Reactions To A Chaotic Wedding

Multiple Viewpoints Chapter 13

Notes: Hello Friends! I apologize for taking so long to write this chapter. Life gets pretty darn hectic sometimes. This is a reaction to the wedding scene at the end of Shrek. I have decided to break it into two parts. The first reaction is from the viewpoint of the Villager and the 2nd part is from the point of one of Lord Farquaad's guards. Enjoy. Wizard of Oz fanfictions are in the works so stay tuned.

Reaction One Villager

The kingdom has been a buzz with the wedding preparations. I can't believe Fiona's big moment where she is going to marry Lord Farquaad will be coming soon. I also can't believe that Shrek and Fiona could never be honest about their feelings for each other. What a mess she finds herself in. I actually feel sort of bad for her in a way. I was breathless when Fiona entered the church in her dress. I had never seen her look so gorgeous. Just as they were about to exchange their vows the doors burst open and who should appear but our valiant heroes Shrek and Donkey! I was so happy to see them to be honest. Though the wedding isn't exactly best place for Shrek to express his feelings for Fiona.. once again AWKWARD. Lord Farquaad was not amused. Five minutes later the Fairytale Creatures entered and demaded their homes back. What a disaster!

As the sun began to set Fiona morphed into her other self and again Farquaad was less then impressed. Shrek, on the other hand was surprised and then he asked the question that has been on my mind for the past couple of days. "Why not tell me sooner?"

I could not be happier that Fiona and Shrek will be together. I kind of figured all along they were meant for each other. Fare the well Farquaad.

Reaction Two Guard

The day Lord Farquaad has been talking about for weeks has finally arrived. In a few short hours our kingdom will have the queen we have waited the longest time for and we'll be rid off all those awful Fairy Tale Creatures. Everything is in order. Everyone is anxious with anticipation to see what Princess Fiona will look like in all her wedding day splendor. She sort of caught his majesty off gaurd when she said she wanted to get married before sunset. He did not question anything about that. Maybe he should have.

At the moment where vows were about to be exchanged Shrek and Donkey barrelled in to the church unannounced. How very rude of them to come when they were not invited.

Shrek then had the nerve to tell Fiona he had feelings for her in front of the whole congregation. What a joke! Then, all of a sudden the Fairytale Creatures barged in demanding their homes back. That breached their agreements to remain in the resettlement facility and we braced ourselves to forcibly remove them from the church. At the moment the sun set there was a sudden change as Fiona changed in to another form... the form of an Ogre. His majesty demanded that one of us take her back to the tower to be locked up for the rest of her days. Then after an earsplitting whistle a big figure swooped through the window. "DRAGON!" we all screamed. Suddenly, Lord Farquaad was swallowed whole and chaos ensued. We are now without a leader. Who will rule Duloc now? Surely an ogre knows nothing about running a castle! None of us really know what to expect with this sudden change in plans. All that money wasted on the decorations and the wedding band. Phooey! I hope Shrek and Fiona will find some way to pay for it.