toward Devoe with her following close behind him, "Please be safe, stay out of the way, and don't interfere," stopping four or five feet from Devoe and standing at pectoral-level with him, he glared into the evil-genius' eyes, "He'll kill you without even questioning it, won't you?"

Diana almost took a step as he answered, "Undoubtedly, one life amongst the many that I will rule is irrelevant."

Goku smiled, "You're going to have to tell me all about that," he stuck a hand out placing it gently on the massive man's chest and another two fingers to his forehead. Diana grabbed his shoulder lightly as they were all whisked away, dematerialized on the atomic level and reconstructed across the planet instantaneously.

Appearing in the center of a destroyed shack, the walls blown apart and the sand cleared for miles revealing a relatively smooth ground below. Diana floated up less than a foot and immediately backed away, taking a position a quarter-mile away but, with her enhanced senses she could still see and hear them.

"If she intervenes in anyway, she will be deleted."

Goku kept a serious stare, taking a few steps back and stretching his arms, "Your plan, tell me about it, what is all of this for?"

Devoe raised a brow, "At first my goal was simple, replace my old body, suffering from accelerated amyotrophic lateral sclerosis."

Goku blinked as he pulled his other arm across his chest, stretching the muscles in his biceps, "And that means…"

"Als," Devoe rolled his eyes, controlling himself from beginning the fight early, "It effects nerve cells in the brain and spine causing paralysis and loss of bodily motor function."

"Oh! So, you couldn't move?"

Shaking off the simplicity, he nodded, "Precisely, my mind had been enhanced by the particle accelerator that exploded ages ago but, my body was failing me."

Goku gave a deep exhale, having warmed up his body, he put his hands to his hips, "So? You could have stolen any body and called it a day, what gives?"

"I saw you, fighting the psychotic Kryptonian all of those years ago, such potential!" A surge of black and crimson Ki and speedforce lightning pulsed off his body, flickering his golden hair with its power, "That's when I knew; a mind with infinite knowledge and a body with an infinite capacity for power!"

Goku sighed and tipped his head in confusion, "But, you didn't take my body…"

"I didn't have to!" His energy skyrocketed sending waves of wind and sand outward, Diana shielding her eyes from the grains, "With my intelligence, traveling to the future and stealing the speed from that fool Thawne was simple work; and with the speedforce coursing through me…"

"No more disease, you're nerves regenerate faster than they can decay," Goku finished, almost proud that he grasped the concept.

Devoe chuckled, "Perhaps I didn't give your intelligence enough credit."

"I think you did," Goku reassumed his fighting position as his Omen aura reignited around him, "You won't like it if you underestimate me."

Devoe closed his fists and slipped into a basic fighting stance, "I've estimated every outcome of this battle; nothing you do now could stop me!"

"Before we get started, why don't you tell me what you plan to do with all of this power, assuming you kill me here and now?"

Diana blinked as she ease-dropped on their conversation, "I hope he knows what he's doing."

The bulky man huffed and cracked his neck with a single roll of his neck, "With my intelligence I will enlighten the Earth, I've already begun construction on a device that will limit the brain capacity of everyone on the planet to that of a toddler."

Goku's eyes widened, he'd need to find that device and destroy it as soon as he was done here, "And once this world is in a docile state, I will use my unrivaled power to shape it in my own image."

The Saiyan rolled his eyes, "You could have just said 'world domination' ya know? You have a name, maybe?"

Devoe closed his eyes for a moment and exhaled, "You may consider me a great thinker!"

"Oh, the Thinker, a little on the nose don't you think?"

"No more stalling, this battle begins now! HARGH!" with a mighty roar a shockwave flew out omnidirectionally increasing his already insane power beyond its previous limit.

"He's getting stronger, almost as strong as I am, I better make this quick or even I'll be in trouble!"

Thinker cracked the ground with his foot, thrusting himself forwards with astonishing speed and an outstretched fist; aiming to knock Goku's head right off his shoulders, the professor was shocked when his target vanished into thin air.

He left after images that moved from the path of his fist, side-stepping the attack and grabbing hold of his massive wrist with both hands, he quickly flipped Devoe over his shoulder slamming him back first into the ground. The surface of the Earth quaked in fear as the ground shattered like glass, forming entire canyons across the desert, almost as impressive as the Grand Canyon itself.

The Thinker recovered, rolling on his back fluidly and using his legs to swipe Goku's feet out from under him; the Saiyan barely catching himself with his handst notice the pandemonium of raw power forming in his opponents palm approaching his o


Goku looked down on Devoe, folding his arms across his chest as the brilliant man recovered, "You may have powers as strong as mine but, I trailed really hard to get where I am. You can't just go around stealing powers and expect to beat someone like me."

Devoe slammed his palms into the ground crushing stone within his palms, "Perhaps you're right, however, I am as well."

Goku raised a brow as in a rush of speed, a thick hand wrapped around his face, plunging him down into the sand, cracking the cracking stone with his head, "I warned you that your confidence was misplaced!"

The Saiyan warrior gripped Devoe's large wrist with both hands attempting to pry his grip loose; He wasn't truly worried until his palm began glowing bright red with speedforce infused Ki, point blank in his face.

Diana gasped as a massive explosion went off, smoke, sand, and ash flew from the mushroom cloud as a single figure flew up into the sky, practically on fire, emerging from the smoke with a scowl. Goku tried reading the movements within the smoke but, even with the enhanced detection of Ultra Instinct, Devoe was fast enough to not only escape the smoke without being noticed but, also made his way above Goku.

"Wrong direction!" Devoe shouted firing a beam of red-hot crimson Ki which Goku turned only microseconds soon enough to block the attack with both forearms. He deflected the explosion which gave him a bit of cover to shake his arms.

"That stings! Ouch, ouch," blowing on his forearms as though they were a meal too hot to taste, Goku barely dipped back fast enough to avoid a right straight from the monstrous Thinker.

"He's so fast! He can even keep up with my instinct-omen! It must be the combination of speedforce and Saiyan power!" Goku had little time to react as Devoe back handed him in the right cheek, sending him downward into the ground. The entire planet shook briefly, and his body carved through the ground, trenching the stone surface.

The battlefield was quiet and while both Diana and Devoe could sense Goku within the smoke and ash; neither could see what condition he was in. Suddenly, an explosion of light flew outward as a quick Kiai-shout dispersed the smog and send rubble flying in all directions.

"So, maybe he had a point when I he said I shouldn't be over-confident," Goku clutched his orange Gi by the left shoulder and tore it from his chest revealing just his blue under-armor shirt, "I guess holding back isn't an option right now, fine by me!"

His aura exploded and he rocketed upwards, leaving a trail of glittering Ki behind him, raw unfiltered energy sprinkling from the overwhelming well of power that is his body. He sent a left straight into Devoe's forearm, barely managing to defend with Goku's speed increase. He tried to counter with a left hook, swinging his arm through an after-image which even his eyes couldn't track.

Whilst he was under Devoe's reach, he took the opportunity to deliver a jaw cracking uppercut, hitting his chin with such immense force it launched even his new several-hundred-pound body flying through the open sky, hundreds of miles a second. His momentum was finally ceased when the villain collided with the Sahara-Atlas mountain range, shattering it completely.

Goku vanished with incredible speed as Diana floated up and followed at a slower pace; still, she couldn't help but feel as though this wasn't as one sided as she'd first thought. "Goku spent eight years honing his power and skills, if he defeated Trigon than how could he lose here?"

Goku appeared a thousand feet above the ground as Devoe emerged from his crater, half of the mountain range had been obliterated but, this monster still stood.

"I can feel it, coursing through me, my speed healing the wounds and my power rising exponentially!" Devoe flexed and a powerful pressurized force of wind flew out in all directions as his aura shot up taller and wider.

"I figured he'd grow in strength but, this is insane! What did the combo of that creature and clone do to him?!"

Devoe gave another mighty roar, his fearsome bellow echoing across the mountain range, even Diana was forced to cover her ears from the sheer magnitude of the decibels his voice created, "His power… it reminds me of… never mind him, this guy is going to destroy the whole planet if he isn't careful!" Goku flew down, arms outstretched, Devoe looked up just in time to clash with his opponent.

Goku floating in midair and grabbing Devoe's forearm whilst the latter clutches the Saiyan's fist in his free hand; the ground beneath them was uprooted by the hurricane force winds that forced Devoe's booted heels to dig down through the stone. Diana crossed her arms across her chest, using her mystic-bracelets to defend against the force of their colliding strength as best she could, however; even she was being pushed back on her heels.

"I have a feeling the Gods are testing both my courage and my patience today…"

Goku was shocked when he was yanked into even closer quarters with Devoe whom charged a powerful orb of crimson energy in the center of his chest simultaneously. He hit the energy point blank and the explosion made his head spin, trying his best to keep his wits about him as Devoe appeared from above bringing his fists down on Goku's back.

Plummeting back towards the ground, Devoe followed attempting to pin the Saiyan with a fist to the chest but, just as they were about to touch down, Goku vanished and materialized behind the genius power-house spinning quickly for a roundhouse. Another shocking development surprised him as Devoe vanished and appeared behind him even faster than his opponent had, quickly bashing his thick elbow into the center of Goku's spine.

Tumbling through the air, Goku finally managed to land on his feet, looking up at Devoe and holding his back with one eye winced, "That… really hurt," He shook his head and exhaled, "I guess I really do have to go all out."

Goku closed his eyes and let his arms drop to his side; Devoe rushed him as soon as he saw the opening, in the span of fempto-seconds, the Saiyan's hair flickered silver as his reacting body created after-images once again. Avoiding the outstretched palm of Devoe, an intense bright white energy struck him in his side, sending him skipping like a smooth stone over water across the dirt until he collided with another mountain.

Massive cracks and chasms spread across it but, the structure still stood even as Devoe pulled himself from his self-made crater. He narrowed his eyes as Goku adjusted his wrist a mile away, focusing his energy into a silver aura that engulfed his entire being. His hair was now as gleaming white as his eyes and his muscles contracted into a slimmer, more controllable state.

"You think a simple power up will stop the inevitable?" He shouted as his aura shot up around him once again with a single flex, "I am unstoppable now, nothing you do can hurt me!" Devoe focused his energy for only a brief moment as a burning sensation in his back sizzled like boiling water. Suddenly, his golden hair grew slightly longer, and a shroud of blue sparking electricity surrounded him, "I'm evolving by the second!"

Goku slipped back into a fighting stance, "He already reached level two, if he goes level four, I'm not sure I can stop him," In a flash of bright white energy, the Saiyan dashed across the battle-field plunging his fist into his opponent's gut. For a moment, all was silent but, less than a single second later a pressurized force bashed his abdomen in, sending a whirlwind of powerful energy through behind Thinker. Smoke and rubble hid the results of the battle, but as the dust cleared Diana was shocked.

The entire mountain range and about ten miles of Earth had been completely carved from the ground, leaving a wide perfectly rounded trench through the desert. Goku's fist was out stretched and still knuckle deep in Devoe's abdomen, inches down from his left pectoral. As he pulled his fist back, the mad scientist stumbled forwards with blood seeping from his lips, clutching his injury as he fell to his knees only a few feet from Goku.

"I'll give you one final warning, surrender now and maybe I'll let you live, let you answer to this planets authority," As the Saiyan turned around, his silver glare met teal rage, Devoe struggled off of one knee, spitting the blood off to the side and wiping his lip.

"You're even more arrogant than I expected if you truly believe I would surrender now!" He leaped forward with his fist out but, only hit an after-image, feeling a powerful knee striking his solar-plexus with an elbow simultaneously hitting the back of his neck. Releasing this hold, Goku spun and side-kicked him in the back sending him tumbling forwards into the rubble of the mountain.

Goku reached out toward Devoe as they met eyes once again, "Give up, you can't win this, not against me… not like this," he motioned to the mutated muscles and crimson energy surrounding the professor's body.

Devoe dug his fingers into the dirt, clutching the rocks and crushing them into dust, "You haven't the slightest clue as to what I'm capable of!" Standing slowly, Goku watched as his power sky rocketed, the electricity surging through his skin followed suit to the color of his aura turning bright red.

"HAGH!" The mere presence of such a force of building energy carved a crater, deeper than the one they were already standing in, in every direction. The mountains around them still standing shook apart, crumbling as his aura flooded the area, "AGHHH!"

Goku stood unimpressed, he could clearly feel the power collecting within the Thinker and he was still far above any level this boost could give, "Like I said…" He flew in with a left jab to the chest, right, left, ending the combo with a spinning roundhouse to the chin. Devoe was forced back, regaining his composure mid-air, and flipping to stop his momentum by digging his fingers into the ground.

"How could any single being possess a level of power even I can't calculate?!"

Goku stepped through the smoke from his last attack with a stoic expression, "Not sure, maybe you aren't as smart as you think you are?"

His eyes snapped open, gripping the dirt in both hands, he lifted them up and slammed them back down into the ground sending cracks planet shaking force across the entire continent, "Not as smart as I think I am?"

Goku narrowed his eyes, the shaking of the planet didn't phase him but, the sudden rise in Devoe's power certainly put him on edge, "You think your feeble mind can even comprehend the number of decimals my mind can calculate?!"

"Not enough to predict this outcome, obviously," Goku taunted him with a frown, he had a funeral to arrange, something like this wasn't worth his time, "I gave you the chance to leave and you didn't, so I'm going to have to kill you now."

Devoe didn't make a move, still staring down the rubble on his hands and knees; Goku raised his arm opening his palm, "Sorry, but I can't trust that you wont hurt innocents if I let you live," a blue sphere of raw destructive energy formed in between his fingers.

"You think I'm not smart enough?"

Goku raised a brow, "What?"

Devoe's power suddenly exploded, literally combusting and sending a shockwave out in every direction; Goku materialized in the air above the smoke from his sudden attack, looking down on his opponent.

Devoe stood slowly as crimson tendrils of energy floated and drifted off the ground around him, his muscles pulsated with intense flaming Ki energy, his hair grew down passed his waist causing his eyebrows to vanish as well. He strolled casually through the intense hell-scape he created for the few hundred feet around him.

"Damn, he keeps getting stronger, I need to put him down before-" Interrupting his train of thought, Devoe pierced the smoke with his body and dispersed it completely with his speed; engaging in combat with Goku, the professor threw jabs left and right but, never hit his target. The only reason Devoe hadn't lost hope was because he could see the expression on his opponent's face, slowly becoming slightly more stressed as time passes.

"The adaptability combined with this new DNA is allowing me to keep up with fighters with hundreds of years of experience, still think I'm not smart enough!?" Catching him off guard, Goku was hit with a surprise blast to the chest propelling him down into the ground, leaving a smoldering crater for him to crawl out of.

Devoe narrowed his eyes to attempt to see through the ash and soot created by the explosion but, instead he only saw a powerful blue energy blast beaming toward him at speeds he could only barely avoid. He dipped his head back, staring into the sky as the energy singed the tips of his blonde-lochs; when he returned his attention to the ground, he was already met with a right hook sending him spinning through the air. Powering up to stop his momentum, the next left straight Goku through only hit Devoe's palm, the shockwave of the clashing forces echoing out through the desert.

Goku's eyes widened as the professor gripped the fist in his palm, even as he tried pulling his hand away; Devoe yanked him in for an uppercut to the gut and one to the chin but, not releasing his grip until after he flew down with intense speed, dragging Goku behind him, and stopping inches from the ground. Using the momentum of his speed and the strength of his arm to slam the Saiyan back-first into the ground.

Diana had to float up into the air as the ground nearly shook apart under her heels, she couldn't stick around much longer or she'd be caught in the fight. Watching Goku get injured so badly was nothing new to her but, knowing how powerful he is and to see him losing, it frightened her to her core.

By the time she had returned her attention to the battle, Goku had stood once again; Devoe side stepped one of his jabs and delivered a sickening knee to the stomach ejecting spit from the Saiyan's mouth. However, Goku wasn't going to take this sitting down, as he force-pushed himself back with his Ki, he gave himself enough distance to buy a few seconds.

"Ka… Me…" Sliding into his trademarked position, hands cupped at his side, knees bent slightly, and energy controlled perfectly into the palm of his hands, "Ha… Me…"

Devoe was well aware he couldn't yet counter a blast like this but, that didn't mean he couldn't avoid it; "HA!" Goku fired off the blast at speeds the buffed-up warrior could never hope to approach, that is unless he has access to the Rock of Eternity in which Black Adam draws his magic. In that case, a bolt of mystical lightning faster than any normal strike came down from above whisking away Devoe just in time to avoid the intense Kamehameha that blew through the atmosphere and into space.

The same bolt struck again this time dropping him behind Goku, too fast for him to counter the right hook that collided with his left ribcage, cracking three of them and sending the Saiyan face first into the dirt.

"Absorbing someone with the mystical ability to teleport was a wise decision, I'm glad I thought of it," Devoe approached Goku and swung his foot down punting him in the stomach and knocking him across the battle field and into a sand-dune. "I can feel my power rising, growing, becoming something infinitely greater than even I could have predicted!"

Spitting out a fair amount of blood before getting to his hands and knees, Goku wiped the crimson liquid from his chin but, only smeared it across his cheek.

"What?! All of that ape-like bravado gone out the window?"

Standing and clutching his fists at his side, allowing the force of his aura to explode with a silver light across his skin, leaving a bluish hue to gravitate his form, he said nothing to respond, instead talking with his fists using instant movement to vanish from sight in the same attosecond in which a bolt of lightning whisked Devoe away at the same speeds.

Diana only had time to blink once before an intense shockwave ruptured the ground below her, she couldn't see them and their energies were moving at impossible speeds, she couldn't track them at all. By the time she'd turn her head to face an explosion, another shockwave would erupt behind her; she could still feel the pressure of their Ki, like weights on her shoulders, tightening her jaw, she had a bad feeling she was going to have to step in whether her fiancé liked it or not.

Devoe and Goku appeared clutching each-other's palms, pushing with all of their might, the ground was carved into a massive crater nearly a hundred feet deep. Diana floated up to avoid the battle but, kept her eyes on the fight. Thing's took a turn for the worst as Devoe crushed Goku's hands in his own, over powering him with a bright crimson aura and red sparks of lightning shrouding his level three muscles.

"Gah!" He shouted trying to pull away but, falling to one knee in an effort break free; the beefed-up clone used his grip to yank Goku into a jaw shattering knee-strike. Sending him skating across the dirt, trying to catch his balance but, before he could Devoe had teleported behind him hitting his back with an elbow but, not letting the warrior hit the ground. Grabbing him by the ankle and propelling him hundreds of miles over into yet another mountain range. The collision sending thundering echoes and clouds of rubble through the sandy landscape, he only barely had time to recover before the giant dropped from above stomping directly into the center of his chest. "AGH!"

Devoe floated up as Goku's aura vanished but, still leaving him with his silver hair and eyes, although, only time would tell how long that would last.

"All out of machismo, are we?" He gripped Goku's head and picked him up by it, holding him out like a trophy, "It's a shame you stayed such a silent hero in this world, I would love for parading your corpse around to truly mean something!" He vanished in a burst of speed, flying inches from the side of a mountain, forcing his Saiyan hostages head through thousands of tons of stone and dirt. After nearly an entire mile of torture, he stopped only so that his hand could glow bright red, firing off a beam that took half the mountain with it as it curved off into space.

Goku had returned to his base form, his head smoldering but, still relatively in-tact; "You assumed this form would be too unstable, you thought you could beat me before I ascended again! Looks like that fourth level I've observed you take won't be needed after all."

He dropped his victim and reeled back slowly, putting all of his aura and his strength into one final blow; hitting his sternum, a sickening crack was the last sound that echoed across the battle field before the heart sinking thud of his body hitting the dirt. He was alive, barely but, he'd been in worse positions before, hell, he'd been blown apart on the atomic level before so, he knew he could come back from this too. However, how he would go about doing that would be the only question even Devoe couldn't currently answer.

Diana appeared, flying in with her forearms crossed, "You kill me before you get to him, I promise you that."

Devoe raised a brow at this, shrugging his massive shoulders, "If you wish not to see his death, I understand that," he pulled his fist back and poured more of his chaotic energy into it, "I do commend the bravery though!"

Diana closed her eyes, her long life practicaly flashing before her eyes, was this how it would end? Defending her love on a battlefield no one knew about? She should have called the League by now but, why bother? If this creature killed Superman and this man took all that power and used it to do this to Son Goku, of all people, what chance did even ten Justice Leagues stand?

Devoe was about to end the fight, moving on to bigger and brighter things, he raised his palm up above his head forming a mass of crimson energy into a single dense sphere, "You need not worry, the rest of this world's heroes will be joining you in the after-life shortly, I'm sure!"

A clap of thunder echoed through the skies, The Thinker brought his palm down aiming to cleave her in two and obliterate the crippled man behind her in one gesture; everything slowed to a stop, like time had frozen but, everyone was still aware of their surroundings.

"What technique is this?" Devoe struggled, trying to move his body with all of his might but, even his aura wouldn't charge his muscles with energy, time was conceptually frozen.

Diana suddenly gasped, toppling over on to her knees next to Goku, "I don't understand…" she looked herself over and analyzed her surroundings. Completely dumbfounded, she turned at the sound of foot steps approaching from behind, "You… I remember you!"

A short man, only about five-and-a-half feet tall, stepped into the battlefield with his fists connected behind his back; his long sleeved teal Gi ran from his ankles to his neck-line with a single yellow diamond in the center of his chest, "You… You're Zeno's Minister!" Diana shouted easily comparing his blue skin and silver hair to Whis'.

"I am the Grand Priest of all the Universes over seen by Lord Zeno," He corrected as he turned his attention to the injured man, trying his best to look up at him, "I'm afraid my majesty is a tad disappointed in you, Son Goku… he'd like a word."

The Saiyan chuckled a bit, splattering blood across the ground, "Hehe… sorry."

Suddenly, an intense pressure filled the air frightening all but the newly arrived angle; Devoe's power was rising, overwhelming the time-manipulation that kept him frozen, "He's mine to eliminate!" the power-house reached out, just barely budging his muscles.

Grand Priest turned to look the Thinker over, assessing his power and physique, "No, I'm afraid Son Goku lives… today," he summoned a staff of energy into the air allowing his right hand to grip it tightly. He was already an immensely powerful melee fighter, capable of killing Trigon with ease but, when wielding his weapon his capabilities increase dramatically.

As Devoe reached out over the Priest to grab at his head, the angel knelt down just a tad and thrusted the spherical end of his staff into the behemoth's solar-plexus. Such incredible raw physical strength stifled even Goku as the wind pressure from the blow nearly knocked them off their feet; his opponent flew across the surface of the sand at trillions of times the speed of light, turning part of a desert into a river of molten glass, careening right off the edge of the planet and tumbling into deep space.

Turning back around, he tapped his staff onto the ground with a smile, "He wont be bothering you for a bit, now," he moved passed Diana whom stayed cautious but, was ultimately powerless either way, "Stand, champion of Universe Seven," with a single wave of his weapon a blue light engulfed the injured man restoring him completely to full health.

Goku stood slowly, getting his balance back as every scratch and bruise was reversed, "Is he disappointed because I let Devoe get so powerful?"

The Minister turned and looked out into the sky, the blue atmosphere had been cut in two, slowly reforming, leaving a long scar leading into the horizon. Twinkling stars completely visible in broad day light, "I'm afraid it's a tad more serious than that," he turned around to face the Saiyan, looking up into his eyes, "You entered and destroyed the sacred dimension of Lucifer Mornigstar, you may know him better has Hades or Satan."

"Oh, you mean Hell? I destroyed the place because it gave me chills, way too creepy in there, sorry," he chuckled rubbing the back of his neck.

"What you fail to understand is who you dealt with in there and what you've unleashed by destroying his prison."

"Prison?" Goku questioned.

Diana approached from behind, "Excuse me, but, are you saying you destroyed all of Hell? Why would you do that, I never said to do that!" she became increasingly furious the longer she thought about it.

"Hey… I got the crown!" he added in his defense, "Artemis has it on the island."

"I'm afraid this goes beyond even your comprehensible scope, Princess; the entity you dealt with was mere fraction of the bigger entity at large," Grand Priest gave a solemn sigh and looked away, "Eons ago, before Zeno created his physical form you see today, when creation was a new born there was strife amongst the angels in heaven. One lead a rebellion against my lord, his name was Samael… and you just set him free to roam the Earth."

Devoe's eyes snapped open, he had returned to his base form after being hit with an intense attack, one that knocked him unconscious and sent him hurling through space. Everything was dark around him, only illuminated by the celestial lights surrounding him light years away. He growled and swiped at the air furiously, like an instinct, "Primal urges keep me alive yet, I feel as though this body needs some… adjusting."

He turned around using his Ki flight to stabilize himself, he noticed the massive planet Neptune only a few thousand miles from him, "Perhaps I should take my time…"

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